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Welcoming the Solstice & Cancer Season

Cancer Season. June 21-July 22, 2023

With the Suns ingress into Cancer, Summer officially begins in the Northern Hemisphere (Winter in the South). For those of us in the North, the days are growing longer and warmer . This season begins with the Summer Solstice, which is the longest day of the year in terms of daylight hours. The Solar journey through Cancer shines the light on situations and events that focus on family, home and emotional renewal.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon that changes signs about every 2 1/2 days, which is one of the reasons this sign is associated with changing moods and emotions. It also correlates with the mother archetype, as well as the qualities of flow and nurturance. This cardinal water sign, and season emphasizes the ever changing tides of our emotional inner self and the ways our feelings initiate reactions and actions in the outer world.

Cancer Season Themes:

Exploring Emotional Flow:

Cancer's energy encourages us to be aware of how our emotions play a role in underlying motivations behind our actions. This transit invites us to embrace vulnerability and express our feelings more authentically. It is a great time to nurture emotional connections, fostering empathy and compassion towards self and others.

Intuitive Insights:

Cancer is known for its heightened intuition and psychic sensitivity. During this transit, we may experience a greater connection to our inner voice and a heightened ability to tap into our intuition. It is a time to trust your gut instincts and honor the wisdom that resides within.

Healing, Self Care & Renewal:

This is a season with profound potential for emotional healing and renewal. Consider creating safe spaces within yourself and your physical environments, where you can get some alone time to recharge emotional batteries, deal with unresolved emotional issues, or foster greater self-acceptance and compassion. It is a time to release emotional baggage, prioritize your needs, set healthy boundaries, and engage in soul nurturing activities.

Deepening Emotional Connections:

During the Suns transit through Cancer, we are encouraged to connect emotionally and develop stronger bonds with those we hold dear. This season supports quality time with family, meaningful heartfelt conversations, and offering/ receiving emotional support.


The inner-knowing of Cancer is heightened during this season, amplifying the ability to listen to our inner voice and trust our instincts. Self-reflection and introspection are favored, allowing for deeper insights that sustain personal growth. This period encourages us to embrace solitude, journaling, meditation, or any practice that facilitates self-discovery.

Family & Home:

Things and events related to home and family are part of this seasons offerings. You may feel a strong desire to create a nurturing, comfortable, and secure home environment, or spend quality time with family members. Cancer is also linked to our roots, making it a good time to explore heritage and ancestral connections.

Embody the Great Mother Within:

According to Carl Jung, the mother archetype is a universal pattern or image that is present in the collective unconscious of all humans. It represents the deep transformational power of nurturing, parenting and caring. This is a great season to get in touch with ways you can use this energy to greater nurture, parent and care for yourself, the great Mother Earth, and those special people or creative projects in your life.


As the Sun journeys through Cancer, you may be called to embrace your emotions, engage in activities that rejuvenate connections with loved ones, make self care a priority, and create a nurturing sanctuary within your life. This season encourages each of us to navigate emotional tides with grace, finding solace in the depths of being and emerging stronger and more connected.

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