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Cancer Full Moon-December 26, 2023

Cancer Full Moon. December 26, 2023. 4:33pm PST

The last Full Moon of 2023 on December 26th falls in the nostalgic, nurturing sign of Cancer. As the year draws to a close, this lunar phase facilitates circumstances that allow you to feel and embrace the fullness of your own emotional wisdom. Cancer governs the Moon, making this a particularly sensitive and serene lunation.

Cancer is associated with the emotional conditioning we have inherited through our family of origin. It correlates with everything connected to mothers and mothering. This includes how you “mother” yourself and others, as well as the womb. The Cardinal water sign of the crab is also linked to home and hearth. It is a sign who’s roots run deep into the earth, converging with the streams of creation that nourish and protect life. 

The Cancer Moon is in a close sextile with Jupiter in Taurus, bestowing a healthy dose of optimism and expansion. As Jupiter is getting ready to turn direct on December 31, its jovial energies are more concentrated at this time offering interior blessings and benevolence. This harmonious aspect can help spread love, tranquility and good vibes that ultimately contribute to personal growth and wellbeing.

Saturn in Pisces is Trine with the full moon, which offers practical support on whatever you are building in your life.  Whether you want to refine your own unique creative voice, synthesize your self care routine or find greater love for what it, this aspect can help you achieve your delicate dreams

We also have a beautiful trine between Venus in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces that is gushing with creativity, unifying tenderness and magnetic devotion. These energies can help you deepen unconditional love and intimacy with yourself and your beloveds. 

Finally, at this lunation Mercury Retrograde is conjunct Mars in Sagittarius, making a Square aspect to Neptune in Pisces, and Trine with the North Node in Aries. These combined energies can help reveal a greater truth about yourself that can help you take charge of your destiny. No need to look outside yourself, as all you need is within.

With Mercury still retrograde, thoughts and feelings may surface more easily during this time. As this year began with a Full Moon in Cancer on January 6, it has now come full circle. This provides an opportunity to see how you have emotionally evolved through out the past year. The Mercurial forces focused inwards is a perfect compliment to this Cancer Moon, reminding each of us there is no need to look outside of yourself, as all answers can be found within.

There is ample earth to hold the waters of this Cancer Full Moon. Take advantage of all the extra goodness offered at this lunar phase as you wrap up this year and decide how you want to feel in 2024. Cancer reminds us that when we take good care of ourself, we can better care for others. This is the perfect time to embrace your vulnerabilities and release old emotional baggage and limiting beliefs. 

May your holidays be filled with love, peace and joy. 

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