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“I have been Shelley’s student for the past year, and she’s easily one of the best and most resourced teacher I have ever had. Her enthusiasm and support knows no bounds, and she is so generous with her time and knowledge. I’m pretty difficult when it comes to teachers, as I like to have a lot of freedom and do things my way, but Shelley gave me a wealth of resource that I could use however I wanted to support my work, and her feedback was always super detailed and on point. I always feel like I can go to her for help, and that she will be supportive without being complacent, and give me advice without trying to influence my choices. I cannot recommend enough to work with her if you have the chance! “

Laure Porche’

“One of the marks of a great teacher is one who can inspire students to learn more. Shelley certainly did that for me. After I took my first class from her, I was very much inspired to learn more about astrology. Although I had known about astrology for a very long time, I was motivated to learn other things, but Shelley's enthusiasm and knowledge and the structure of the materials from that first course got me excited about astrology and I have been studying whatever I can get my hands on ever since. Thank you, Shelley!”

Barbara W.

“I have long been impressed with Shelley's capacity to combine her thorough knowledge of the body's energies with her perception and understanding of astrology, as well as her ability to gift you with her knowledge during a session.  I have also taken an Introduction to Astrology class with her, and I can say from personal experience that she is a talented, passionate, and enthusiastic teacher who encourages the most from her students.”

Ellen Santistevan 
Unburdened Bodywork
New Mexico

“I was adopted so I didn't know my birth time, and after 40 years of not knowing, she helped me to find my ascendant! She is the ONLY person I trusted enough to help me with my birth chart. Her reading was so spot on I felt my life shifted from being seen so clearly! I'm officially a proud Sagittarius Rising!!!  On top of all of her many gifts, she is an amazing and truly supportive teacher. Any class she teaches is going to resource your life in ways you didn't even expect!”

tri: faundeen

“Shelley puts 300% into everything that she does.  She shows up full hearted, finds a way to make things that are heavy lighter and digestible.  She holds amazing space for personal evolution - through emotional growth, spiritual growth, and intellectual growth.  Shelley also builds supportive community in the spaces she teaches.”

Suzy Spira, LCSW at the Center for Expansive Living
Embodied Astrologer, Therapist & Intuitive Healer
Princeton, NJ

“Shelley is one of a kind.  She has the linear knowledge that has always served me for my highest good.  But moreover she possess the intuitive artistry that gives rise to a true organic and mindful teacher.  I have had the privilege of observing and learning from her many gifts,  astrology, tarot readings, her healing classes, and her therapeutic expressive art workshops, to name a few.  

Whatever the media, on line, via video, in person or on zoom, she is always able to communicate , intuit and interpret the healing energy required for bringing one back to balance and that allows you to move forward with new insight.  I am ever grateful to her and for her presence my life.  She’s authentic to the core.  Her loving energy is how she lives her life and therefore over-flows openly with others."

-Connie Henry PhD,TN,CPH,CHF
Traditional Naturopathy/Diplomate
Certified Professional Herbalist
Integrative Aromatherapist
Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner#32182506
Retired RN
“Ceremonial Doula"
Albuquerque, NM

“Shelley Bredeson is a magical, pure, authentic starlight ! She was one of my Massage Therapist teachers & I have taken her Metamoonology workshop & have dramatically learned from both these experiences with her. Her way with each individual is a true beauty to be a part of. She has a special way of bringing beings together. Allow her open-minded nature & knowledge to help guide you to your own empowerment & beyond ~ thank you kindly Shelley :)”

Michelle C. Cornville, AZ

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