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 My name is Shelley and I am a healing artstrologist devoted to helping you harness the power of cosmic energy in combination  with the wisdom of the body to help you create universal wellbeing for yourself and those you serve


It is my greatest honor, joy and privilege to facilitate others in empowering their lives and personal well-being. I have been working in the healing arts for over 25 years, primarily as a teacher, bodyworker, and astrologer. 

I inspire and energize others to embrace and express their unique exceptional nature in the spirit of cooperation and unconditional love,  in service to all of life.

I love people, and deeply cherish the natural world. I have always been obsessed with relationship, connection and meaning. Throughout life, I have endlessly pursued ways to understand and recover the beauty, magic and wholeness of life. It’s a never ending journey.


Mental and physical health challenges plagued my early life. I had an unmanaged hypersensitive body and mind, which led to a collection of symptoms and medical diagnoses that allopathic medicine exacerbated. I knew I had to find a better way.


My quest led to studies in esoteric and indigenous wisdom teachings, which guided me to energy medicine, astrology, polarity therapy, cranial-sacral therapy, massage, herbalism, nutrition, and other healing arts. I found the perfect channel for my obsessions through engagement with Universal life force energy.  


I began to understand the exquisite purpose of disconnection and pain.  With the help and guidance of many great teachers and other healing artists, I became more empowered, whole, creative and fully expressed. I learned how to heal and help others do the same.


I believe when people have the knowledge, skills and desire to care for their body-mind and souls, they generate more wellbeing and health not only in their own lives, but throughout the entire universe. When people unconditionally love, accept and express their wildly divine authentic and whole selves, we can co-create heaven on earth.


“I have been Shelley’s student for the past year, and she’s easily one of the best and most resourced teacher I have ever had. Her enthusiasm and support knows no bounds, and she is so generous with her time and knowledge. I’m pretty difficult when it comes to teachers, as I like to have a lot of freedom and do things my way, but Shelley gave me a wealth of resource that I could use however I wanted to support my work, and her feedback was always super detailed and on point. I always feel like I can go to her for help, and that she will be supportive without being complacent, and give me advice without trying to influence my choices. I cannot recommend enough to work with her if you have the chance! “


-Laure Porche


I am devoted to helping you create vibrant wellness at all levels of your being so you are more vested and embodied in the fullness of who you were born to be. 


I believe everything is energy and that we are spiritual energetic beings creating a human experience. We are each here with a mandate to create according to our souls contract. This contract is written in the stars. Our bodies and the most common elements of life on earth are made from star dust.

The state of your body determines the quality of how you create your life. Our physiology has an enormous impact on how we feel and what we think. While it is true that our minds and emotions influence the body, if you want to make a change in any aspect of your life, the most efficient way is to start with the body. After all, your mind and emotions would be nowhere without your beautiful glorious physical form.


Through listening to the bodies wisdom, I utilize energetic principles to help facilitate relationship to your innate connection with universal intelligence. In other words, I am a cosmic body whisperer who assists others create greater health and wellbeing.  

I have combined over 30 years of experience in working with energetic principles  into my offerings through the Energetics of Astrology for Healing Artists. I offer classes and experiences for those seeking deeper connection with their extraordinary creative wholeness and expression in life. 

Thank you for being here. I look forward to serving you.

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