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Sagittarius New Moon-Dec. 12, 2023

Sagittarius New Moon. December 12, 2023. 3:32pm PST

The Sagittarius New Moon occurring on Tuesday December 12th at 3:32pm PST asks us to aim for new experiences, adopt fresh beliefs and explore higher dimensions. With Mars in Sagittarius and the Moon in a Trine aspect with Chiron and the North Node in Aries, there is extra heat and passion at this lunation that encourages taking your healing or desires to the next level.  The majority of planets are in mutable signs-suggesting you can count on change. What will that be for you? Tap into the expansive energy of Sagittarius to guide you towards  new horizons and abundant possibilities that are calling your name. 

The Moon is making a square to Neptune in Pisces who just recently turned direct. This can bring up some confusion or overly idealistic notions. Mercury in Capricorn takes a practical realistic approach to matters, however, it is barely moving in preparation for retrograde which occurs shortly after this lunation. The ruler of this New Moon Jupiter is in a trine with Mercury, suggesting that there may be things from the past that need to be addressed during this lunar cycle for your aim to be true.  

Mercury will station retrograde on December 13 in Capricorn-moving back into Sagittarius on December 22, the stationing Direct on January 1, 2025. During this lunation and through out this holiday season, you may find yourself revisiting, remembering, redoing or re-evaluating things from the past. If you have travel plans at this time, make sure to double check everything and embrace patience if you encounter delays or restrictions. This is also a good time to back up your computer, and practice loving kindness to yourself and others.  Misunderstandings and miscommunication are not uncommon when Mercury back tracks. Mercury’s retrograde can also bring back people or situations from days gone by that might just make you smile! 

This fiery mutable Sagittarius New Moon is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of growth, opportunity, optimism, and abundance and is associated with freedom, justice and natural law. These energies are amplified now, offering inspiration and assistance to help achieve your highest New Moon intentions in the right ways and at the right time. 


Mars in 7° conjunction with Moon & Sun
Moon Qunicunx Uranus in Taurus
Moon Trine South Node in Aries
Moon Trine Chiron in Aries
Moon Square Neptune in Pisces
Jupiter Rx in Taurus ruler of the Moon Trine Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury Stations Retrograde December 13 in Capricorn
Neptune went direct December 6

The Moon in Sagittarius through the Houses

This Moon will be taking place in the house ruled by Sagittarius in Your natal chart. If you have personal planets or significant points within 5°of 20° Sagittarius, it is likely you will feel these energies. Even if you don’t, the area of life ruled by Sagittarius in your chart is where this Moon wants to help you set your sights high and shoot for the stars. Below is a list of some ways Sagittarius influences each house. 

First House: The House of Self
With this New Moon in the first house, their is an invitation to nurture an optimistic self-image. Embrace the adventurous, outgoing, and open-minded parts of who you are. This is a great opportunity to pursue knowledge and personal growth to fuel your journey towards expansive self-discovery.

Second House: The House of Possessions
With this New Moon in the second house, you are  encouraged to adopt a a free-spirited, optimistic approach to how you earn money, the things you own, and what pleases your senses.  Consider ways you might  investment or pursue things that that align with your philosophical beliefs.

Third House: The House of Communication, siblings and your local community
With this New Moon in the third house, you can use your expansive communication skills to uplift those in your immediate environment and take your own pursuit of knowledge to the next level through the stories you tell as well as the stories go others. 

Fourth House: The House of Home and Family
In the fourth house this New Moon invites expansion and growth on the home front. You might consider multi-cultural influences that you can use to redecorate your home, planning a family vacation abroad, or finding ways to make more space for pondering or discussing the meaning of life with your loved ones.  

Fifth House: The House of Creativity and Pleasure
The New Moon in the fifth house urges you to engage your creativity, sense of adventure and playfulness in bigger ways. It might be time to take new risks or pursue romance. You may also consider how to bring more joy or child like wonder into your life. 

Sixth House: The House of Health and Service
This New Moon in the fifth house emphasizes the quest for daily health and well-being. You may be drawn to explore alternative healing modalities or make a positive impact for others through your service or work.  It may also be the right time to up-level your daily routines.

Seventh House: The House of Partnerships
With the Moon in the seventh house, significant relationships with business or romantic partners can expand your horizons.  This is a great time to infuse existing relationships with fresh energy that supports mutual love for adventure and growth. If you are single or wanting expansion in your professional life, you may want to open up to the possibility of new partnerships. 

Eighth House: The House of Transformation
This New Moon in the eighth house urges bringing an adventurous spirit to the realm of deep transformation and shared resources. Through exploring the depths of your psyche or bringing what was hidden into the light,  personal evolution can reach new heights.

Ninth House: The House of Philosophy and Higher Learning
As Sagittarius rules this house, this New Moon encourages exploring the world through higher education, travel, and philosophy. The pursuit of truth and a broad perspective on life are central themes. You may want to consider expansion through  teaching, publishing, or international affairs.

Tenth House: The House of Career
In the tenth house, this New Moon invites growth in your career or contributions to society through greater alignment with personal values and beliefs. You may want to take inventory of professional goals and make some big revisions. Through travel, education, or philosophy, you could discover a higher sense of purpose. 

Eleventh House: The House of Friendship and Community
This New Moon in the eleventh house supports growth and opportunities through friendship, community involvement or individuation.  New social connections may be formed through getting involved with others who share your philosophical beliefs or are engaged in humanitarian causes you care about. This could also be a great time to challenge the status quo or just be your unique self in the biggest ways possible. 

Twelfth House: The House of the Subconscious
In the twelfth house, this New Moon encourages expansion through the spiritual dimension of the subconscious mind. Inspiration and growth can be discovered through introspection, dreams, and mystical pursuits. You may be drawn to heightening your experience of the infinite all through exploration of the inner realms or engaging in the arts. 

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