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Leo Full Moon; Creative Solution Revolution- February 5, 2023

The fiery, expressive Leo Full Moon on February 5, 2023 is likely to bring divine disruptions or revolutionary reform. The Moon opposing its ruler; Sun in Aquarius, and squaring Uranus, the current ruler of the Sun- you can gingerly expect the unexpected. All planets are in forward motion now & with other lively aspects in this lunation chart, this promises to be a wildly dynamic Full Moon.

Leo is the sign that governs our personal creative impulses & expression, children-inner child, romance, leadership style and self actualization. I feel there is innocence and healing wisdom in this sign that provides courageous strength when we are in a state of open-hearted trust & joyful wonder. This Full Moon prompts each of us to allow the magical child within to find deep satisfaction through play and full creative expression

The symbol for Leo is the Lion- King of Beasts! It’s no wonder royalty, pride, leadership, leisure & majestic showmanship are all associated with this sign. Everyone has Leo in their natal chart regardless of whether or not they have planets in this sign. If you don’t have any planets in Leo (and even if you do) , you can look to your Sun (Leo’s ruling planet) and 5th house (Leos Native home) to determine how your royal-human-beast nature operates, and the best ways you can shine.

The Moon in the sign of Leo seeks to illuminate matters related to creative fulfillment and living ones personal life to the fullest. Themes concerning children, drama, pleasure, romance, sovereignty, vitality and achievement can also come up at this lunation. Are you living an inspired life, or hiding in the shadows? Are you longing for increased romantic connection or more child-energy? What leading roles are you playing or denying? How do you feel about your personal achievements? Do you make enough time for love, play, and expressing your innate creativity?

The Aquarius Sun is opposing this Moon, and both are in a T-square with Uranus in Taurus. The missing element in this configuration is water, suggesting your emotions play a key role in making the most of this lunation. Fearlessly invoke the feeling power of your heart and use it to recognize, radiate & receive unconditional love. With both luminaries in negotiation with Uranus, there could be tension or unexpected surprises when it comes to personal resources, relationships or what you yearn to posses.

Because Uranus is the current ruler of the Aquarian Sun, and Aquarius is the ruler of the Leo Moon, there is a lot of emphasis on how Leo energy is circulating in your body, mind & Spirit. Venus, now in Pisces, is the current ruler of Uranus and they are in a sextile aspect at this Full Moon. This is good for using the imagination to stimulate a creative breakthrough in matters pertaining to your values, body, and/or what you love.

Venus also happens to be squaring Mars in Gemini who is; Sextile Chiron in Aries and separating from a Trine aspect to the Sun. The Leo Moon is also in a separating trine with Chiron. This all suggests whatever you were aware of in regards to self-identity prior to this lunation is activated now. The Venus Mars Square is offering “otherworldly” ideas to help you take focused action. Because Venus & Mars are in a passionate square, there is also the possibility of conflict or confusion between fantasy and reason. There may be some inertia when it comes to saying what you mean or doing what you say.

With the Scorpio South Node is Trine Venus, and inconjunct Jupiter in Aries, there could be a past unresolved issue of identity that may be causing unseen disruption in a relationship with yourself or others. With Jupiter moving towards Chiron, an increased understanding around self-limiting or self-expanding beliefs may arise in your awareness. As Jupiters transit through Aries continues to bring growth and opportunities to becoming an independent creative force, this Leo Full Moon says it’s time to release that energy into the world.

This high octane Leo Full Moon encourages innovative creativity in at least one area of your life. With Uranus in Taurus playing a key role at this lunation, consider ways you can simplify things so there is more time for play and joyful freedom. The Moon in Leo can be particularly sensitive to what is perceived as criticism. Be careful not to take anything too personally or over react to unforeseen events or hurt feelings. Above all, be aware of any self-criticism that wants to keep you playing small. There is plenty of headstrong energy in this lunation chart that can be used for personal break throughs- so long as your will is aligned with heart.

The invitation to increase conscious awareness & connection through your unique, bold expression accompanies this lunation. Whatever challenges we face on a personal level or collectively can benefit greatly from a creative solution revolution. Thats what this Full Moon has to offer. You already have what you need to shine bright.

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