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Gemini New Moon June 17/18 2023

June 17/18 2023. 9:37PM PST

The Gemini New moon occurring June17/18 unleashes communication, intelligence and curiosity. There is an invitation to explore new perspectives, discover hidden talents and embrace the ever-evolving nature of our existence.

Gemini correlates with the complex connections that arise through the multiplicity of life. It is a mutable air sign, which speaks to the fluctuating characteristics of the mind. Gemini has associations with communication, logical thought processes, intellect, siblings, interchange of information, ideas, self talk, social media, internet, news, transportation, data, and anything related to perceiving the “reality” in our immediate environments.

This New Moon encourages the exploration of the mental universe through engaging in stimulating conversations, seeking new information and sharing ideas. Feelings and thoughts reflect one another during a Gemini lunation, and things can move quick. Because of Geminis dual nature, you may find yourself feeling restless, fickle or scattered one moment, while enjoying clear perception, mental sharpness or intellectual inspiration the next.

The Moon in Gemini hungers for change, adaptability, versatility and flexibility. This Moon offers the opportunity to bring in some fresh air, revise your current stories and set some (or one) powerful new intentions. Whether embarking on a journey of greater self discovery, starting a project or opening to fresh possibilities, this lunation carries plenty of energizing influence for juicy new beginnings.

Mercury is the ruler of this New Moon and it is co-present with Sun and Moon in its home sign of the twins, fortifying all things Gemini. This placement bestows cognitive agility and quick wit, which is great for intellectual understanding, clear communications, and effortless adjustments. With the Luminaries and Mercury together in Gemini, mental capacity is heightened at this time, which can accentuate whatever direction your mind blows.

Mercury is the messenger planet, sharing information through synchronicity, symbols, insights, words, omens and thought. With Mercury in Gemini, inquiring minds that want to know just need to pay attention and listen to whatever is presented in the environment. This New Moon is ripe for some great Q & A sessions with yourself, others and the Universe. This is also a good time for mental amusement.

Mercury in Gemini is making a sextile aspect to Venus in Leo, encouraging us to express ourselves with confidence and warmth. This aspect stimulates connection through collaboration involving open and honest dialogue in our relationships. It's an excellent time for negotiations, networking, and building rapport with others.

The Mercury Venus transit also inspires a touch of flair and drama when it comes to creative self-expression. Showcasing your unique talent or artistic endeavors can more easily reflect your vibrant, captivating, personality and style. Overall, this aspect offers an opportunity to blend intellect and passion, facilitating effective communication and creative expression that shines.

The Sun and Moon in Gemini are squaring Neptune in Pisces. The Sun represents our core identity and vitality, while the Moon symbolizes our emotions and instincts. With both luminaries in Gemini, there is an emphasis on gathering information, exchanging ideas, and remaining flexible in our approach to life. However, the square aspect to Neptune in Pisces adds an intriguing layer of influence to this configuration. Neptune, is the planet of dreams, illusions, and spirituality. The square aspect between these celestial bodies indicates a potential tension or challenge, as the energies of Geminis intellectual dexterity and Pisces dreamy sensitivities can clash.

This square suggests that while there is a desire for clear communication and logical thinking, Neptune's influence may blur the boundaries and create confusion or fanciful notions. The challenge lies in maintaining a balance between rationality and intuition, discerning reality from illusions, and avoiding escapism or self-deception. It calls for careful navigation of the vast realm of emotions and ideas, fostering creativity and spiritual growth while staying grounded in practicality. There is an invitation to embrace the power of imagination and intuition while remaining aware of the potential pitfalls of illusion and deception.

Venus is moving into conjunction with Mars in Leo, adding romance, creativity, and assertiveness to this New Moon. This transit ignites a vibrant energy that encourages confidence, drama, magnetism, bold self expression and passion. Venus and Mars together in Leo can dial up the heat and spark more playfulness in romantic relationships or creative endeavors. Keep in mind the fiery nature of Leo and the potential for ego clashes or power struggles during this transit. The intense energy of Venus conjunct Mars can sometimes lead to conflicts arising from a need for dominance or attention. It is crucial to channel this energy positively by practicing open communication, generosity, and recognizing the importance of compromise.

Mars in Leo is trine to Chiron in Aries. Mars, the planet of action and assertiveness, combined with the creative and passionate energy of Leo, inspires bold and fearless self expression. Chiron's influence in Aries urges us to confront our vulnerabilities head-on and embrace our inner warrior. It invites us to take ownership of our wounds and use them as sources of strength and resilience. This Trine aspect empowers taking courageous steps towards addressing old emotional pain and insecurities, particularly related to our identity and self-worth.

Saturn stations retrograde in Pisces, bringing forth a period of introspection and deep reflection on matters related to spirituality, emotional healing, limitations and boundaries at this New Moon. As Saturn, the planet of structure and discipline, moves backward through the watery sign of Pisces, it will encourage us to revisit our emotional foundations and reassess the boundaries we have set in our lives. It may also challenge us to confront our illusions and face reality with clarity and maturity, reminding each of us that we alone are responsible for our actions and emotional well-being. This New Moon is a good time to question your dreams and aspirations, ensuring that they are grounded in practicality and a structure that is built to last.

Jupiter in Taurus is making a Sextile with Saturn. With Jupiter in Taurus, the focus is on material stability, growth, and earthly pleasures. Under the influence of this sextile, Jupiter's expansive nature combines with Saturn's retrograde energy in Pisces, fostering introspection and a deep dive into the realm of emotions and spirituality. This cosmic alignment invites us to explore our innermost desires, beliefs, and values, and to incorporate them into our long-term plans and responsibilities. This aspect will be exact June 19th , offering opportunity for personal and professional expansion, provided we are willing to integrate our inner wisdom and empathy into our outward manifestations.

Saturn is trine to South Node in Scorpio and sextile North Node in Taurus. The South Node represents our past, including past-life experiences, and Scorpio symbolizes intense emotions, secrets, and power dynamics. This alignment prompts us to release old emotional baggage, let go of toxic patterns, and delve into the depths of our subconscious, where we can confront our shadow selves and embrace the necessary changes required for personal growth and evolution. The North Node in Taurus represents our future direction and evolution, through cultivating stability, practicality, and material security. The North Node is conjunct Jupiter, tying in the significations mentioned above and reminding us to nurture our physical and material well-being while staying connected to our higher purpose. Overall, the combination of Saturn, the Nodes and Jupiter offers a powerful opportunity for deep healing, transformation, and healthy alignment with the material world.


This Gemini New Moon invites us to celebrate our duality, be amused, and set intentions that foster meaningful connections. Think of ways you would like to be more intellectually aware or expressed in your life. Consider using the magic of your words in a new way. As you harness the dynamic energy of this lunar phase, it can be both fun and easy to open up to new possibilities, enhance communication skills, or embark on a local journey of self-discovery-if those things sound interesting to you. This Gemini moon invites you to mind your mind in ways that are right for you.

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