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Capricorn Full Moon- July 3, 2023

Full Moon in Capricorn. July 3, 2023. 4:37am PST

The radiant Capricorn full moon casts a luminous glow upon aspirations and ambitions. This phase of the lunar cycle represents a powerful culmination of energy, and when it aligns with the determined, ambitious and disciplined energy of Capricorn, this moon offers a potent opportunity to manifest goals, and embrace a path of steadfast growth.

Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign ruled by Saturn, embodies qualities of ambition, maturity, tradition, and resilience. Governed by the steadfast and disciplined nature of Saturn, Capricorn's energy encourages personal responsibility, goal setting, commitment and overcome obstacles. It imbues us with a sense of responsibility, urging us to prioritize our long-term objectives and make the necessary sacrifices to achieve them.

The moon in Capricorn brings forth a practical, serious approach to the flow of life, with emotions becoming more structured and grounded. At this moon, you may find yourself focused on success or worldly endeavors. The Moon in Capricorn encourages perseverance in the face of obstacles, integrity, hard work and self-discipline, urging us to prioritize our responsibilities and take calculated steps towards our objectives.

Moon Trine Jupiter in Taurus

The Capricorn full moon trine aspect to Jupiter in Taurus brings forth a harmonious blend of ambition and opportunity that fosters emotional well-being and overall sense of abundance. You may experience a heightened sense of emotional grounding and stability, as well as greater ease making practical decisions that support long-term goals. This trine supports feelings of confidence and optimistic about the future. Pay attention to opportunities that align with your values that can bring stability and security to your life.

Saturn, the ruler of this Full Moon is retrograde in Pisces.

Saturns energies are in a reflective and introspective phase during this lunation, encouraging reassessment of goals, boundaries, and commitments. As it moves through the dreamy and compassionate sign of Pisces, the task master takes on a more spiritual, emotional, and imaginative approach towards long term goals. This moon invites confronting past limitations, dissolving barriers, and releasing any emotional baggage that hinders personal growth.

Saturn Trine Sun in Cancer

As Saturn has been retraces its steps, it made an exact trine to the Cancer Sun on June 28, bringing forth awareness around lessons and karmic patterns that need to be addressed and resolved. This Trine is still active at this lunation strengthening the ability to release or integrate this awareness to your emotional world, family dynamics, and personal relationships. This aspect supports establishing healthier emotional boundaries, personal responsibility for your own well-being, and building a solid, mature foundation rooted in love, empathy, and authority.

Mercury Conjunct Sun in Cancer

On June 30, Mercury joined with the Sun in Cancer, bringing forth the possibility of heightened intuition, emotional intelligence, understanding and profound insights. The conjunction is still in orb during this full moon promoting personal growth, and creative endeavors through embracing vulnerability and acknowledging the power of emotions as a source of strength and wisdom. Mercury and the Sun are in Moons native ruler at this lunation supporting the lunar Capricorn themes.

Venus and Mars are conjunct in Leo in a Square aspect to Uranus in Taurus.

Venus and Mars together in Leo is hot and steamy. While they will not make an exact conjunction in Leo, as Venus will station retrograde on July 22, they are in a 3° conjunction at this lunation. This aspect brings in a dynamic blend of desire and attraction. In the sign of Leo, this conjunction ignites sparks of creativity, fiery passion, self-expression, and romantic desires.

However, this conjunction forms a challenging square aspect with Uranus in Taurus, adding elements of unpredictability, disruption, innovation, and sudden shifts to the mix. Uranus in the earthy sign of Taurus emphasizes stability, material resources, and our connection to nature. Unexpected events may disrupt comfort zones, calling for us to find a balance between our passionate pursuits and the practicalities of life. The square aspect between Mars-Venus and Uranus indicates a tension between our desire for excitement and freedom, and the need for security and stability. It encourages creative risk taking, passionate spontaneity, and breaking free from old patterns and limitations, while remaining open to the unexpected twists and turns that may arise along the way.

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn Sextile Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

With Plutos recent retrograde back into in Capricorn, we are in the end game of examining the structures and systems that govern our lives, both on a personal and societal level. Simultaneously, with Neptune retrograde in its home sign of Pisces, the veil between the material and spiritual realms becomes thinner. The harmonious sextile aspect between Pluto and Neptune amplifies the transformative potential available at this Full moon. There is an invitation to confront your deepest fears and shadows, release old patterns and embracing a more authentic and spiritually attuned existence.


The powerful celestial alignments accompanying this Capricorn full moon offer all the right “stuff” to help get on a path of steadfast growth and attain your “next Level” of realization. The realm of self mastery is yours. By aligning with the energies available at this lunar event, and embracing change, resilience, discipline, and unwavering ambition, you can give structure and form to your dreams. It’s time to let go of anything that keeps you from manifesting your goals,

evaluate your desires, make concrete plans, and seize the opportunities that come your way.

“If not you, then who? If not now, when?” ― Hillel the Elder

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