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"The Kingdom of Heaven is Within You, and Whosoever Shall Know Thyself, Shall Find it.
-Egyptian Proverb

Self awareness provides greater clarity, understanding, acceptance and meaning when navigating life's endless choices and events. Astrology reveals your unique physical, mental and emotional nature. It also shows what energies are at play in different areas of your life at any given moment. An astrology reading offers deep insights into the self, and any pressing questions.

Natal Chart Reading

All astrology readings begin and end with the birth chart. A natal reading unveils your souls (r)evolutionary intention, and how to facilitate your unique expression in this lifetime.  It reveals facets of your essence, character, constitution, strengths, potential challenges and all the things that make you who you are. While it is not possible to extract everything your chart conveys in one sitting, you will certainly gain powerful insights and clarity into whatever questions you have. If you are ready to empower your life with greater self awareness.

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Beyond  the Natal Chart

These are specialized consultations where we go deeper into a specific area of focus. After a natal reading, you may want to explore more information on a certain area in your life, or just get a yearly update. I offer a few different types of in-depth readings, or you can design your own. 


“Shelley did my chart a few years ago, and I was impressed by how much insight she had into my inner workings! She was able to explain a lot of concepts I hadn’t heard of and help me translate the information from my chart into something I could actually use in my everyday life! I highly recommend her as a teacher and guide. “

-Rita S., Albuquerque, NM

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