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You are a Cosmic Being Creating a Human Experience.

You were born with a unique celestial blueprint that defines your physical body, psyche and soul. Your Natal chart is the map of your universal contract with life.  Understanding this contract unveils the greatest mysteries of the self and advances expanded consciousness, healing and holistic wellbeing. Knowing yourself leads to empowered choice, opportunity and discovery.


I combine many years of experience and comprehensive studies of various modern and traditional western astrological systems to provide in-depth astrology readings. All consultations are based off of your natal chart, as it is the master-soul-plan for your life. 


Prior to each reading, I spend several hours with your chart and create a series of slides and outline based on your specific inquiry. All readings are interactive, and you are always in charge of the direction we go. I do not offer legal or medical advice. While I do offer guidance and suggestions, my role is to facilitate your own authority and inner wisdom. 


If you would like to work with me, the place to start is with a Natal reading. From there, we can go wherever you’d like. Below is a brief description of the different types of readings provided, however, they are all custom tailored to your specific inquiry. 

 If you would like additional information, please send an email to


Details on how to schedule and prepare for your Session are listed below. If you need additional information, or would like to check availability:

You are a multi-dimensional being, and this is reflected in the astronomical design of your chart. In this reading, we dive into your souls desires for this lifetime, and how they can be realized.  You will be asked to choose one area of life or a main question you would like to focus on. In addition to exploring the cycles you are currently in and important transits for the upcoming year, we will touch in to:
The Souls Intention & Karmic Conditioning
Physical Health Indicators & Vitality
Life Purpose
Mental & Emotional Nature
Challenges & Wounds
Strengths & Gifts

In this reading, we cover everything in the Essential Insights reading and go deeper into two or three areas of life, and the major questions you currently have.


Details on how to schedule and prepare for your Session are listed below. If you need additional information, or would like to check availability:

Using traditional and modern western astrological standards, we take a deep look at your vital nature and physical constitution. Focusing on potential strengths and weaknesses, we discuss practical options to support your over-all wellbeing and restore any challenges you may be experiencing. We also look at the year ahead, exploring how future transits may impact your health.

We explore your natal love & relationship signature in comparison with your partners chart. (Please make sure you have their explicit permission to use their natal chart) We will focus on areas of compatibility as well as possible challenges. We will also look at your relationship outlook for the year ahead. 

We look at the overall currents of your upcoming year, focusing on major transits to significant areas in your chart. Using your Solar Return, Progressions and more, you will gain insight and clarity into upcoming themes. We will also go through a month by month analysis looking at optimal areas to focus on throughout the year.

If you are interested in looking into things other than what has been listed, or have other needs, you tell me what you would like to explore astrologically. In addition to that, let me know how much time and money you would like to invest, and anything else I need to know that would help me better serve you. Based on your inquiry, I will offer some possibilities



Please send me an email at to schedule your reading.

Information Needed:

  • Date, Place and Time of Birth

  • Your Full Name

  • Type of Reading

  • Area(s) of Focus and any specific questions

  • Any other information that will help me serve your better


I am typically booked at least 4 weeks out. Please give me options for your best day/time.  If you would like to be notified of a cancelation, please let me know in your initial inquiry.


After we have scheduled your reading, I require payment at least 1 week prior to your date or the booking maybe canceled. When I receive payment, I will email you a zoom link, along with a couple of personalized astrology reports generated from my software.  I will resend the link, with a reminder, the day before your reading.


If you need to cancel for any reason, I require at least 24 hour notice, otherwise reading is forfeited. If you do cancel, you will have the option to reschedule or receive a full refund.

Please go to bottom of this page to read on how to prepare for your reading.


“I was adopted so I didn't know my birth time, and after 40 years of not knowing, she helped me to find my ascendant! She is the ONLY person I trusted enough to help me with my birth chart. Her reading was so spot on I felt my life shifted from being seen so clearly! I'm officially a proud Sagittarius Rising!!!  On top of all of her many gifts, she is an amazing and truly supportive teacher. Any class she teaches is going to resource your life in ways you didn't even expect!”


-tri faundeen


Readings are conducted over Zoom (  and are video and audio recorded. I will email you an audio file of the reading along with a copy of the slides and a link to a private video recording. 


You will have 2 weeks to download your video recording, at which point I will delete the file permanently to respect your privacy. If you prefer to not have the video uploaded to a private site, please let me know ahead of time.


During your reading, it is suggested that you are in a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed to make the most of our time together. 


If you have any other questions prior to our reading, please reach out and let me know.


This is your reading, and while I will come prepared to share lots of information specific to your inquiry, you are in charge! 

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