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Elevate the Health & Wellbeing of your Body, Mind & Spirit with a Quantum Tune-Up

Distance energy medicine utilizes the universal life force field that animates everything. Tuning into a persons vital energy activates the intelligence of their body. The basis of energy healing involves stimulating the flow of energy, or removing blocks and imbalances in the body’s energetic field that may be contributing to dis-ease, pain or dysfunction.

You were born with a subtle energy composition that makes your corporeal life possible. Just like your physical body needs attention and maintenance, so does your energetic body. Energy healing is not so different from any other holistic in-person therapies, other than it is occurring at the quantum level. When energy is able to flow freely and unobstructed, the body can naturally heal itself and you will experience a greater state of wellbeing.


30 Minute Distant Energy Work


60 Minute Distant Astro-Healing

Everything in Energy

Modern science is now just beginning to explain what traditional healers and shamans have known for millennia-Your body, and everything else in the material world  is comprised of subtle energy. Science is also revealing the “distance" or “space” between objects is not separate as they may seem. Everything is energy and everything is connected.


Einsteins theory of relativity ( E = mc2), demonstrates that energy and matter are interchangeable and always in motion. When it becomes blocked, the field compensates through dysfunction or dis-ease. When you don’t feel good, that is a sure indication your energy is obstructed or depleted.


Because time and space doesn’t exist in the quantum realm, regular earthy constraints don’t apply. I have also found 30 minute sessions of energy healing to be just as effective as a 90 minute session on-body. After a session, most people report feeling not only much more relaxed, but lighter, clearer and substantially more comfortable in their body, even if they don’t “feel” the energy itself. 


Just like a massage, or any other kind of body-work, clients often have very similar experiences when their energy shifts. Pain, stuck emotions, stress and repetitive mental loops often clear or are greatly reduced by the end of the session or within a few days afterwards. Emotions, memories and unusual physical sensations can arise during and after a treatment.  I have discovered the effects of energy work can last longer than actual hands-on therapies. I’m not sure why or how this happens, yet I have experienced it first hand time and again.  


I do not give legal or medical advice. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please contact your doctor. Energy medicine should never be used in lieu of your doctor’s medical advice, however, because it is completely non-evasive it can be safely used in combination with all forms of therapies and treatments. There are no contra-indications to energy healing. 


"Talking to Shelley helped me to illuminate a path through my own personal darkness. Shelley's physical therapy literally forced all the stress and tension out of me in a single visit. In one word, Shelley is a miracle."

-Sean Dudley

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