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Use the Energy of the Cosmos for Greater Health & Wellbeing

Welcome to the Energetics of Astrology for Healing Artists.

Astrology is a powerful tool that brings greater awareness, understanding and self actualization to all conditions of life. It is a bridge connecting the above and below.

This ancient art and science weaves universal energetic principles into a picture of ones physical, mental, and emotional nature. It reveals what forces are at play at any given moment, offering insights into how we can best navigate challenges and opportunities.


Welcome: Welcome

"Your life is your art. We are each infinite artists creating a human

experience through healing into the cycles of life.

Everyone is a healer and an artist made of star stuff

and imbued with the wisdom of cosmos". 

“I have long been impressed with Shelley's capacity to combine her thorough knowledge of the body's energies with her perception and understanding of astrology, as well as her ability to gift you with her knowledge during a session.  I have also taken an Introduction to Astrology class with her, and I can say from personal experience that she is a talented, passionate, and enthusiastic teacher who encourages the most from her students.”

- Ellen Santistevan, Unburdened Bodywork

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