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Virgo Season: August 23-Sept. 23, 2023

Happy Birthday Virgo Sun Folk

As the Sun transits through the mutable earth of Virgo, heightened awareness, precision and discernment inform our perceptions. Virgo brings the summer to a close in the Northern hemisphere (winter in the South), making it an ideal time to focus on refining skills, set realistic goals, and nurture physical well-being. This sign is associated with attention to detail, meticulous analytics and the pursuit of perfection. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, Virgo season is a time to seek clarity, organization, and efficiency in all aspects of life.

The symbol for Virgo is the “maiden” or “virgin”, often pictured carrying a shaft of wheat. It is the second-largest constellation that was the seen as "Queen of the Sky” and a great Goddess to almost all ancient cultures. She is linked to purity, fertility, agriculture, the harvest and virginity (which originally meant an independent woman). Virgo is a mutable earth sign, that supports making necessary adjustments in the material realm to make the most of what is.

This Virgo season promises to be extra Virgoy as the Planet Mercury, which rules Virgo turns retrograde in this home sign about 10 hours after the Suns ingress.

Virgo's influence during the Sun's transit motivates the strive for excellence in personal and professional endeavors. This sign invites harnessing the intellect, making sound judgments, and paying attention to the smallest of details. This is the perfect time to engage in self-reflection, analyze strengths and weaknesses, and develop strategies to enhance skills and efficiency. The diligent energy of Virgo can assist establishing healthy routines, organizing surroundings, and streamlining daily tasks. Virgo's analytical and critical nature encourages us to evaluate our lives, identify areas for improvement, and create order from chaos.

Virgo season is one of practicality and connecting with the beauty and bounty of the Earth. It is a time when finding joy in the simple pleasures of life, such as tending to our gardens, exploring nature, or engaging in practical activities that bring a sense of fulfillment are reinforced. This period invites applying a down-to-earth approach to whatever you are working on or working towards.

Virgo's attention to physical health and well-being is further accentuated by the Sun's presence in this sign. During this transit, you may feel the urge to improve or maintain a healthy lifestyle, and pay attention to overall self-care. It is an excellent time to fine-tune your diet, engage in regular exercise, and explore practices that promote mental and emotional equilibrium. The body always sends signals to remind us that a healthy mind and body are the foundation for a productive and fulfilling life.

Virgo's inherent desire to be of service to others may be amplified during this transit. You could feel the call to contribute meaningfully to your communities and support those in need, or use practical skills and analytical abilities to assist others. This is a great time to practice acts of kindness, volunteer, or share knowledge that can benefit those around us. Virgo's analytical abilities paired with the Sun's radiance inspires problem-solving and insights that can help make a sustainable difference in the lives of others.


Virgo season shines light on how we can strive for perfectly imperfect perfection. Through daily routines, service, practicality, and grounding into what is, we align ourselves with this energy. The Suns transit through Virgo offers opportunities to tap into details, increase your analytical abilities, nurture physical well-being, and make useful strides towards goals. We all have Virgo somewhere in our chart. One way to make the most of this season is to contemplate how you show up and serve the the themes of the Virgo house and/or planets in your chart. Are there changes that can be made in these areas that can improve the quality of your life or the life of others?

Thanks for reading and wishing you a satisfying sustainable Virgo season

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