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Virgo New Moon: Practical Magic- August 27, 2022

While many of the energies of the last Aquarius Super moon are still in play, the New Moon on August 27, 2022 is providing much needed support that will assist fresh starts in Virgo related themes. This is an opportune time to begin making those day to day improvements that you know will bolster health and wellness in one or more areas of your life.

Virgo is the sign that speaks to what we put our energy into on a daily basis. It’s associated with health, work, service, responsibilities, routines, habits, healing and our pets. As things typically change from one day to the next, the mutability of this practical and reliable earth sign knows how to adapt, adjust and fine tune the details, as it strives to be or do the best that it can. While Virgo energy can commit, it prefers to keep several options open. You just never know when option B or G may be exactly what is needed to build that better mouse trap.

Virgo’s critical perceiving abilities, analytical discernment, devotion to service and drive towards excellence are among its greatest virtues-unless these assets are employed out of a sense of lack or guilt. Virgo can tend towards over-compensation, over-concern (about the small things) and over-doing when it over-emphasizes details or problems. When Virgo energy is imbalanced mole hills really can appear to be mountains.

Mars Square New Moon

The only aspect involving the Moon (and Sun) is an exact square to Mars in Gemini. This can bring some mental or emotional heat to this lunation that may be experienced as health concerns or anxiousness. Potential frustration and/or impulsive energy are also possibilities to be aware of if you want to avoid frenzied or distracted decision making.

Mars is the planet of action-the force behind our get-up-&-go. In Gemini, Mars can be indecisive, scattered, or so busy multi tasking that nothing seems to gets done. The square aspect is that of creative tension or conflict. It has juice. The Lunation in Virgo is asking us to define and make change or improvement, and the Gemini Mars may have us bouncing from one thing to the next. Long after the Moon moves on, the Sun and Mars will remain within a 5° square until Sept 7, continuing this particular conversation. Beyond that, Mars will Retrograde in Gemini at the end of September and remain in this sign until March 2023. We are going to learn about what Mars in Gemini means for each of us.

Mercury in Libra Rules this New Moon

Not only is Mercury the ruler of Virgo, it also rules the sign of Gemini. This makes for a heady new beginning. Mercury in the Gemini expression is very focused on gathering facts, data, and information. It loves words, concepts, ideas, and variety. In Virgo, the Mercurial functions must be utilized with discretion and put to sensible use.

Mercury is the messenger planet that governs communications, thoughts, words, commerce, connections, trickery, and reason. It represents our mind and “thinking” processes. As the only deity in the Roman pantheon who could communicate with, travel and translate between the realms of mortals, Gods and the underworld, Mercury had a unique perspective and understanding of “reality”, and could send or decode any type of information through various means. This planet is also associated with the Greek God Hermes and Egyptian God, Thoth. While I am using the term “God”, these deities, and the Planet are Mercury are considered gender neutral, as well as ever-adapting shape shifters.

This is a very Mercurial lunation, which is bound to change some minds, depending on how the energy is utilized. Mercury in Libra puts mental attention on the themes of relationships, “others”, what is outside of the self, contracts, fairness, equanimity and justice. Choose your thoughts and words wisely, and pay special attention to signs, signals, omens and synchronicities.

Mercury will be moving retrograde September 9-Oct 2. It will cross back over this New Moon territory as it goes back into Virgo. When it moves forward, it will revisit these places for a final pass. You will get the opportunity to reevaluate, revise, or redo some things, ideas or thoughts that come to you now.

Mercury Trine Mars and Opposite Jupiter

Mercury is opposing Jupiter in Aries and trining Mars at the time of this New Moon. The trine aspect emphasizes a potential opportunity with the Mars Square that can help put some thoughts into motion. The Jupiter opposition points to some possible resistance or confrontation brewing between personal desires and relationship needs. If you are experiencing any struggle or displeasure in the Libra themes, Mars in Gemini can help you find the right words and take right action to find some middle ground.

Because Mercury is a key player, it may be necessary to have a conversation with a significant other, exchange ideas or to make some type of compromise if you want to harness the full potentiality of this New Moon.

Venus Opposite Saturn, Trine Uranus in Aquarius ( & North Node)

Virgo in Leo as the ruler of Libra is not only influencing Mercury, it’s also opposite Saturn in Aquarius and separating from a Trine to Uranus & the North Node in Taurus. This does reactivate the Uranus/North Node/Mars conjunction from August 1, as well as the last Aquarius New Moon.

The Venus/Saturn opposition may bring dissatisfaction, unexpected limitations or surprising delays to our desire to be creatively expressed. There can be conflict with authority figures or groups of people we associate with. What we want now may be at odds with future structures.

Venus governs personal values, how we value ourself, what/who we love, relationships, and creature comforts. These things have likely been in flux for you lately. Maybe you have made some changes even you didn’t see coming, or are contemplating those now. The Sun is still radiating life giving warmth on Venus as she continues the journey through Leo. You can trust that if you are making change in these areas of your life, you will be shining more boldly and brightly than before.

Saturn Square Uranus & North Node

While this is not the focus of this lunation, this aspect is building over the next couple of months. It’s been with us pretty much all of 2022 and the discordant whispers are now more audible. We can see it’s effects across the globe and in our own back yards. This is a square off between the old verses the new, tradition verses progressive change, left verses right, and so on. As it increases in volume and strength, you may want to take this game-changer into account when crafting your New Moon intention.

The Saturn/Uranus Squares were the big astrological events that colored 2021. Now these two heavy hitters are in a 2° orb, bringing this conflict to a conclusion with the added power surge of the North Node. While they won’t make an exact square, from September 23 to October 23 Saturn and Uranus are within 1° of a square aspect, and they both hit 18° in October before eventually separating. The Saturn square Uranus transit ends January 24, 2023. We should have a better understanding of all the changes that took place by then, as the dust settles and more gifts are revealed. These 2 planets will come back to form a conjunction with each other on June 28, 2032 when they begin a brand new cycle.


This New Moon is asking you to name what you are ready to improve or change in your life. You don’t need to know how right now. With Mercury’s role featured so prominently in this lunation, practical magic is guaranteed if you do the work.

Keep in mind, the Virgo energy is excellent for putting reliable systems in place that will find the best possible ways to distribute, compost, store and use what is harvested. Any potential challenges you may experience with this lunation are fuel that feed the Virgo spirit. This Moon can help you cultivate the understanding that everything is useful, and everything has purpose…and its not your job to do everything or be everything.

Following are some questions for self-inquiry to help you claim what you name through your New Moon intention.

What are your daily responsibilities and commitments-and what is your relationship to those things? -How do they serve you?

What are your daily habits and routines and how are those working for you?

What do you feel shame, blame or guilt around?- How does that serve you?

What do you devote yourself to every day or what do you want to devote yourself to?

What is one thing you can change or improve that would make your life better?

Wishing You, Yours and All Many New Moon Blessings,


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