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Virgo Full Moon-March 7, 2023

The Virgo Full Moon on March 7th highlights personal management of resources, health and emotions. With Saturn moving into Pisces less than 1 hour after this lunation, this significant energetic shift adds striving visionary force to the lunar tides. Virgo themes are touchy-feely at this Moon, and with a strong Pisces pull, perception and analysis may lack definition.

As the 6th sign of the zodiac, Virgo is wired to be in service to the greater whole, not just to the self, -yet through the self. This is why it is associated with health & healing, humility, crisis, self sacrifice, self analysis, self improvement, worthiness, perfecting and discernment. Its introspective, analytical energy is often acutely aware of inadequacies, imperfections, and lack in the self and environment. Virgo is concerned with securing all needs are met by our efforts. It shows us where, how, and when we can make evolutionary improvements.

This is the last Full Moon of the winter season in the northern hemisphere where Virgo helps us sort through critical details so we can plant the seeds that grow dreams into reality. Like all Earth signs, it is associated with the world of matter and practical productivity. Its mutability makes Virgo an emissary of change that operates through refining, altering, questioning, repairing, striving, adapting, inventing, amending and prevention. This sign is allied with daily work that is necessary for the efficient order, function and development of life.

The ruler of this Moon, Mercury, is in Pisces making a trine aspect to the Scorpio South Node, giving rise to emotional insights that may have been buried in subconscious awareness. When Mercury transits through Pisces, thoughts are guided more by imagination and intuition than logic. Hidden or secret truths could be revealed through mystifying opportunities. Pay attention to messages that come through your body, feelings, and extra sensory awareness.

The Sun is midway between Mercury and Neptune in Pisces, injecting more contention towards the opposing Moon. This combination brings about heightened emotional sensitivity, spiritual and/or metaphysical intelligence, was well as the impulse to engage in escapist tendencies. The Moon in Virgo wants to create order and usefulness, whereas the Pisces Sun is thinking and dreaming in the realm of imagination and finer feelings.

Oppositions are considered challenging because of the push pull in 2 seemingly different directions. At a Full Moon, resistance or aversion between the two poles is illuminated, and emotional intensity escalates. You may have an overwhelming urge to get lost in fantasy, while at the same time, a strong craving to be more systematic or efficient in your daily life. The Virgo Moon wants to feel like it has some semblance of control in the physical world, whereas the Pisces planets ferry us into nonmaterial mysteries.

The Virgo/Pisces axis governs digestion and immunity. Virgo functions decide what nutrients from food can be used or assimilated into the body and what will be recycled. Pisces helps purify the body by defending against invisible invaders such as harmful bacteria and viruses. If you are dealing with toxicity, and in need of cleaning up your diet or daily routines, this Moon could help shed light on the need to change or let go of harmful habits.

The Virgo Moon is trine Uranus in Taurus and moving into a square with Mars in Gemini, suggesting the possibility of an active mind or stimulated nervous system. The trine to Uranus can bring unexpected resources that facilitate embodied awareness or down to earth utility. It may also bring about emotional breakthroughs. The square to Mars may have you second guessing your own mind or senses. While you may feel pressure to make the “right” choice, take the “right” action, or feel the “right” way, -give yourself a break and use a healthy expression of Virgo energy to strive for progress, not perfection.

Heads-Up: Mars will be in a Square aspect with the Sun, Mercury and Neptune, that becomes exact on March 16, when all 3 planets meet at 25° Pisces, and Mars is at 25° Gemini. For some of us, this may be a time when there is confusion around how to act, when to act and what actions to choose. You can use that heightened curiosity of Mars in Gemini to explore intellectual pursuits through embracing the visionary qualities of all the squared Pisces planets.

From my perspective, the timing of this Virgo Full Moon couldn’t be better considering all the pronounced changes that are occurring in the sky this month. Not only will we begin the astrological new year, the heavy hitters, Saturn & Pluto are changing signs. Mars is finally moving out of Gemini, Venus ingresses into a home sign and Mercury will change signs twice!

This is the time for deep consideration on what you really “need” and how well you are able to meet those “needs”. Are you sacrificing “needs” for “wants”? What is taking up space in your life that does not serve legitimate needs? True needs can only be met by clearing out what is not needed, which then opens up space-time for wants.

This Virgo Full Moon can help you make critical decisions about what has to go in order to ensure the development of life. Embrace change and uncertainty. Dare to dream boldly, and devote yourself to the service of daily tasks. Make your ability to take care of essential needs a priority. Tend to your health, and the health of this planet. Be willing to cultivate greater trust in yourself and in the divine animating forces of this perfectly imperfect world.

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