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Virgo Full Moon-March 18, 2022 Refined Purification

On March 18th, we have the Full Moon in the service & health oriented sign of Virgo at 27° 40 minutes. This lunation has some very special aspects that can help illuminate whatever may need to be purified or refined in your life. This is a time of releasing, allowing, welcoming closure, and restoration.

The sign of Virgo correlates with day to day operations, oversight, service and refinement. It is the sign that tills the terrain of health and healing through analysis, that leads to understanding that leads to remediation. Ruled by Mercury, introspection, reason, and discernment are Virgoian approaches to find meaning and purpose. Virgo knows a transcendent something exists, and at the same time, possesses a keen perception of imperfections, inadequacy and lack, especially within oneself.

Full moons mark the midpoint of a lunation cycle, where the energy reaches its zenith, and then wanes. It is a time of illumination, as well as culmination that can help us begin to integrate seeds were sown at the new moon, and begin the process of releasing the fruits of our labors. Full moons can shine light on things that were previously unseen. There may be some intensity or discordant energies around this time that can both energize and deplete us. This Virgo full moon comes with an invitation to cleanse or temper areas of our life that need healing, emotional management or nourishment.

Looking at the chart for this lunation, you can see the moon is a singleton, sitting alone in one half of the chart, while all the other planets are located in the other half. In this position, the moon funnels all the energy from the chart, highlighting our emotional security needs, sensitivity, reactivity and vulnerability. In the Mutable sign of Virgo, moods can easily change from one moment to the next.

While the Singleton position does add a certain level of ferver, the moon is bolstered by two powerful patterns. It is part of a grand earth trine with Pluto and the North node, which additionally which forms a rare kite pattern with the Sun at the top and Moon at the tail. Pluto, the North Node and the Moon are all planets that are tuned into subconscious frequencies. There is an opportunity for new levels of awareness to arise in personal and collective consciousness.

The grand Earth trine is harmonizing Moon, Pluto and North node functions, which supports powerful manifestation, renewed structure and grounded stability, while boosting determination, strength of will and transformational creativity.

The kite pattern here brings the energy of fate and destiny, affirming there are larger forces at play that have yet to be revealed. The focal point is the Sun, who is leading a Piscean stellium that includes Neptune, Jupiter and Mercury. The Pisces energy from the New Moon on March 2nd is ready to take flight and soar.

The Moon has already opposed the first 3 stellium planets over the last couple days activating the potential of this lunation that is occurring on the Virgo Pisces Axis. This does emphasize themes related to health, immunity, growth and the filtering of impurities on physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual levels. The degree for this moon correlates with your Hepatic veins, so you may want to give a little extra loving to your liver. This is a potent lunation for deep healing and release at any level of your being.

The Sun and Pisces stellium show the energy of the kite that wants to lift off, while the Moon is the tail steering the direction. Pluto and the North Node are providing balance, and stimulation through their sextiles to the Sun. Let your intuition and emotions be your guide as you surrender to unconditional love for what is, what was, and what will be.

You may receive more insights rather than crystal clear clarity as to where this kite will go. It does depend on the directions of the wind, the grounding beneath you, and your Soul contract. Venus in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus can support the winds and the earth. These two planets are in mutual reception, fostering cooperation to whatever tensions may arise. brining Mars & Saturn are also included as they are together with Venus in Aquarius. Long term memory or trauma may be activated in order to do the work of healing for a new tomorrow.

This Full moon does come with a level of metamorphic intensity that holds a promise for greater soul alignment, connection, health and expression. Much support is available , as every planet is directly involved in one way or another. There is a great deal of mutable and fixed energy with this lunation that can assist with doing the work of change in uncertainty. Imagination, compassion and visionary faculties are strengthened right now with Neptune at the midpoint of the Sun and Jupiter.

With the Equinox (Spring in the Northern hemisphere, Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere) coming just 2 days after this Full Moon, this is the ultimate time to consciously clean house. (literally or figuratively). Whatever no longer serves you, let it go. What wants to come into your life will. Make the space for it now in anyway that is right for you. If there is anything you have have been wanting to break free from, like discharging a bad habit, eliminating clutter, or walking away from a toxic relationship, this has got to be the best Full Moon I have seen in a long while that provides the ingredients for success.

Full Moons are perfect for ritual. There are numerous ways and suggestions on the internet or from friends for creating a full moon ritual, however crafting your own can be incredibly powerful. Whether you do it solo or with a group of people, a symbolic action or intentional ceremony can help amplify the lunar energies.

This Virgo full moon is offering plenty of energy to work with, so long as you keep your mind and heart open while remembering to stay flexible and grounded.

I will leave you with a brief retelling of a Zen teaching about enlightenment that applies to this Virgo Full Moon.

A student approaches the master, and asks for the secret path to all wisdom. The master instructs: “Chop wood, carry water.”

Not understanding how daily chores leads to wisdom, the earnest student complies. After some time, they discover their own rhythm in the work. Quietly moving from one task to the next they come to the dishes. As the warm water pours over their cold hands, they are filled with an overwhelming sense of presence, grace and gratitude. There is great purpose in having clean dishes to use again.

The student becomes aware of how the repetition of mundane tasks calms the mind , revealing their own true nature. Through transcending the chattering mind, the student has moments of clarity and opening from which arises the experience of Peace.

Excitedly, the student goes back to the master, and explains all they learned. The master is pleased, and wisely anticipates the next question, which is, “What now?” The master instructs again: “Chop wood, carry water.”

The teaching is this: before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.

After enlightenment: chop wood, carry water.

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