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Taurus New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse-April 30, 2022

The New Moon occurring on April 30, 2022 in the sign of Taurus is triply robust for brining in fresh new energies. With this lunation, we also have the first Eclipse near the moons nodes that are currently moving through the Taurus Scorpio Axis. This is a partial Solar eclipse, which doesn’t have quite as much juice as a total eclipse, yet still greatly exceeds the vigor of a non-eclipsed lunation.

A total solar eclipse—like the one that crossed the U.S. in August, 2017—occurs when the Sun, Earth & Moon are perfectly aligned and the Moon crosses between the Earth & Sun blocking 100 percent of the suns light. A partial eclipse occurs when the Moon only partially covers the the Sun. In this case, the Earth, Moon, and Sun are just shy of a perfect alignment. The Sun appears to have a dark shadow on only a small part of its surface, and the light is not fully blocked from reaching the earth.

In astrology, the moons nodes have great significance. The South node represents the past-things that are known, familiar and have already come into being. This energy can contain gifts, strengths, and talents, as well as dysfunction and challenges. Currently, the South Node is in the sign of Scorpio. The North Node, which is now moving through the sign of Taurus, represents the future- the energies calling us forward for personal and collective evolution. Some times these are referred to as the nodes of destiny, and are often linked with Karma.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse is taking place near the North Node in Taurus. Not only do we have the energy of the New Moon encouraging some type of new beginning, we also have the North Node pulling us to a new kind of future. Eclipses on the North Node bring in New forms or energies. Solar Eclipses are also associated with the arrival of fresh energies coming in whereas Lunar eclipses are often associated with endings or release.

Eclipses are like wild card or pivot points. They bring in the unexpected, always for the better, but not always in comfortable ways. With a Taurus North Node eclipse, whatever enters can be fortunate or challenging. You may be presented with new exciting opportunities or fertile resources. On the other hand, you could experience some type of pressure or excess related to the material resources or other Taurean themes.

It can be like you are traveling to a specific destination and all of a sudden, something comes along that could very well change where you thought you were heading, or how you will get there.

Because of this triple emphasis on the new, whatever intentions you make around what you want to bring in to your life will be 3x more potent. The Lunation and North Node are both in the sign of Taurus. Whatever house is ruled by Taurus in your natal chart will show you the area of your life that is being activated for evolution.

The sign of Taurus

governs themes associated with money, land, food, property, personal values, the earth, nature, self worth, the physical body, agriculture, property we own or manage, art, beauty, the 5 senses, sensuality, what we find pleasurable and the things we earn or grow in the material world.

At its core, Taurus deals with the fundamental basics needed for sustaining life. When it has what it needs for survival, it can use it’s energy for accumulating more. As a fixed earth sign, it can be stubbornly materialistic, or even hedonistic in its pursuit of pleasure and beauty. On the other side of that coin, it can also be the sign that provides long lasting sustainability, conservation, and stability. Taurus has patience, practicality, perseverance and is built for the long haul.

To get full picture of the possibilities for this lunation, we need to look at the whole chart. There are some powerfully supportive energies, as well as aspects that will require us to step up, do the work and take responsibility.

The ruler of this New Moon, Venus is still in tight conjunction with Jupiter in Pisces. We also have Neptune just 4° away in conjunction, offering visionary, oceanic intuition and boundless compassion. Venus is exalted in Pisces, while Jupiter and Neptune call this home. All three of these planets are in their strength, and together, it’s like a huge, fantastical love fest.

Venus is also in a sextile with Pluto in Capricorn, which can inspire a deeper transformational love.

The Taurus expression of Venus deals with embodied earthly values, beauty, creature comforts and pleasure. This planet helps make the land and our physical lives & bodies fertile. In Pisces, the sweetest, dreamiest, imaginative, creativity flows through Venus with slow, gentle, grace. Jupiter in Pisces represents our highest ideals and beliefs-and it makes everything bigger. Neptune in Pisces dissolves boundaries, helping us merge with the divine.

With the moon in the earth of Taurus, and its ruler in the etheric waters of Pisces, this lunation carries the energy of heaven and earth. Taurus is about self-sufficiency and self-reliance. Pisces reminds us that we are all one. We are each spiritual beings, creating individual human, earthly experiences, ultimately, in service to the sustainability of all life.

Uranus is conjunct the Sun and Moon. Both luminaries are moving into an exact conjunction with the planet of surprise and disruption. Uranus is often referred to as the great awakener, often bringing in sudden shocks and changes that challenge the status quo. It is an air sign, often considered to be the higher octave of Mercury.

Uranus governs originality, inventions, technologies, the future, mental technology, scientific break throughs, individuation, innovations, rebellion, revolution, wild weather, freedom and progressive change. It is like electricity or lightening bolts, bringing quick flashes of insight, electromagnetic disturbances, or abrupt turn of events. Since it entered Taurus in 2018, we have been experiencing many tectonic alterations. It’s not done yet with Uranian liberation inspired events such as economic disruption, food supply issues, earth changes, crypto currency, cutting-edge technological and scientific discoveries. Uranus will move out of Taurus in April 2026.

Uranus’s involvement in this New Moon Eclipse may add an additional element of unpredictable surprise.

Mars in Pisces is making a Sextile to the Moon, Sun & Uranus. Mars is Pisces is more likely to take action based on emotion, rather than sheer drive or desire. Because it’s in the same sign with Venus, Jupiter & Pisces, it is also being informed by subtle waves of idealistic romanticism and mysticism. It’s efforts at this time will be more touchy-feely. The Sun gives Mars the ability to take action, Uranus is encouraging break throughs, however the Moon has a bit more persuasion. There may be a desire to play it safe, and stick with what feels comfortable, yet that is not the best use of this energy. This transit is inviting embodied, compassionate, gentle, grounded endeavors.

Saturn in Aquarius is Squaring the Nodes. This key aspect in this lunation provides clues on the evolutionary aim of this Eclipse. Saturns transit through Aquarius is calling for progressive, humanitarian change through shared efforts, and individuation.

Saturn is limitations, delays, restriction, slowing, maturity, blocking, holding, determining, concentrating, crystallization, authority and control. Its objective is to build things for the long haul based on integrity and stability. It is associated with our ambitions and what we contribute to society.

The super intense Scorpio Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse coming up in May shares this same transit. The square was originally initiated April 11, 2022 when Saturn made an exact aspect with the nodes. This began a new karmic conversation with fate & destiny. There is pressure now to overcome or integrate past blockages in order to reconstruct a better future for ourselves, that also benefits the human community.

The square to the nodes at this Eclipse indicates something coming in intended to help strengthen your foundation through making necessary course corrections. If you don’t make those course corrections of your own volition, Saturn can make it rough. However if you choose to let go of old fears, patterns, limitations or habits and embrace taking full responsibility for what you have created, Saturn can be your best ally. Committing to the slow, and not necessarily easy work needed to manifest your goals will, in time, build a sustainable future that supports your independence and contributes to the whole.

To Sum this all up- This dynamic lunation is offering the potential of powerful new beginnings. Taurus is the sign of simplicity, fertility and abundance, so make sure you plant the seeds that you want to grow. While there will likely be unexpected things coming your way, you can still harness all the potency of these energies. It is time to truly know your self worth, and claim your own authority by taking complete responsibility for your past, present and future. Though the eclipsed nodes are playing the card of fate, destiny is shaped through freewill.

What does a sustainable future look like to you? How do you want to create meaningful change for yourself? What seeds will you sow and tend to?

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