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Scorpio Full Moon-November 13, 2023

Scorpio New Moon. November 13, 2023. 1:27am PST

Coming out of eclipse season, my focus has shifted and I am changing things up a bit with these moon reports. We just had the final eclipse on the Taurus-Scorpio Axis and through out next year, the eclipses will be occurring on the Aries-Libra axis. With the North Node transiting Aries- the sign of self- I want to offer different kinds of resource that you can personalize to make the most of each lunar cycle. I will still touch into the energies at play during the lunar cycles. However, rather than just sharing my own perceptions, I’ll include other things you can use (based on the energies at play) to make your own meaning, rise to challenges, discover, recover, claim and forge the path of inner sovereignty, and release collapsing relationship/relating patterns.

Energies at Play


Moon & Sun at 20° Scorpio 43’, conjunct Mars,- all opposing Uranus in Taurus & Trine Neptune in Pisces.
Mars at 22° Scorpio11’ (traditional ruler) Conjunct Moon, Square Saturn in Pisces and sextile Venus in Libra
Pluto at 28°Capricorn 09’ (modern ruler) Square North Node in Aries, South Node in Libra (fading)


The New Moon in the transformative, purifying sign Scorpio on November 13 brings heat, electricity and quickening waters. It has a sort of green-house energy, that can extend your growth, minimize external threats or lead to glacial melting. Mars -the traditional ruler of Scorpio-is joining forces with the luminaries at this time, adding a thundering dose of combustable potency.

Scorpio has the propensity to make the unseen seen, so that we may release toxic attachments - finding integration and wholeness through acknowledging and accepting those denied, cast-out or unexamined parts of the self that bubble up from the depths into clarifying awareness. Part of this moons message is “Ignore the shadow at your own peril”. It’s a powerful time of rebirth, where you can see into the darkness, reclaim those unloved and disowned aspects of self-choosing to love, be and do you, in all your fullness and messy beauty.

With Uranus in opposition to prior to-during-and after this event, sudden disruptions, shocking incidents or surprising twists of fate can come without notice. Uranus shakes things up, stimulating a dynamic urge for freedom that can lead to unexpected breakthroughs or dramatic confrontations. While there is a lot of tension at this time, this energy can be used to summon the courageous, bold determination of your inner warrior for whatever requires self-command or confidence.

Neptune in Pisces is providing a dreamy harmonizing influence in a trine aspect to the concentrated evolutionary Scorpio planets. This can help cut through illusions, and heighten psychic impressions. It can also lean into escapism or emotional overwhelm. Depending on how you use this energy, it can function as a veil of deception or a unifying visionary force. You can use this trine to your advantage through loving all parts of yourself unconditionally and allowing whatever emotions arise to guide you to liberation and regeneration.

Sabian Symbol:


From Dane Rudyhar

Sabian Symbol Keynote: A readiness to face the results of a refusal to follow the authoritarian patterns of an aggressive society.

As a person finds themself involved in activities which are traditional in their particular culture — and in many instances in all societies at this stage of human evolution —they often face a conflict between their own individual sense of value (conscience) and the demands of society. The conflict may be most typical in terms of the armed services — thus this symbol. In it we find the individual asserting their own values, though they cannot escape the consequences of their decision. In such a case they have to be quietly ready to face these consequences, whatever the cost.

The issue it presents is clear. Society in this situation seems to be all-powerful; yet the individual need not be spiritually bound, even if imprisoned. He still can display INNER FREEDOM and prove himself an “individual."

3rd Decan according to Triplicity:

Cancer/Moon-The lunar decan softens Scorpio, modifying the sign with compassion, love and the desire to give and nurture. Psychic abilities strong. Conflict between the need to contain vs express.

Tarot Correlations:

Scorpio- Death XII
Chaldean 3rd Decan- Venus- 7 of Cups
Chaldean 20° Scorpio- King of Wands

New Moon Magic

Emotions are at the heart of this Scorpio New Moon. Emotions color our lives, influencing our decisions, behaviors, and interactions with our self and others. Through harnessing their power life becomes more fulfilling and meaningful.

While some emotions are more comfortable and coveted than others, they are all important messengers from your inner-self. Every emotion offers valuable information about your experiences, needs, and desires. When avoiding or suppressing an emotion you would rather not feel, you are denying access to an integral part of self that is essential to your wellbeing.

Heres the thing, unacknowledged emotions can’t relay their messages to your conscious awareness-they can’t just go away- so they go into your unconscious and mingle with and strengthen your shadow (that collection of the parts of your personality that has been unexamined, repressed and cast out due to conditioning, ego-judgements or unfamiliarity).

Heres the problem-Our shadow (yes, we all have one) is really good at operating without our awareness. If you struggle with breaking bad habits, are quick to judge others, have financial, health, relationship or repetitive problems, have low self esteem, anger management issues, overwhelm, anxiety, depression, or just can’t seem to take yourself in hand- Your shadow is likely calling the shots.

Now-Heres the good new!- Emotions are vibrant threads that add depth, color, and wholeness to the tapestry of our lives. They are not merely random disturbances but carry wisdom that guides us to the fully expressed, unapologetic, soul-flourishing self-where we have the power to manifest our hearts true desires. Letting yourself feel what you feel and owning the intelligence of your emotions allows you to heal and integrate your shadow into conscious awareness-where it becomes your ally in the game of life.

Exercise 1 -The Color of Your Emotions

If you are ready and wanting to bring more conscious awareness to your emotional intelligence, the following exercise is designed to help you gain more clarity and self-awareness

You can download a printable copy of this wheel and the self inquiry below or create your own wheel with whatever emotions you want to become more conscious of. You will need crayons, colored pencils, markers, water colors or any medium that offers you a variety of colors.

When you are ready, settle into yourself and then allow your inner wisdom to guide you into the feeling and color of each emotion. Trust whatever arises, and color in your wheel. If there are other things that come up for you such as images, sounds, sensations, or words, you can may also like to record that
When this is complete, take your time and answer the following questions:

Which emotions did you record first?

Did you have resistance to any of the emotions?

Which emotions were easier for you to tune into?

Which emotions were more challenging?

Did you use the same colors for any emotions?

What emotions are you feeling right now?

Go deeper with each of your answers and write down what this means to you?

Enter your Email Below to download The Color of Your Emotions and Self Inquiry

Exercise 2-Breaking through resistance

If you want to take this deeper, choose an emotion from your wheel that you have some resistance to. I suggest beginning with one that is somewhat uncomfortable, yet not super charged. After you have mined the gold from one emotion, you can move on to the next. (Don't be surprised if your most charged emotion isn’t quite as charged now)

Step 1. Choose your emotion

Step 2. In a journal or notebook, record events where that emotion played a big role. What were the positive qualities it brought to the situation? What were the negative qualities? What is the message that emotion has for you? (if its not clear- imagine that emotion is sitting next to you and have a conversation with it. You can ask it anything you like- if you are recording this on paper, use your non-dominate hand to let that emotion answer your questions) Be sure to thank the emotion-and yourself for what you have discovered

Step 3. Welcome that emotion fully back into your life. Make it feel welcome by wearing clothes that have it’s color, or finding objects in your home that are of the same color and putting them in a place where you can see them, until you have fully broken through resistance and made that emotion an ally.

Exercise 3- Scorpio New Moon Vision Board & Ritual

This exercise works well with the energy of this New Moon. It’s all about bringing the light of consciousness into the darkness of the unconscious.

Step 1. Make time and create a space where you will not be disturbed. You can light a candle, burn instance, listen to music that captures your current mood or do anything that consecrates this time and space you are claiming for yourself.

Step 2. Think about your intention for this lunation cycle. What is something new or fresh you would like to call in. Are there any attachments you would like to release? You don’t have to be clear on what your intention is just yet…right now, just start calling it in

Step 3. After you have began to invoke your intention, start finding images that you like from magazines or online. They don’t have to be directly related to your intention or to anything else-just trust your intuitive guidance. Cut out the images you want to use and then glue thenm to a piece of paper or poster board. If you have chosen several images, you may want to use a board…if there are just a few, a piece of paper will work.

Step 4. After your images have been glued to the board, observe what colors are present then get out your Color of emotions wheel and answer the following questions:
1. What colors are dominate?, and what does this tell me about my current intention for this lunar cycle?
2. What other colors are present from my color wheel, and what insights doe this provide?
3. Are there colors from my color wheel that are not on my vision board-and what does this mean to me?

Step 5. After answering the questions, you should have more clarity and insights into your intention for this lunar cycle- so now its time to claim your intention for what you will be working with for the next 29 days and nights.

Step 6. Put your vision board someplace where you will see it for this lunar cycle. Write your intention on a piece of paper, and then burn it on the New moon or the following day as an offering to your higher self, source or whatever resonates with you. Let it go with thanks that it is done and that you will realize your intention or something better for the greatest good.

Step 7. Pat yourself on the back for showing up for yourself and let the universe take care of the rest. You may want to sit with your vision board from time time to time through out this lunar cycle and listen for more insights. Mediating with your vision board can be a very powerful. It’s helpful to journal/record any insights you receive, as that brings important information into greater awareness.

Other Resources:

If you have your natal chart and know what house scorpio rules, you can use the image below to determine what area of life will be activated for you at this lunation

If you would like to work with the moon through out this Lunar cycle, click on the image below for a description of the 8 phases of the Moon

Scorpio New Moon Mantra

Co-Creating with The Scorpio New Moon

Thanks for reading! Please share any insights or comments below!

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