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Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse-May 5, 2023

Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse May 5, 2o23. 10:34AM PST

The Full Moon on May 5, 2023 rounds out this eclipse season with a penumbral Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio. A penumbral lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth blocks some of the Sun's light from directly reaching the Moon's surface -covering all or part of the Moon with the outer part of its shadow. Basically, the Moons light will be a bit fainter than a normal Full Moon, and not completely blocked as in a Total Lunar Eclipse.

This Lunar Eclipse may not be as visually dramatic as a Total Eclipse, yet it still has that shadowy intensity that can hit unexpectedly. It also happens to be activating the South Node for this last Eclipse in Scorpio in the current nodal cycle, dialing up the energy of completions and climaxes. This event is considered significant because it marks a time of intense purification that eventually leads to rebirth or renewal.

A Full Moon in Scorpio can be intensely cathartic with emotions running hot and deep. Scorpio is a fixed water sign that is associated with deep-seated emotions and unconscious patterns that may be denied, hidden or suppressed. It governs over the reproductive and elimination systems in the body and deals with the transformative cycle of death and rebirth

The Lunar Eclipse amplifies this energy. Given the fact that this is the last South Node Eclipse in Scorpio, whatever Scorpionic themes that have come up for you since the Nodes moved into the Taurus/Scorpio axis in January 2022 are coming to a head. Any old habits, toxic thought patterns, or even relationships that are holding you back or involve any kind of power struggle that you haven’t already dealt with may be intensified around this time. If such matters do arise, they probably won’t come as a shock as we have already had 2 south node eclipses in Scorpio in May and October 2022. The eclipse can assist with cleansing closures.

This Lunation has 2 rulers; Mars in Cancer and Pluto who stationed retrograde at 0° Aquarius on May 1. The Nodes are still in a square aspect with Pluto and the Moon is making a Trine to Mars. When the Moon or the Nodes are aspecting their rulers during an eclipse, the energy of the ruling planets, the signs they are in, and the aspects are strongly represented in the over all energy of triggering events.

Even though Mars is in it’s fall in the sign of Cancer, Cancer is the sign that rules the Moon. The Moon in Scorpio, ruled by Mars, is also in it’s fall-so these planets are in mutual reception in their fall. When a planet is in it’s fall, this indicated their functions are a bit weaker and we may have to work harder to overcome obstacles or struggles. When planets are in mutual reception, they are in the sign that rules the other planet and work to support each other.

The Trined reception between Moon and Mars in water signs in fall indicates encounters with emotional difficulties are likely turbulent. Toxic feelings that need to be flushed could easily rise to the surface now. Yet there is a coherence that brings aid or assistance in dealing with circumstances that are ripe for transformative healing.

This lunation can definitely stir up some agitation or anxiety as well as unstable or uncomfortable fiery feelings. The Moon is coming into a Trine with Mars which brings opportunity and it will be exact about 12 hours after the Eclipse. This suggests taking action to purge difficult emotions and/or engaging deep healing is supported. It may be challenging, however

The Nodes are moving into a square with Pluto, the planet or profound transformation. This square aspect exacts on July 22, 2023 after the North Node transitions to Aries and the South Node Moves into Libra. At this Eclipse, the focus is on the Scorpio South Node. It is possible to encounter circumstances that require you to surrender, let go or release something from the past related to power, misuse of power or powerlessness. Full Moons are typically feely and introspective. This watery Scorpio Moon Eclipse is brimming with emotional intensity that can run hot or cold. This is a good time to contemplate things you may have been struggling with since January 2022. What are those issues you can no longer hide or deny? What needs to change and what needs to go?

The Moon is opposite the Sun which is coming into a Conjunction with Uranus in Taurus. This is significant for a couple reasons. Uranus is often referred to as the “great disrupter”. It is associated with sudden shocks and surprises-like a lightening bolt out of the blue. Eclipses bring in a similar energy. Chances are good that you will not actually be struck by lightening, however, the feelings of uncertainty and the possibility for unanticipated events are heightened. Pluto is in Aquarius which is co-ruled by Uranus, which increases the Plutonian energy at this Eclipse. More changes are coming, and it appears this lunation plays a catalyzing role.

Mercury is still Retrograde in Taurus and moving away from the conjunction with the Sun that occurred on May 1. This is not the best time for making future forward decisions, or fill up your schedule. Give yourself the gift of time and space to really listen to your inner dialogue and feel whatever you feel. Mercury stations direct on May 14.


A Full Moon in Scorpio is known for its intense energy, which can bring up strong emotions and desires. Add a Lunar Eclipse on the Scorpio South Node, along with aspects to Mars, Uranus and Pluto and BOOM! Powerful metamorphosis is near-at-hand that could include some shocking twists and offbeat endings.

South Node Lunar Eclipses typically bring unforeseen conclusions or outages that often don’t happen on the date. Influences can trigger events within the week, month or even several months later. Of course, not everyone will experience the potential magnitude of this Moon or “Eclipse season” on a personal level.

Keep in mind, the Aries Solar Eclipse that occurred April 20 opened this current Eclipse season, and this Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse marks a sort of “fated” culmination point. It’s time to wash away the gunk, pivot and renew. This is the last Eclipse in Scorpio for this nodal cycle. The next time we have Scorpio eclipses will be in late 2040.

Even if your own world is not being rocked or rolled about in the moment, this is a significant time to purge away emotional baggage, toxic relationships or any shadowy self sabotaging behaviors that are obstructing the flow of your soul. It's essential to remember evolutionary Scorpio energy can be intense, cavernous or even overwhelming. To make the most of this transformational eclipse, make time for introspection, and reflection. Be gentle & Courageous. Excavate. Dig deep. Rest. Truth Tell. Release. Welcome change. Sanctify your Soul.

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