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Scorpio Blood Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse -May 15/16 2022

The Scorpio Full Moon occurring on May 15 or 16th (depending on your location) is brimming with heightened purifying force. It is a Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse, that will be visible during the late evening of Sunday, May 15 and into the early hours of Monday, May 16, 2022 from North and South America, plus parts of Europe and Africa. For those of us in North America, this is the longest prime-time eclipse of the century.

This decidedly potent lunation will reach totality from around 8:29 pm to 9:53 pm PST/MST, and 9:29 p.m. to 10:53 p.m. EST. If you want to view it in your area, I recommend going to to learn more.

Lunar Eclipses can bring mythological change

Each month the New Moon passes roughly between the Earth and the Sun and then orbits to the other side of Earth to the Sun to become a full Moon. A total lunar eclipse occurs when a full Moon passes through Earth’s shadow in space in precise alignment.

Eclipses interrupt the regular rhythms of the sun or moon and tend to have a stronger impact upon us and our lives than a regular new or full moon. This, and the fact that the light of one of the luminaries is blocked out by the shadow of the earth likely contributes to the several myths and legends through out various cultures that saw these events as an omen.

This lunation is a blood Moon because of reddish tinge the Full Moon takes on when fully eclipsed, and it is occurring in the deep impassioned waters of Scorpio. We haven’t had a lunar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio since April 25, 2013. The last Total lunar eclipse in this sign was April 24.

Omens signify the advent of change that foretell future events. As we are moving into the age of Aquarius,-which is associated with the future of humanity, it is important to remember we are in this together, co-creating the future. Your feelings, thoughts, actions and dreams are informing the whole. Everyone who is here right now has a role to play.

Lunar Eclipses can feel particularly ominous, as they tend to disorganize our internal equilibrium. This can bring up fear, mistrust, anger or other not-so-comfortable emotions. Energy uses emotions as messengers or visitors to move us into new directions, open up new possibilities, clear blockages or course correct. Whatever you feel during this time will come bearing gifts, even if wrapped in the guise of a challenge.

Scorpio South Node Lunar Eclipse

We are all currently swimming in the celestial sea of the Taurus-Scorpio Eclipse season, and you may already be experiencing some dynamic alterations. Full moons bring culmination, encouraging release, surrender, delivery, loosening and/or letting go. Eclipses at the very least, double that energy, pulling on tides, emotions and fault lines, in ways that may not be easily measured.

This total Scorpio full Moon eclipse is occurring on the South Node, which represents the past, and exiting energies. Judith Hill describes South Node Eclipses as “power outages”, that can cause us to let go of something whether we want to or not. The theme of completion is also prevalent in this lunation’s chart with a majority of the planets located in the 3rd decans. There is plenty purifying moxie available for some big-time release.

Scorpio eclipses are often extremely potent and enduring in their effects. They can be powerfully intense, emotional, psychological and cleansing like no other. Scorpio energy takes us below the surface of things, exposing what has been hiding in the shadows, denied or repressed. It can also see the bigger picture, while honing in on important, often overlooked details. Scorpio deals with issues of power and powerlessness. It governs both destruction and transformation, death and rebirth.

Scorpio is a deeply emotional sign that is tuned to the waters underground. It helps us see what was unseen, bringing things that were suppressed or repressed to the surface. It is the sign of shadow work, deep healing and wholeness. We can not be complete in who we are until we embrace and integrate the light and dark within us.

“The darkness does not destroy the light; it defines it. It’s our fear of the dark that casts our joy into the shadows”

-Brene’ Brown

The traditional ruler of Scorpio is Mars, which demonstrates this signs slow burning determination and ability to strategically get what it wants. Mars is the planet of passion, desire, sex and action. The modern ruler of Scorpio is Pluto, named after the Roman God of the underworld. Pluto speaks to the more subterranean qualities of this sign, and its ability to use or misuse power, often as a destructive force that assures transformation.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign. Emotions can be concentrated and intensified. When eclipses occur in the water of Scorpio, the waters on the planet- and in our bodies are emphasized. Themes related to women, reproduction, psychology, taboos, taxes, toxicity, elimination, banking, along with other 8th house, Scorpio, Mars and Pluto topics also rise to the surface. The fixed energy suggests long term or finalizing results that may hold for several years. This is really a great opportunity to let go of any bad habits as well as limiting thoughts or beliefs!

No matter how you slice it, this Full Moon is likely to be INTENSE collectively as well as personally. As it is a total lunar eclipse, this energy will be influencing events for the next 6 months wherever it is visible. Full Moon eclipses also activate both poles of the nodal axis. Look to the houses ruled by Scorpio and Taurus to get greater isights in to the areas of your life that are currently being “eclipsed”.

This compelling full Moon eclipse chart shows other aspects assisting in this current phase of transformation:

Saturn in Aquarius Square the Moon, Sun and Nodes.

On April 11, 2022, Saturn came into an exact square with the North and South node, so this energy may feel familiar to you. Saturn is the planet of rules, restriction, limitation, responsibility, karma, time, authority, and delays. It is a slower moving planet that spends about 2 1/2- 3 years in each sign. As Saturn moves through Aquarius, it is helping to shake up and break through restrictions and limitations. Its goal is to move us towards sustainable communities, humanitarian efforts and new progressive technologies.

With Saturn squaring the nodes, all the fixed signs; Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are especially subjected to tension or conflict around making changes now that will pay off in the long run. The Taurus-Scorpio axis deals with resources and finances. The money we earn, what we own, the resources we share or get from with others and what we owe or pay for are themes of this axis.

Saturn is putting on the pressure to take responsibility for where we have been and where we want to go. It is also asking each of us to look at where we need to own our own authority in what we have created and will create. Saturn has been helping to show us what blocks, challenges and obstacle we must overcome in order to plan for future longevity and security.

With the Sun, Moon and Eclipse coming into this conversation, the pressure is doubly increased. If you are not on your soul path, Saturn will help to get you back on track in typical Saturnian fashion. The South Node in Scorpio is bringing up things from the past that need to be integrated or released. In other words, falling back into behaviors that involve secrets, manipulation, debts, obsession, misuse of power, denied trauma, vampirism, or submersion could really make things hard for you.

Now, if you are moving towards the Taurus North Node, Saturn can help you become more simplified, self-reliant, patient, calm, independent and resourced. With all of the upheaval and changes taking place, the North Node in Taurus is reminding us, that we are not separate from the natural world. This square is helping us to realign our values in harmony with our own true nature and natural law.

While Saturn transits are not quick or easy, this planet is seriously invested in building things that last. The conflict and tension of this aspect is intended to give us the opportunity to demonstrate our potential. A diamond is made from carbon that did well under pressure. Now is the time to embrace and use any challenges we face to create strong lasting beauty.

Pluto in Capricorn Sextile Scorpio Moon, Trine Taurus Sun

Pluto is in the last degrees of Capricorn, continuing to excavate and expose all the dirty laundry and misuses of power in our political, legal, religious, and commercial establishments. The cultural upheavals are still underway as we collectively rebirth new ways of living. On a personal level, Pluto in Capricorn is giving all of us the opportunity to evaluate and cleanse our deeply conditioned subconscious biases and behaviors.

These Pluto aspects can provide opportunities to feel into your natural resources, inner calm and innate beauty. Old conditioning, hidden agendas, unconscious motivations or inherited mind-sets can be seen in a new light. Deeper truths in personal relationships may be reveal. There could be some kind of event that leads to greater financial stability. You may be refining or renewing personal values that will help create a secure, sustainable future.

This is definitely a potent time to take advantage of Plutos cathartic offerings by clearing away any toxicity or muck from your body, mind, emotions and life. This transit may stimulate intense emotional clearing that helps makes way for empowered transformation. You may receive deep intuitive hits, dramatic psychological dreams or strong psychic impulses that illuminate what needs to be eliminated in your life. Let it all go to find your true flow.

Sextile and Trine aspects often stimulate opportunities. Pluto wants to help empower your own authority in whatever happens during this time, however, it is up to you to take advantage of what is offered. It’s more about your internal emotional alignment than taking action right now. Even though these are considered “easy” aspects, Pluto in Capricorn demands personal responsibility. Look inside to find your good way.

Mars Conjunct Neptune in Pisces, Sextile the Sun and Trine the Moon.

The fiery warrior energy and drive of Mars in the sign Pisces gets watered down and disbursed. As it is conjunct Neptune in its home sign, Mars is heavily under the influence of Neptunian themes. This is more of a Spiritual Warrior type energy that is driven to take gentle, compassionate actions.

Mars in Pisces does not have a lot of juice. Full moons, on their own, tend to drain our energy a bit. Lunar eclipses commonly zap our energy. There is a very good chance, you could feel tired, confused or even wishy-washy when it comes to taking action. Rather than try to push yourself at this time (unless you absolutely have to), it’s better if you use this energy for rest and inward reflection.

Because Mars can get frustrated or boundless when under the influence of Neptune and Pisces, it can act impulsively in secretive or un-checked ways. There may be a fine line between illusion and your current reality when it comes to personal desires. Mars might fight for deception or selfish fantasy. It can also engage in escapism or delusions.

Mars and Neptune are in harmonizing aspects to this lunation, which can soften any potential challenges. It's extremely important to stay grounded and present during this time. You can actually get more done by doing less. Use this energy to align your dreams with your desires, and burn away any inner dross. Take extra good care of your immune system. This Scorpio Moon is likely to be highly emotional and riveting. Any chaos or confusion that arises can be transmuted into a sacred flame of devotion that cuts through even the most dense fog.

Mercury is Retrograde Sextile Jupiter

At the time of this eclipse, Mercury will be retrograde in Gemini. It’s a very good idea to take all precautions with electronics, technology and communications. With this particular moon in Scorpio, obsessive thinking or miscommunications are real possibilities. Around the time of the lunation, it may be better to listen, then share nagging thoughts. With emotions running high, it can be too easy to cut someone with words, or be the recipient of a sharp tongue.

Mercury is in a Sextile with Jupiter, making everything bigger. People, things, thoughts and ideas from the past can come up for revision or release. Journaling is a great way to balance disturbed mental energy. There may be conflict between the intellect and intuition, so it’s really important to stay away from mental judgments and firm conclusions until the energy clears. There is energy available now to go inside and find your own answers to any pressing questions.

Jupiter at Zero Aries, Sextile Sun, Trine Moon

Jupiter just moved into Aries, beginning a brand new 12 year cycle, and we are still adjusting to this new energy. There can be a big push or pull to action if you are wanting to achieve something now. Jupiter is going to be in Aries for the next year, so this is a reminder, there is no rush. When Jupiter is in Aries, all Aries themes are enlarged and expanded. Aries is about the self, and our own personal desires. It can take things very personally on a large scale, and become over confident or courageous. While some of these qualities can be very helpful when it comes to making things happen, it’s not advised to push against the releasing energy of this lunation. With the Trine to the Moon, try not to take things too personally during this time.


This Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio is complex, magnetic, feral, mysterious and transformative. It has a “Phoenix rising from the Ashes” type of energy. While I have written about some of the possible ways this energy may express, Eclipses are wild cards. South node Eclipses can bring in unforeseen challenges or fortuitous energies and forms.

We all know more wide sweeping change is certain. Change is difficult. Not changing is catastrophic. Moving on means letting go. When one door closes, another opens. Letting go of something good makes room for something better.

This eclipse is poised to support a major reset through vital endings.

To get an idea of somethings that may come up for you, (or are already in your awareness), below are some questions inspired by the energy of this eclipse:

What things in your life need to go? What things have you been putting off dealing with? What things are coming to completion? What needs to end on a deeper level? What is already falling away? Are there things you are trying to control that are wearing you down? What do you have to give up to make room for what is or may be coming? What needs to be cleaned up or detoxed in your life? Is there anything in your life that needs closure? Is there any “dead” weight you are carrying around?

This potent Full Moon can aid us personally and collectively in making a quantum evolutionary leap as we continue to move through rapidly shifting tides. A Scorpio Eclipse does not have to be overwhelming or incapacitating. Mars and Pluto are supporting profound spiritual and earthly transformation. Be gentle with your self and others. Get out in nature, and spend some time alone, listening to your inner wisdom and guidance. While the future may not be clear, you will know what needs to go. We are all becoming masters of change. May as well embrace it.

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