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Sagittarius Season: Nov 22-Dec 21, 2023

Happy Birthday to all Sagittarius Sun People!

The annual transit of the Sun through the sign of Sagittarius offers opportunities for growth and expansion, exploration, and jovial enthusiasm. Sagittarius, ruled by the gigantic planet Jupiter facilitates good fortune, confidence, optimism, greater knowledge and social grace. It also can lead to excess or over-inflation when too much of a good thing is well…too much! Symbolized by the centurion archer, Sagittarius aims its arrow towards the infinite heavens, knowing the Universe provides lavishly.

During the Sun's transit through Sagittarius, we all have the opportunity to tap into our adventurous spirit, broaden our horizons and seek greater truths and wisdom. Sagittarius encourages asking the big questions and embarking on journeys to discover the answers. Philosophical discussions, the pursuit of truth and pondering the meaning of life can broaden perspective and open up new opportunities. This is a great time to push the boundaries of existence, take a leap of faith and reach for the stars

Sagittarius Season Themes

Boldly Go Where You Haven’t Gone Before

The Sun's presence in Sagittarius inspires living life to its fullest and unlimited discovery through stepping out of comfort zones and embarking on new journeys, both physically and mentally. This is an ideal time to plan a big trip abroad, explore a new interest, or simply broaden horizons through education and self-development. Explore the vast possibilities that life has to offer. Take a risk-go big-go beyond.

Change, Open or Grow Your Mind

Sagittarius is associated with philosophy, religion, and higher education. It’s not uncommon to find oneself questioning current belief systems or seeking a deeper understanding of the world during this time. Exploring your spiritual beliefs, engaging in metaphysical discussions, searching for understanding in opposing points of view, examining different world views, or enrolling in a course that expands your knowledge are a few ways to break free from old beliefs, consider different perspectives, and discover greater truths. When you change the way you look at things, those things change.

Come on-Get Happy!

Under the Jupiterian influence of this season the Sun's energy can offer a sense of positivity, optimism and enthusiasm. Technically a glass is always full…even when the substance is air, and you can fill it with whatever suits your fancy. If you’re not catching those feel-good vibes you can try focusing on what and who you love, adopting an attitude of gratitude, and just do more of the things that make you happy. Don’t wait for life to bring you happiness- make the most of what you got right now.

Explore the Rule of Law

Sagittarius rules the philosophy of Natural Law-under the premise that natural law is constant throughout time and space because it is based on universal nature, not on human culture or customs.


As the Sun makes its annual transit through mutable Sagittarius, take this opportunity to make changes in your life that support growth, expansion and optimism. Summon the energy of the archer and allow it to guide you towards new horizons and a deeper understanding of the world and yourself.

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