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Sagittarius New Moon: Elevated Perks November 23, 2022

The Sagittarius New Moon on November 23, 2022 comes bearing elevated perks. It is teeming with expansive opportunities for growth, abundance, adventure, and optimistic new beginnings. After the intensity of the last few months, this Moon brings refreshing currents of change. Even though the eclipse energies are still with us, this lunation provides charmed uplifting energy, broadening perspectives and healing possibilities.

Sagittarius is represented by the centurion archer who aims its arrow upwards, in pursuit of higher spiritual or philosophical ideals. It is the mutable fire sign that seeks change through intuition and action. Sagittarius is associated with faith, positivity, beliefs, culture, religion, vision, higher learning, teaching, travel, truth seeking and the big picture. It also correlates with risk taking, gambling, speculation and wild open spaces. It may be time to take a chance on that “thing” that has “called” to you in the last 6-12 months.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in our Solar system. This huge gas giant is considered as the “Great Benefic”, correlating with with fortune, luck, opportunity and abundance. It tends to increase anything and everything it contacts through expansion, fattening, exaggeration, inflation or excess. Look to the houses in your natal chart ruled by Sagittarius and Pisces to see where this energy will be activated for you.

Through out the last 2 eclipses, the majority of planets were in the fixed signs, making situations a bit stubborn and resistant. At this New Moon, most of the planets are now in the changeable, fluctuating energy of the mutable signs. The Sun moved into Sagittarius on November 22, following Venus who entered on November 15 and Mercury, on November 17. With Mars in Gemini, and Jupiter & Neptune in Pisces, the energies at this lunation are more fluid, transitional, adaptable and malleable.

This New moon is occurring in the first degree of Sagittarius. Interestingly, the next 3 New moons will also be occurring in the first degree of their sign until March 2023, (when the New moon will be at Zero degrees of Aries). In April the New Moon will be at 29 degrees of Aries. What makes this noteworthy is the first degree of every sign has an Aries influence, so there is an emphasis on Aries themes for this, and the next five New Moons.

Aries is the sign of the self. It correlates with your primal instincts, desires and your self identity. It is the pioneer and warrior, as well as the Emperor in the Major Arcana of the Tarot. The Emperor is a natural straightforward leader, just like Aries. Now, and throughout the next 5 New moons is this time to tap into your inner passion, desires and knowledge -to energize the power of your own authority. What structures, rules and systems do you need to put in place in order to take charge of what you want? How will your decisions impact the greater good?

Jupiter is the ruler of this Lunation, and all four planets in Sagittarius right now. It went retrograde on July 28th in Aries, re-entering Pisces October 28. It stations direct at this lunation in Pisces, and will re-enter Aries December 20, 2022. When a planet stations retrograde or direct, their energies are magnified and much more powerful. Jupiter in Pisces expands dreams, visions and compassion, bringing luck, growth and opportunity. On the challenging side, illusions, delusions, fantasy and escapism can strongly tint reality.

Besides the Moon and Sun, Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius are also ruled by Jupiter at this lunation, so thoughts, communications, values and relationships are also getting a boost of expansive, dreamy, visionary energies. Social gatherings with family and friends, or charity work could be super sweet and inspirational around this time. This Jupiter infused stellium brings abundant compassion, warm generosity of Spirit and elevated creativity. This is great for the Thanksgiving celebrations in the U.S.!

Jupiter is in an out of Sign Trine with The Moon and Sun. With Jupiter in a water sign and the luminaries in water, this aspect has the supportive, relaxing, rejuvenating feel of a soak in a hot springs, or warm bath. This harmonious trine gushes with imaginativeness, fortune, spirituality, cheerfulness and intuitive fortuity-all of which you can use to empower your New Moon intentions.

Jupiter in Pisces is Sextile Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect stimulates positive change and success through powerful connections and lucky encounters. There could be invisible forces at play, so look out for opportunities you won’t want to miss. Whatever your dreams are, you can use this energy to make them bigger and make them real. When Pluto is involved, there may be a need to surrender to whatever is beyond your control. Sextiles bring opportunities, however you will have to put in effort to take advantage of the offerings.

Jupiter won’t be back in Pisces for another 12 years, so you may want to make the most of these very special “gifts from the Gods” at this peak time. Pay attention to your reveries, make a vision board, engage in the arts, generously and compassionately give to others, and believe you will receive.

Mars is STILL retrograde in Gemini and square to Neptune, which I have talked about a lot in the other Moon reports.While we may still be a bit wired and tired or scattered and battered, Mars is in a harmonious trine aspect with Saturn in Aquarius (who has finally started moving forward-and separating from that square to Uranus -whew!). This aspect can help us find deliberate solutions to challenges we may be facing. At the very least, this trine can help with mental perseverance and unexpected insights.


This benevolent Sagittarius New Moon offers the possibility of renewed faith, energized hope and shinny new beginnings. If you have been facing challenges or trying to make sense of things, it will be possible to find greater meaning or purpose beyond current understandings. It is the perfect time to lighten up, brighten up and dream a future quest into being.

The abundance of mutable energy and harmonious connections in this New Moon chart supports releasing what is no longer needed as you make room for what wants to come. Everything is in flux. What are the changes you want to realize in yourself and in your life? What do you want to open up to or step in to or make real?

While this is a beautiful lunation for opening up to new possibilities, and new ways of being, we are collectively and individually still in the process of the breakdown and liberation from past structures and circumstances that need to go. What needs to go for your own becoming? Are you willing to let those things go?

There are huge cosmic shifts coming in March 2023. With the Nodes still in the Taurus/Scorpio axis, keep tuning in to the beauty of simplicity and self care. Be sure to take some time connect with your deepest desires and higher aspirations. There is so much effectual substance in this lunation that can be used to discover greater truths about yourself and the world we are co-creating.

The voluminous Spiritual underpinnings coming through this New moon are reinforcing your thoughts, prayers, affirmations, actions and emotions. If you are looking for inspiration, I want to share Astrologer and Author Tosha Silvers “Change me Prayer” here.

To discover more of Toshas offerings, you can find more information at her website

Thank you for reading. Wishing you and yours abundant celestial and terrestrial blessings!


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