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Sagittarius Full Supermoon-Big Truth Infused Revelations. June 14 2022

The Sagittarius Full Moon occurring at 6:51am EST offers opportunities for big truth infused revelations. Not only is it a mega-sized luminous Supermoon- due to it’s close proximity with the Earth, the strong gravitational forces can magnify manifestations.

Sagittarius is represented by the archer; a centaur that is half man, half horse, with bow and arrow taking aim at higher truths. It is a mutable fire sign, passionately motivated to seek elevated meaning and ethical convictions through diverse explorations. Philosophy, religion, foreign cultures, higher learning, teacher & student, long distance journeys, ideologies and beliefs are governed by Sagittarius.

Through this archetype, we learn there are many paths, numerous perspectives and varied types of awareness. Sagittarius is the like the torchbearer inspiring individual quests meant to expand our perceptions, opinions and beliefs. A Sagittarian journey opens up new terrain, and distant concepts, that can feel completely foreign or strangely familiar. It often involves others who have something for us, or we have something for them. It’s through these experiences we may seek and discover greater truths about ourselves, others and the universe.

This Supermoon is opposite the Sun in Gemini. They both govern the axis of mental agility and communications. Gemini likes to skim the surface, collecting and rearranging information of the moment. It is curious, quick, logical and localized. Sagittarius takes a broad philosophical view, focusing on information that supports a sweeping view where the order of the Universe can be ascertained. It is synthesizing, immersed, intuitive and far reaching. A Supermoon generally has more sway than the sun, however, the aspects with this lunation are supporting luminary cooperation. When working together, intuitive insights are backed up by logic, the mind is expanded, ideas blossom and truth is bolstered by facts.

The ruling planet of this full moon is Jupiter; often referred to as “the Great Benefic”. This planet has a reputation for making everything it touches bigger. It is associated with optimism, blessings, luck, enthusiasm, fulfillment, growth, faith, gambling, merrymaking, wealth, expansion, fortune and generosity. Of course, it has it’s flip side in that all of these attributes can be excessive, over-indulgent, or blind. Jupiter is in Aries at 5° amplifying the urge for inner stability.

The ruling planet of the Sun is the messenger planet-Mercury, who is gaining speed since it went direct on June 3rd, and moved back into Gemini right before this lunation. It’s making a third pass over previously traversed retrograde territory, picking up facts and messages that are ready to be launched before the 19th when it moves out of shadow into fresh Gemini grounds. Mercury is at the critical 0° which may reveal a fresh new dimension of reality.

The Moon and Sun are making T-Square to Neptune in Pisces. This is a stressful aspect that can bring in confusion, deception, self doubt, illusion, or second guessing. If you have been walking around with blinders on, avoiding higher truths, ignoring obvious facts or just not looking at what needs to be seen, you may feel a bit challenged under this influence.

The good News is, at the same time, Saturn Rx in Aquarius is Trine the Sun and Sextile the Moon. This will help lessen any Neptunian fogginess, and give you the ability to respond with maturity and authority to what you might rather sweep under the rug. Aquarius and Sagittarius are both skilled at seeing the big picture. This Saturn aspect is bringing in the fortitude to help you really focus on what you want to invest your energy in to.. Saturns retrograde suggests power, command and control will from within, and now is the time to crystalize logical long term plans or goals. When it comes to Saturn, less is more.

We also have a Mars conjunction with Chiron in Aries. Mars in it’s home sign is a formidable courageous warrior, ready to defend or fight for its just cause. It is meeting up with Chiron the wounded healer, who has been navigating themes related to self identity, personal desires and instincts. This aspect occurring alongside this lunation suggests the circumstances are right to restore parts of the self that may have been lost to assaults or fury you have used against yourself.


This dynamic Full Supermoon can help you gain an expanded revelatory vision and life philosophy based on where you have been, where you are, and where you want to go. Sagittarius moons tend to offer an extra injection of optimism, luck and opportunity, and this one is being propped up by Saturns manifestation abilities! This is a great lunation for moving upwards in whatever has been a challenge, doing things differently, keeping an open mind with eyes wide open, and keeping it simple.

The challenge from Neptune and the help from Saturn are working hand in hand with this lunation. Big picture insights may be accompanied by self-doubt or confusion. What do you want to keep showing up for? Trust your higher logic and the intelligence of your intuition. If you keep an open mind, maintain health boundaries (crucial!), and stay grounded in your body, you will absolutely know what needs to go to make space for what wants to come. It really is time to release any thoughts, beliefs, opinions or actions that keep you playing small.

Thanks for reading. Wishing you and yours many Celestial and Terrestrial blessings!

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