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Sagittarius Full Moon-June 3, 2023

Sagittarius Full Moon. June 3, 2023. 8:42 pm PST

Junes full moon in the truth seeking sign of Sagittarius offers opportunities for evolutionary illumination. It brings a powerful surge of cosmic energy that invites us to seek higher knowledge through intellectual pursuits, inner explorations, spiritual quests and/or travel. When the Moon reaches its fullest phase in the 9th zodiac sign, the celestial energies brim with fiery passion and boundless enthusiasm.

Governed by the element of Fire and symbolized by the archer, this mutable sign ignites the spirit of adventure that inspires growth and expanded horizons. The archer's arrow symbolizes the pursuit of truth and higher wisdom. During this phase, we are urged to question our beliefs, challenge assumptions, broaden perspectives, and seek greater meaning in our lives.

The Sabian symbol for this Moon is (SAGITTARIUS 14°): THE GREAT PYRAMID AND THE SPHINX.

According to Dane Rudhyar, this pertains to “The enduring power of occult knowledge and of its quasi-divine Custodians, "Seed-men" of a previous cycle of existence.”

He goes on to write “The belief in an Original Tradition based on the perfect knowledge of the archetypal principles and forms which underlie all manifestations of life on this Earth (and by extension in the cosmos) is deeply rooted in man's consciousness. The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx are witnesses to such a Tradition, especially for the Western world. The symbol implies that such an archetypal knowledge remains the foundation upon which men's minds can still build solid and valid formulations, as new evolutionary developments are pending. This fourth stage symbol suggests that this occult knowledge and the traditional process of acquiring it is still available, and that by accepting their principles modern man can best meet the challenge of our present world crisis. The symbol, interpreted from a personal point of view, points to the greatness of a Soul's past achievements and the value of trying to re-evoke this past. What is revealed is THE POWER OF SPIRITUAL ANCESTRY.

The ruler of this moon is Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, that is associated with expansion and growth. It is in the earth of Taurus, helping us to grow patience, persistence and a solid work ethic. This placement adds stability, grounded optimism and sensual indulgence to the benevolent nature of Jupiter. During Jupiter's transit in Taurus, the focus is on building solid foundations in the material world, and experiencing tangible rewards. Jupiter's influence amplifies the importance of comfort, security, and financial stability.

Jupiter is conjoined with the North Node at 3° of Taurus, and is exact May 30-June 4th. This rare powerful configuration supercharges everything about this lunation.

The Sabian symbol for this degree is :THE POT OF GOLD AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW.

According to Dane Rudhyars interpretation, this indicates the riches that come from linking the celestial and the earthly nature.

“In Genesis, the rainbow is the symbol of the Covenant of God with Noah. In all mythologies it expresses, in one way or another, a linking process — or the bridge used by divine beings to communicate with mortals. What the linking process brings to the individual consciousness is elusive, as the rainbow never ends where you are, yet it is the source of symbolic, universally valid wealth. All wealth, in a very real sense, comes from "commerce"; i.e. from the commingling of minds and from contracts, and thus is based on faith in the validity of a promise.

At this fourth stage of the five-fold process we are given a mode of operation, which reminds us of the symbol for the second stage, "an electrical storm." Man need not be overawed by the celestial display of power, for it leads to a fruitful contact with beings of light. This is a natural kind of COMMUNION, involving a transubstantiation of matter.”

Excerpts shared in this article by is from Dane Rudhyars astrological Mandala found at:

Keep in mind, when a planet conjoins with the Nodes, it activates fated energies that operate below or above levels of consciousness. Therefore, you may not notice any particular thing or event at the conjunction. However, there is a likelihood that down the road, you will be able to link something that manifests down the road back to this time.

The Sagittarius Moon is in a separating trine aspect with Mars in Leo. This aspect was exact a little over 10 hours before the Full Moon, making its significations an essential part of this lunar phase. In Leo, Mars is confident, bold, and charismatic. This aspect ignites our motivation and encourages us to pursue our passions with enthusiasm and vigor. The combination of Sagittarius and Leo energies fuels ambitions and pushes us to take bold risks and assert ourselves in pursuit of our goals.

The Moon is in an applying trine to Chiron in Aries. This aspect will be exact at 6:11am on June 4. This Full Moon can highlight the need to face our deepest wounds head-on and confront them with bravery and confidence. Overall, this trine between Chiron and the Moon in fire signs is a powerful combination for healing, growth, and self-expression. We may feel a sense of empowerment and liberation as we confront our fears and overcome obstacles, leading to a greater sense of self and personal growth.

With the Moon, Mars and Chiron making harmonious aspects in the three fire signs, we are encouraged to take risks and embrace new experiences. while the Aries Chiron pushes us to heal our inner wounds and become stronger individuals, the Leo Mars amplifies bursts of inspiration or motivation to pursue passions and express ourselves creatively. Additionally, there is a harmonious flow of energy between the emotional and the physical, which can boost our vitality and help us access inner reservoirs of strength and resilience.

This Full Moon features a Grand Cross involving The Nodes, Jupiter, Mars in Leo and Pluto in Aquarius. The Cross is considered a potent, often challenging energy dynamic, as it involves 2 oppositions and 4 squares. In this particular grand cross, Jupiter, as the ruler of the Moon and the North Node in Taurus are most prominent. Not only are Jupiter and the North Node conjunct, we also have a Mercury and Uranus conjunction co-present in the sign of Taurus. (I will further discuss the Mercury/Uranus aspect after this section on the Grand Cross)

While the planetary energy is concentrated in the sign of Taurus, Mars is only “personal” planet in this configuration. Due to closer proximity to the earth, the energy of the personal planets can be more noticeable in the moment-especially when they-or in this case any of these planets or places are making aspects to planets or significant places in your natal chart. Therefore, some of us are going to be more aware of Mars activities at this time.

In this cross, also referred to as a grand square, Jupiter is further out there, and is often referred to as a “trans-personal” or “social” planet. Pluto is the furtherest out and falls into the category of “Outer “planet. The nodes are not actual celestial bodies-rather they are points in space based on the Moons orbital path. The conflict from this grand cross may have a stronger impact on the collective than what you experience personally based on your natal chart. Either way, this does bring some challenging energy to this Full Moon.

So let’s look at the dynamics at play in this configuration. In each corner of the square, we have contenders who are having challenges with all the other contenders. In one of the corners, we have Mars in Leo-fueling the desire for assertion of will, bold expression, and pursuit of passion. In the fire of Leo, Mars is courageous, daring and dramatic. It likes getting attention and has plenty of energy for action.

Opposite Mars, we find Pluto in Aquarius, highlighting a clash between the desire for personal autonomy and the collective transformation. Pluto in Aquarius intensifies the urge for revolution, reform, and innovation in the realms of technology, social structures, and humanitarian causes. This placement signifies a deep desire to break free from limitations and challenge the status quo, while also emphasizing the importance of collaboration and community involvement to effect change on a larger scale.

Mars and Pluto are both Squaring off with the Nodes and Jupiter.

The North Node conjunction with Jupiter in Taurus is occupying another corner. The North Node represents our evolutionary path and the lessons we need to learn in this lifetime. With the North Node in Taurus, the focus is on cultivating stability, grounding, and material abundance. This placement encourages individuals to embrace the sensual pleasures of life, build solid foundations, and find security and comfort in their physical surroundings. Jupiter in Taurus amplifies the energies of the North Node. It bestows a sense of optimism, growth, and opportunities for material and emotional fulfillment. Jupiter in Taurus encourages individuals to embrace their values, nurture their resources, and seek growth through practical endeavors.

In the final corner, opposite the North Node Jupiter conjunction, we have the South Node in Scorpio. This placement shows past influences that need to be integrated, released or transformed. The South Node in Scorpio relates to past experiences, karma, and issues related to power. Old wounds or patterns of behavior that need to be addressed before moving forward may come up during this time.

The Nodes and Jupiter are squaring off with Pluto and Mars.

This grand cross ultimately presents a dynamic interplay between personal empowerment, transformative change, releasing old patterns, and seeking stability and abundance. It can challenge us collectively and individually to find the balance between personal will and collective transformation, letting go of power struggles and embracing vulnerability, while also cultivating stability and abundance through practical endeavors. It is a call to harness the powerful energies at play and navigate the tension and opportunities for growth that arise from this celestial configuration.

The Mercury and Uranus conjunction in Taurus amps up minds, electric connections and the nervous system. Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, aligning with Uranus, the planet of innovation, and unpredictability, ignites a powerful synergy that can disrupt or revolutionize thoughts, ideas, and perceptions.This can lead to sudden insights and flashes of inspiration, as well as an increased desire for intellectual stimulation and mental exploration.

In the steady and practical sign of Taurus, the energy of this conjunction takes on a more grounded and tangible form. It can manifest as a need to find practical applications for new ideas and concepts, to create something of value in the physical world. This alignment prompts us to think outside the box and explore new approaches to financial matters, material possessions, and the way we relate to the physical world. This conjunction can inspire exciting breakthroughs and fresh perspectives, as long as we're willing to embrace the unexpected and stay open to new possibilities.

Venus in Cancer is trine with Neptune in Pisces. With all of its reciprocity, and generally feel good vibes, this symbiotic aspect bolsters the pleasant expressions of the Moon and Jupiter. Venus is in the Moons home sign, and Neptune is in the other sign co-ruled by Jupiter. We also have Jupiter currently transiting Venus’ home sign, making this water trine the fiery Moons valuable team mate. This Venus/Pisces aspect brings waves of empathy and imagination, fostering a heightened sense of compassion, love, and artistic inspiration to this lunation.


This very special Sagittarius Full Moon encourages each of us to reflect on our journey, beliefs, and aspirations, and to take the time to release any limiting beliefs or outdated perspectives that have become self-imposed limitations, or keep us from living life to its fullest. It urges us to be grateful for everything in our lives; all the blessings and abundance, as well as the difficulties, limitations and challenges that help us to grow. Draw in the wisdom of your ancestors and link your celestial and earthly nature to create expansive magic and know higher truths.

Sagittarius invites every one of us to aim high. Shoot for the stars. The Full Moon, at the same time, reminds us to seek the mysteries and truth of the Universe through reaching deep into the self .

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