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Pisces New Moon-Sensitive Reverie February 20, 2023

This captivating New Moon in the Mystical sign of Pisces is flowing with alluring possibilities. The sky is full of planets making harmonious aspects at the time of this lunation, bestowing fluidity, extrasensory perception and opportunity. With the Moon & Sun meeting in the first degree of the fish, fresh imaginings offer nectar for purifying & materializing powerful dreams.

Pisces is the boundless sign of etheric communion and sublime unification. Symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions-one towards spirit, the other towards matter, this sign encompasses the merging of Alpha & Omega. Pisces correlates with unconditional love, hidden influences, devotion, institutions, charity, Spiritual ideals, secrets, dissolution, compassion, the collective unconscious, surrender, sleep, illusion, escapism, addiction, imagination and dreams.

This mutable water sign dwells in tides of the ever changing nature of existence. It is the last in the zodiac, where everything that has come before is cleansed and renewed for what is becoming. Emotions, intuition, fantasy and the hidden realms are tangible when the Moon & Sun meet in Pisces. While the lines between reality and imagination may be blurred, there are universal mysteries waiting to be revealed.

The ruler of this lunation, Neptune, is also in the sign of Pisces, giving more potency to all Piscean themes. Neptune is the planet associated with dissolving boundaries, imaginative power, tuning to the invisible, smoke and mirrors. It softens the denseness of reality, allowing glimpses of what abides beyond the veil. It also plays a role in diminishing physical constructs for better or worse. To make the most of this Moon, be gentle, be still and be open to transcendent truths.

Pisces New moon conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius, offering a refining dose of far-sighted realism to this visionary lunation. This aspect can help contain and ground the fluctuations of imagination. For some of us, it can be all too easy to loose our way in a Piscean sea. This conjunction can act like a compass that points to ones true north. Rather than just dreaming into the future, Saturn provides the ability to draw up the map.

Saturn will be moving into Pisces in early March, and it’s involvement with this Moon is like a preliminary appetizer preparing us for the 2 year Saturn in Pisces main corse.

Venus is at the last degree of Pisces at the time of this New Moon in a separating conjunction with Neptune. Since January 26, Venus has been swimming in the ocean of vast emotions, transcendental creativity and romanticized ideals. While feelings and fantasy may be flowing freely, as Venus finishes its transit through Pisces, haziness & mystification clears way for a new adventure. Just one hour after this New Moon, Venus moves out of the water into the fire of Aries with renewed focus and desire. Before Venus leaves its sign of exhalation (wont be back until March 2024), make sure you take advantage of its imprint at this lunation and include some visionary magic in your New Moon intention this month.

Mercury in Aquarius is Squaring Uranus in Taurus & Trine Mars in Gemini. While these aspect won’t be exact until February 21, Uranus could stimulate mental conflict or tense communications that might come to a head after this lunation. With Mercury transiting through Aquarius, ideas, insights and news travel fast. It’s also ruling over Mars in Gemini, which can encourage spur of the moment actions and words. Just take care to mind your mind at this New Moon and for rest of the month. With the luminaries in Pisces, things are not always as they seem.

Sensitive reverie rules under this New Moon. Take a break from the material world and adjust your “feelers” to pick up intelligence from misty regions of the universe found with in and with out the self. This lunation promises to deliver surging creativity and other worldly wisdom that speaks to your souls essence. With all the big changes coming next Month, this Pisces Moon encourages big dreams and sweet surrender.

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