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Pisces Full Moon-Mystical Magic September 10, 2022

The Pisces Full Moon on September 10, 2022 is happening in the sky just before 3:00am PST. This lunation is called the “Harvest Moon” in the northern hemisphere. It is the last Full Moon of the summer season as we prepare for Autumn. The lunar tides are offering a much needed reprieve with an invitation to relax and tune to the higher self through temporarily releasing your “to-dos” and dissolving or letting go of all unnecessary busy “work”.

Full moons always mark some kind of culmination where the energy shifts from building to relinquishing. The extraordinary beauty of the Pisces New Moon is all the “work” is ready to be done- if you are willing and able to “Let Go and Let God/Goddess” I emphasized the word “work” as we are still in Virgo season, and the Sun is opposite the Moon in Virgo.

Since the previous New Moon on August 27th, the energy has been encouraging a focus on daily duties, improvements and routines. Don’t know how it’s going for you…do know I seem to be in it. I overhauled & organized my work room, and my ever updating to do list is always on my mind. Even if you are thinking of making improvements or changes, and not getting as much done as you like, you can still rest assured that Virgo’s ruler Mercury is helping out. (Virgo often likes to be organized in the mind before implementing plans).

Speaking of the messenger planet, Mercury has just begun its retrograde beginning in Libra, then is moving back into Virgo on September 22. It stations Direct on October 1 at 24° Virgo. October 16, it will come back to 8° of Libra (It’s location at this Full Moon), before crossing into new territory. While there may be the typical Mercury retrograde challenges with technology, communications, air travel, details, etc…, there is also the revisiting, repurposing, re-evaluating, redoing, remembering and all other “re” word energy that supports a “bountiful harvest”.

It’s always a good idea to take full advantage of a Mercury retrograde by diving in to whatever “re” words can help improve your life. If you do find yourself challenged with any of this energy, remember, these things are not happening to you-they are happening for you. They will help you reflect, revise and rejuvenate as needed. If you have Mercury retrograde in your natal chart, this can be a time of mental ease, as you are imprinted with this energy. Regardless, no one needs to put their life on hold, avoid signing contracts or cancel travel plans. You just want to make sure you read all fine print, so as not top have to go back and make corrections. It’s also a good time for backing up your computer and finishing up old business.

When Mercury back tracks, there is a tendency to resource life more internally and intuitively. It can bring us back to ourselves, where we can see the effect of limiting perceptions and beliefs. Just have to say the timing of Mercury’s retrograde is absolutely perfect now. Pisces ends the journey through the 12 signs of the Zodiac, carrying the energy of integration and sweet surrender. Mercury Rx will help us understand Universal truth as well as what needs to go.

The Sun is always opposite a New Moon, which activates the Axis (& polarity) of the 2 signs. While the energy is strongest in the lunar sign at a new Moon, the Sun sign is in opposition, and will not be completely ignored. Pisces and Virgo are mutable signs, (along with Gemini and Sagittarius) which are responsible for change. Theses signs tie up loose ends and begin changing direction in preparation for the next season. The Pisces/Virgo axis is all about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. The opportunity to find the sweet spot between daily demands and divine union is what this Pisces Full Moon brings to the table.

Pisces Moon Joining with both Rulers!

This is an extra special Pisces Moon as it will make and exact conjunction with Neptune (its modern ruler) later in the day. The following morning (depending on your location), the Moon conjoins with Jupiter (it’s traditional ruler). Psychic senses, intuition, and imagination will be heightened. Ordinary boundaries can be easily dissolved, and “other-worldly” connections are possible. This is the perfect lunation for dreamwork, dancing with your muse, mediumship, communion with Source, superhuman healing or all kinds of mystical wonders.

You may also like to engage this energy through charity work, forgiveness, (of self and/or others), unity consciousness, spirituality, being in the water (ocean, river, rain or bath), music, art and other transformation creative expressions, meditating on unconditional love, kindness and compassion, or sleep.

All of these types of experiences are much more powerful when embodied (in your body). If you are the type that can get lost in the ethers, make sure you consciously use that Virgo earth to stay tethered to the physical plane. If you’re the type that gets stuck in “reality”, you can use the Piscean waters to open up your channel to divine inspiration.

The Neptune /Moon conjunction has two very different sides, as Neptune is a double bodied sign. It can strengthen the vibration of unconditional love and compassion, or it can trigger escapist tendencies. Depending on how this speaks to your natal chart, you may find yourself feeling super sensitive, tired, foggy, or “out there”. Trust that whatever you feel is perfect for you at this time and just be with it. When the Moon joins with Jupiter, it will have moved into the sign of Aries, bringing with it a renewed sense of self.

Pisces Moon Sextile Uranus/North Node and Trine South Node

With the Moon in harmonious aspects with its own nodes, fate can step in, bringing gifts or opportunities. Because Uranus is conjunct the North node in Taurus, the sextile with the moon indicates the possibility of destiny dropping something in your lap out of the blue. This could come through visionary (night or day) or unexpected mystical experiences. To fully benefit from this energy, be aware that which feels fated will require some type of effort. This could stimulate whatever the Uranus/North Node conjunction that occurred at the beginning of august is brining to your life in pleasant, gentle or subtle ways.


The supportive energy accompanying this lunation far outweighs any potential challenges. It is truly a beautiful, nurturing, restorative, connecting Moon. We will be heading into eclipse season next month, and this is the perfect time to let yourself be help in the great Mystery. The theme for the Virgo New Moon was Practical Magic. That energy is still in play until the next new moon. Since we have now reached the zenith of the Virgo Lunar cycle, the theme for this Full Moon is Mystical Magic.

You can still take care of your daily responsibilities. There will always be plenty of work that needs to be done, and it doesn’t have to all be done now. Take advantage of what this Pisces New Moon offers through making time to release, relax and rejuvenate. Make space for the Mystical, without sacrificing practicality. Take a break from mundane reality, so that you can hear the timely guidance of your soul. Let the intelligence of the universe show what can not be seen when knee or neck deep in personal agendas. There is wisdom to be gained with this lunation if you are willing to surrender, deeply listen and receive

Wishing You and Yours beautiful ethereal cosmic Full Moon blessings!

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