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Libra Season: September 23-October 23

The Suns ingress into Libra on September 23, marks the the autumnal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, and the Spring equinox in the Southern hemisphere. During the Suns transit through Libra, the scales of balance and harmony are brought into focus, inviting us to explore the nuances of relationships, aesthetics, interconnection, and equilibrium in our lives.

Happy Birthday Libra Sun folks!

The Cardinal Air sign of Libra provides plenty of ideas and inspiration to help us make the most of this season. it is is associated with balance, diplomacy, and partnerships and is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and aesthetics. A sense of diplomacy, the desire for fairness, and a natural inclination to seek harmony in all aspects of life is highlighted during this period.

Libra Season Highlights

As the Sun moves through Libra, we enter eclipse season with the Solar Eclipse in this sign on October 14. This eclipse could help bring healing into past relationship dynamics.

Venus begins Libra season in Leo where it has been since June 5th due to its retrograde. It will move into Virgo on October 8th, which will shift the Venusian focus to more practical matters.

Mars Is in Libra at the start of this season and will make a conjunction with the South Node on October 4, which may dial up the heat on old ways of relating that are in need of new actions. On October 11, Mars will move into Scorpio, it’s traditional ruler. Actions are likely to be more emotionally motivated, as it moves out of the mental realm of Libra.

Pluto, the Modern ruler of Scorpio stations direct on October 10, in Capricorn. In forward motion, the finishing touches of its 20 year transit through Capricorn are likely to intensify. Pluto will finish out the year in forward motion, moving back into Aquarius on Jan. 20, 2024.

The Sun conjoins with the South Node in Libra on October 18th, which will illuminate areas in relationships and relating that need to be released or integrated. We also have The Sun and Neptune making an in conjunct aspect during this transit, which could make things foggy. Mercury in conjoined with the Sun the very next day, ready to move forward with New awareness.

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Libra Season Themes:

Relationships and Partnerships:

Libra is the sign of partnership and relating, and during its solar transit, you may find yourself drawn to forming new connections or strengthening existing ones. Others in our lives often reflect parts of ourselves back to us. Be mindful of the things you like or dislike in others and realize that what moves you could be something in yourself wanting to be acknowledged.

This is an ideal time to foster open communication, compromise, and understanding in relationships. With all the other transits taking place through out Libra season, you may experience opportunities to address any imbalances that may have arisen in you relationships or partnerships. It's a period of learning how to give and receive, and recognizing that cooperation often leads to a more fulfilling outcome than competition.

Diplomacy and Fair Decision-Making

Libra is known for its peace-loving, diplomatic nature, and during this transit, you could be naturally inclined to seek common ground and avoid confrontation. The Sun in Libra fosters an atmosphere where negotiation and compromise thrive, so long as you are willing to confront any issues that arise. Libra's influence can have a propensity to weigh options endlessly, leading to indecision. Instead of rushing into choices, over compromising, or just not dealing, use the strengths of Libra for careful consideration and a weighing of pros and cons in situations that arise. Take the time you need to to assess potential outcomes of your decisions, making sure they align with your values and goals.

Seeking Balance and Harmony:

The scales of Libra symbolize balance, and this period supports assessing areas of life where imbalance exists. If your work-life balance, personal or professional relationships dynamics, or emotional well-being is lopsided, this is a great time to make adjustments that bring you closer to a state of equilibrium, where greater peace and harmony can be experienced. While Libra is often associated with external relationships, its energy also encourages us to find balance within ourselves. Self-care practices, meditation, and introspection can all contribute to the cultivation of both inner and outer harmony.

Aesthetic Sensibilities and Creativity:

With Venus as its ruling planet, Libra has a profound appreciation for beauty in all its forms. During this transit, you may be drawn to artistic endeavors, exploring your creative side, and seeking out the aesthetically pleasing aspects of life. Whether it's through art, music, fashion, or design, the Sun in Libra encourages indulging your senses and surrounding yourself with beauty.


Libra Season is a time to embrace the themes of balance, harmony, beauty and relationships. Focus on the art of compromise, fair decision-making, mutual respect and diplomacy. Seek equilibrium, make mindful decisions, and foster connections that bring joy and fulfillment. Take care of your beautiful self, and be the peace you want to see in the world.

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