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Libra New Moon-Relationality

The Libra New Moon taking place on September 25 is riding on the heels of Autumnal Equinox (Vernal or spring Equinox in Southern hemisphere), which occurs on September 22, 2022. Day and night are of nearly equal length across the planet on the equinox. In the Southern Hemisphere, the hours of light will increase. In the Northern Hemisphere, the hours of darkness are noticeably lengthening at this Libra lunation.

Libra is the only sign of the zodiac represented by an inanimate object- the scales. It is the 7th sign of the Zodiac, and the first sign above the horizon where we move from the personal “self discovery” realm in to the “beyond self identity” transpersonal arena. The Scales of Justice is a familiar symbol associated with Libra, representing impartial deliberation, or "weighing" of two sides, where the “other” comes into focus. There is a quest for balance, equality, justice, fairness, harmony, peace and truth. As a cardinal air sign, Libra initiates these quests through our mental faculties and social engagement.

Everyone has Libra in their chart. Those with a strong Libra signature are often viewed through it’s archetypes as lover, negotiator, socialite, host, judge, artist, diplomat, or peacemaker. The Tarot card of Libra is Justice, which embodies truth, morals, fairness, grace, honesty, and human rights. This new moon is bringing light to these archetypal energies individually and collectively.

This Libra lunation is bringing opportunity to initiate something new in themes related to relationships, partnerships, agreements, contracts, relating, or being related to. It can help bring awareness to ways you may generate greater balance, equality, justice, fairness, harmony, peace and truth in your life.

Libra is Ruled by the planet Venus, which governs our values, who and what we love, how we give and receive, money, resources, beauty and our style of sharing and caring. Venus, named for the goddess of love and beauty is currently in the sign of Virgo making a trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. Venus in Virgo is still tending to daily needs, improvements and responsibilities, and the trine to Pluto can bring powerful transformation to the Libra themes you are working with or through. Venus is also conjunct Mercury Retrograde, supporting insights, new perspectives on past issues as well as revitalized communications. If there has been a conversation or some type of negotiation you’ve been meaning to have, this New Moon can support fair and harmonious outcomes.

The only aspect the Sun and moon make at this lunation is an opposition to Jupiter retrograde in Aries, activating the Libra/Aries axis. Where as Libra is concerned with the needs of others, Aries rules the desires of the self. As Jupiter has been transiting through Aries since early May there has been focus t to action on matters that expand your personal identity and desires. It will dip back into Pisces October 28, then re-enter Aries on December 22. Because Libra knows that others are a reflection of the self, pay close attention to what is being mirrored in the folks you encounter during this time. If there is conflict that arises, this new moon can reveal something about you that may need acknowledgment or balance.

The Saturn Uranus Square is growing tighter at the time of this New Moon, with both planets coming into the same Degree on September 30. I have talked about this aspect quite a bit as it has been shaking up old structures since last year. There may be some disruptions or unexpected shocks or surprises that accompany this lunation, as it is helping all of us break free from past limitations and constrictions. Saturn is also making a trine to Mars in Gemini, which can give us the mental prowess to move through whatever seems to come out of the blue.

It’s good to keep in mind the fact that many planets are retrograde at this Libra New Moon. This does tend to slow things down, bring in past themes or direct attention inwards. Intentions set at the New moon are seldom fully realized in one lunar cycle. They can take 6 months, a year or longer. The overall energy at the time of this lunation very internal, however, Libra is an externally focused, very social sign. Even if you want to stay in your cave, it may be more beneficial to get yourself out-even if its just a bit.


Truth, equanimity and balance are at the heart of this New Moon, though you may find yourself more strongly pulled into some of the other Libra themes. There is a harmonious opening now to realize greater, more powerful truths about yourself and others. A balanced life looks different for everyone. It is the nature of life to be moving in and out of balance. While the energy of this lunation can help you compare and contrast your ideas on balance with those of others, ultimately finding your balance is based on what and how you measure. It’s all relative.

The shadow side of Libra can look like codependency, projection, entropy, blurred sense of self, procrastination, people pleasing, shape shifting or crippling indecision. If you find yourself leaning into any of these qualities, this New Moon can help shift these energies if you want to. Sacrificing ones needs for others approval or avoiding conflict at all costs never creates the “win-win” situation that makes Libra energy sparkle and shine.

If you have been thinking about partnering or co-creating with someone in your personal or professional life, or taking your existing partnerships to the next level, new life is waiting to be breathed in all types of partnerships. This is the time to sharpen negotiating skills, cooperation, diplomacy and equality. Have those conversations that will improve the quality of all parties concerned.

For those of you dealing with any type of legal issues, or contractual agreements, this is the Moon that can really assist in working out the details and coming up with just and fair resolutions. While there is a common held belief that says not to sign any type of legal or binding contracts during a Mercury retrograde, that is simply not true. When planets go retrograde, life and all it entails continues on. If this is something that is in your life right now, consider this lunation as a blessing that can reveal what is between the lines before you sign your name on the dots.

Since life is all about relationship; our relationships with others, ourselves and life, why not take advantage of the lunar blessings offered by this relationship oriented new moon! What or whom do you want to have a better relationship with? What are the things that would make it better? What is yours to do?

I will leave you with this truly Libra inspired quote by the beautiful Martin Luther King Jr

“Be the Peace you wish to see in the World.”

May the seeds you plant at this New Moon bloom with exquisite beauty for all.

Thank you


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