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Libra Full Moon- April 5 0r 6th, 2023

Libra Full Moon. April 5, 2023. 9:34pm PST

Aprils Full Moon in the Harmonizing sign of Libra encourages deep, peace seeking reflection in how we relate with others, our sense of self and life itself. Our relationships often mirror back parts of ourself that we may or may not be aware of. This lunation can help shine the light on

what may be discordant or out of balance as well as what is just and beautiful. Because a Full Moon is considered a point of culmination, it is a time to reap the rewards of what has come before and begin releasing what needs to go.

This Moon is especially significant as it activates the Aries/Libra Axis, which will become more dominate when the nodes shift from Scorpio and Taurus to Libra and Aries in July of this year. This is the axis of relationship with Aries representing the “self”, and Libra the “other”. It is also a special lunation as it is sandwiched between 2 Aries New Moons this year. The next one on April 19 will be a rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse that happens only about once a decade. A hybrid eclipse is uncommon as it may be viewed as a partial, annular, or total solar eclipse, depending on location.

Full Moons always offer heightened intuition, sensitivity and awareness. With this Moon in the cardinal air sign of Libra, opposing the fiery Aries Sun, the focus is on the balance or lack of it- in relating and relationships. This includes all we are in relationship with-including ourselves.

Everything in life is about relationship.

Our relationships with others, ourselves and what we encounter on a daily basis play a fundamental role in shaping perceptions, and experiences that form our lives. It could be said how we relate to anything in life is a reflection of ourselves and how we relate to ourselves shows up in our relationships. You’ve likely heard the phrases:

"You are the company you keep"

“You are the thoughts you think”

“You are what you eat”

“I am you and you are me”

“How you treat yourself is how others will treat you”

“When you make changes, others around you change”

Libra is the sign of relationship and is associated with collaboration, negotiations, diplomacy, cooperation and partnerships of all kinds. In its greater expression, Libra looks like balance, harmony, interdependence, fairness and peaceful coexistence. The opposite expression can look like codependency, inequality, projection, entropy, blurred sense of self, procrastination, injustice, people pleasing, dirty dealing, or crippling indecision.

While typically linked to personal relationships such as romantic or business partnerships, friendships, or family connections, Libra is the only sign in the Zodiac represented by an inanimate object; the scales of justice. This symbolizes our quest for what is fair and just, harmonious and true in everything we relate to.

Under the light of this Full Moon, both sides of a situation can be seen more clearly-offering the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of yourself through whatever you are relating to. It's a good time to reflect on the past and to make changes that will bring more equanimity, understanding and collaboration into any area of life where you want better relations.

Libra is Ruled by the planet Venus, which governs our values, who and what we love, how we give and receive, money, resources, beauty, pleasure and our style of sharing and caring. Venus is currently in its other home sign of Taurus, bringing emphasis to personal resources and self love. Venus also happens to be making a sextile aspect to Neptune in its home sign of Pisces, further enhancing Venusian style sensitivity, beauty and intuition in matters of the heart and artistic expression. There may be a heightened sense of romance, creativity, and empathy with this lunation, making it easier to connect with others on a deeper emotional level or appreciate the beauty and love in the world around us.

The Moon in Libra opposite the Sun, Chiron, and Jupiter in Aries creates a dynamic tension between the energies of these two signs. The Moon's placement in Libra can bring a desire for balanced, non-confrontational interactions with others. However, the opposition to the Sun, Chiron, and Jupiter in Aries, a sign associated with individuality and assertiveness, can create tension and conflict between our need for harmony and our desire to assert ourselves. This alignment can bring up issues related to boundaries and compromise, and may require finding a balance between standing up for ourselves and considering the needs of those around us.

Chiron's presence in Aries suggests that old wounds related to self identity may be triggered, or require a healthy dose of self-compassion. Meanwhile, Jupiter's influence amplifies the Aries energy, encouraging bold and expansive action. This astrological configuration invites us to navigate the tension between individual needs and the needs of others, and to nurture and honor both without sacrificing one for the other. With Chiron and Jupiter in Aries, there is also a potential for healing and growth, as we are encouraged to take bold action and pursue our passions, while also learning to navigate the complex dynamics of our relationships.

This Moon also features a Kite Pattern involving the Scorpio South Node at the “tail”, Mercury and the North Node in Taurus at the “nose”, and Saturn in Pisces, with Mars in Cancer forming the “arms”.

The kite pattern is considered to be a highly dynamic and creative configuration associated with fate or destiny. It involves a harmonizing grand trine, stimulating double sextile, and a challenging opposition bundled up into a sort of concentrated metamorphosing aspect. While it can feel like events involved in this pattern are scripted, the key in making the most of this pattern is to use your free will to resolve any conflict or tension between the points of opposition.

The Scorpio South Node at the tail (of the the opposition, and one corner of the grand trine) represents the depth of past patterns, behaviors, or emotions that have been denied or suppressed and may be in need of integration or release, while the North Node in Taurus (head of opposition and double sextile) suggests a calling towards simplicity, stability and security in the material world. Mercury's placement in Taurus (head of opposition and double sextile) indicates the importance of slower, practical thinking and communication in achieving these goals. The arms of the kite (corners in the grand trine and sextile points) formed by Mars in Cancer and Saturn in Pisces emphasizes emotional courage and spiritual maturity as stabilizing forces. This kite pattern suggests the need to understand resources at a deeper level and find balance between emotional and material desires in support of collective and individual evolution.

Pluto in Aquarius Squaring the Nodes. While this is not an exact aspect, the orb is under 4°, making this energy palatable at this time. Because Pluto moves slowly, and the Nodes move backwards, the signification of this conversation with the Nodes will continue to build, becoming exact in July 2023. Ultimately, Pluto squaring the nodes brings intense transformational energy to our collective and personal lives.

The Nodes represent our karmic path, with the South Node representing our past and the North Node representing our future. When Pluto is in a square aspect to the Nodes, it can create a sense of tension between our past and future selves, as we are pushed to let go of old patterns and embrace new possibilities. Pluto represents power, intensity, and regeneration, while Aquarius symbolizes innovation, rebellion, and unpredictability. Pluto will dip back into Capricorn when it goes retrograde, while still squaring the Nodes. This will help bring final evolutionary transformative energy to the Pluto in Capricorn themes concerning authority, responsibility, and structure we have been experiencing since 2008.

We are in a significant phase of transition through September 2024 as Pluto moves back and forth between the last degrees of Capricorn and the first degrees of Aquarius. This Pluto-Nodal square is triggering karmic beginnings and endings as Plutos ingresses through the Saturn rules signs. Saturn is in Pisces right now, which is encouraging the development of greater self-discipline and responsibility in all the ways we are interconnected to life. Pluto squaring the nodes is considered to be intense and challenging, but also offers a powerful opportunity for deep healing, growth, transformation and evolution.

In conclusion

This Full Moon supports cultivating balance and equilibrium in our lives and relationships. Libra reminds us “whats fair is fair” and “win-win” situations are not created through sacrificing anyones needs or avoiding conflict at all costs. To harness the energy of this Libra lunation, reflect on personal needs and desires, while also seeking out opportunities for fair negotiations, collaboration and cooperation. If you are dealing with relationships that no longer serve you, this moon can help you let go. Take good care of yourself. Take good care of your relations. Connecting with the energy of Venus can help embody the qualities of beauty, grace, and equity and generate greater love in all areas of life.

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