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Libra Full Moon April 16, 2022: Empowering Relationship

The Libra full moon occurring on April 16, 2022 at 2:53pm EST is bringing some emotional intensity mingled with mental break throughs, dreamy optimism, expansive creativity, secrets coming to light and powerful transformational energy.

Full moons mark a time where “something” or “things” reach their zenith and can be seen from a culminating perspective. Libra is the 7th sign of the Zodiac represented by the Scales. Out of the 12 constellations that make up the Zodiacal wheel, it is the only one associated with an inanimate object, which is reflected in it’s symbolism.

To understand the complexity of this months full moon, it is interesting to consider the history of Libra constellation.

Over 3,000 years ago, in ancient Sumeria, what we call Libra today was actually part of the Scorpions claws known as Zib-ba An-na, meaning “the balance of heaven.” When the sun rose in the “claws” at the autumn equinox, it was referred to as the weighing place where the Sun God Utu- or Shamash, ruled over justice, truth, law and order, and morality. At night, Shamash became judge of the underworld which may have become more significant at this time of year where the nights were growing longer.

The ancient Egyptians associated Libras place in the heavens to the scales of Anubis, the jackal-headed god of the dead. A persons heart was needed for judgment in the afterlife, as it was believed that the heart recorded all of the good and bad deeds of their life. Anubis would place the heart of the deceased on the scale, weighed against the feather of Maat -the Goddess of truth and justice.

In Greco-Roman mythology, Libra finally became it’s own constellation, apart from Scorpio. Fair and equal trade was very important to the Greek and Roman cultures, therefore one of Libras associations was with the scales with trade. Moral standards, law and order were highly valued in these ancient societies, so Libra was also associated with the goddess Themis, who was the personification of divine law and order, justice and wise counsel.

In current times, the sign of Libra is mainly associated with relationships, contracts, partnerships and balance, while still retaining its correlation with judgement, harmonious living and balance.

Libra is a cardinal air sign, which puts emphasis on mental acuity, sociability and the beginning of a new cycle. The fact that its symbol is not an animal or person speaks to the concept that Libras orientation towards its associated ideals of equality, truth, justice, fairness, balance, peace and harmony takes precedence over the needs of the self. This sign is keenly aware of the “We”or the “Other”.

Ruled by the planet Venus, this sign is associated with what we love, value and derive pleasure from outside of ourselves. Things like music, art, symmetry, things that make sense intellectually, grace, nature, diplomacy, sharing, beauty, cooperation, fair negotiation and equilibrium satisfy the Libra Archetype.

Libra can easily see both sides of the same coin, and mirror what it perceives for better or worse. Librian energy is likely to avoid conflict at all costs and tends to lose balance or sense of self when faced with violence, injustice, inequality, confrontation, people pleasing or anything it perceives as ugly or unfair. Because it is a sign that shape shifts, reflects and projects both light & darkness, Libra can be indecisive as well as the source of disharmony.

With the Full Moon taking place in the sign of Libra, opposite the Sun in Aries, the theme of this lunation is centered around self verses others, personal desires and the good of all. There are other potent aspects involved in the Full moon chart which color the energy.

The Sun and Moon are in a T-square with Pluto in Capricorn. This suggests metamorphic forces can generate conflict or tension to assure continued elimination and regeneration. On a collective level, Plutos transit through Capricorn has been busy uncovering the uses and misuse of power in our socio-political, governmental, corporate, and religious establishments across the globe. This full moon could reveal more truths that have been kept suppressed or hidden from collective view.

On a personal level, this T-square is inviting us to examine the power dynamics that exist in our relationships or what we are related to. This lunation may shine it’s light on underlying feelings or personal dynamics that influence how you use or abuse your own power. It might also inspire you to become more empowered within a relationship. There is also the possibility that you could make connections with other powerful people during this time.

Any upheavals or power struggles triggered by this new moon are moving us towards rebirthing new systems and ways to live as we confront our collective and personal challenges. Ultimately, Pluto in Capricorn is giving us the opportunity to take personal responsibility as individuals and as citizens of this planet.

The ruler of this Lunation, Venus is in Pisces Trine to Hygiea in Scorpio. Hygiea is an asteroid associated with physical, mental & emotional health and the things we do on a daily basis to live a healthy balanced life. Venus deals with beauty, values and love. Neptune governs the immune system and Scorpio rules reproduction and elimination systems. This aspect suggests self care is essential to make the most of this lunation offerings. Make sure you are drinking plenty or water and getting good rest to support healthy immune functioning. It could also be a good time to do a spring cleanse for your body mind or emotions. Eliminate what is no longer needed to make space for fertile new beginnings.

The Libra Moon is in a Trine with Saturn in Aquarius. This harmonious aspect provides opportunities for you to claim your own authority, define healthy boundaries and make strong, lasting commitments with others. Libra and Aquarius are both air signs, so you can use this energy to get clarity of mind and have some meaningful and productive conversations with business partners, relationship partners or other significant people in you life.

Jupiter and Neptune are still in a tight conjunction in Pisces, trining the South Node in Scorpio and Sextile the North Node in Taurus. This once in a lifetime alignment is bringing in visionary, creative mystical energies that support spiritual growth and awakenings. Neptune and Jupiter are at home in the sign of Pisces, which strengthens intuition, and the desire to merge with source, as well as the desire to escape ordinary reality. While this alignment can include rose colored glasses and confusion, you can use this energy to expand consciousness, release relationship toxicity and dream the future into being.

Mercury is Moving in to an exact conjunction with Uranus in Taurus. With Mercury and Aquarius deal with the power of the mind. The New Moon at the end of this month will be accompanied by a partial solar eclipse at 10° of Taurus, which is very close to where the Mercury-Uranus conversation is happening at this lunation. Venus rules Taurus and Libra. In Taurus, the Venusian energies are focused on personal wants and desires, in Libra, Venus energy picks up on the wants and desires of others.

Uranus’s journey through Taurus is approximately an eight year transit that is bringing about radical changes in how we relate to the earth and our personal and shared resources. Unexpected natural disasters, financial disruptions, technological innovations, climate change and food supply issues are all related to this transit.

Whilst this Full moon is focusing in on who we are in relationship with others, the thoughts, ideas and conversations that are occurring during this time related to the Uranus in Taurus themes will play into the upcoming eclipse energy. You may want to pay extra attention to the information coming in as well as where your thoughts are leading you.

The full moon marks the time when the light of the moon begins to fade. It is a good time to wrap up any loose ends, put your offerings out in to the world, release the old, and surrender to what will be. It’s also a good time to go with the flow, rather than to push against the tides.

The libra energy can help us to find balance in our relationships with ourselves and others. It can also assist in walking the middle path between the light and darkness.

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