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Leo Season: July 22-August 23, 2023

Happy Birthday Leo Sun People!

As the summer reaches its peak and we move through the dog days in the Northern hemisphere, the Sun transits the majestic big cat sign of Leo. The fifth sign of the zodiac, is represented by the symbol of the lion. Just as the regal king (queen) of the jungle commands attention and respect, we are encouraged to embrace our own inner lion and boldly express our creativity and charisma. As the Sun moves through the vibrant and fiery domain of Leo, the sign's passionate and generous energies are magnified.

Leo Sun time is where strength, enthusiasm, and the desire to shine brightly in various aspects of life proliferates. It's a season that invites each of us to tap into our creativity, explore passions, and express our unique talents to the world. Leo's ruling element, fire, brings vitality and courage to the forefront. It fuels ambitions and encourages the pursuit of aspirations with unwavering determination. It's a time to step out of comfort zones, seize opportunities, and take risks, knowing that taking action bring us closer to fulfilling our fancies.

The Suns transit through Leo has a natural joy-filled, playful, essence that connects to the Divine-Child archetype. Carl Jung called the Divine Child “bringers of light, that is, enlargers of consciousness, they overcome darkness, which is to say that they overcome the earlier unconscious state”. He believed that the emergence of the divine child reflected a dawning of self-consciousness, marking an epiphany of self-realization. This makes Leo season a perfect time for indulging in activities that bring innocent delight, rekindle a sense of wonder, and renew your innate divinity.

Leo season asks you to embrace the fact that you are worthy of recognition and appreciation for who you are and what you do. Explore your imaginative talents, engage in playful activities, and express your unique personality. Leo’s solar power energy promotes taking center stage as the leading person in the story of your life, without shying away from being seen, or seeking external validation. Like a super-star, it is absolutely ordinary to assert oneself with confidence, radiate magnetism, acknowledge your luminescence, and lead by example. The Sun in Leo fuels the desire to create and captivate.

While Leo's energy is confident, dynamic and engaging, it can sometimes tip over into being overly dominant, attention-seeking or egotistical. To shine brightly, it is essential to strike a balance between self-assurance and arrogance. To make the most of this transit, be full of yourself, while also being mindful of others' feelings, needs and desires. Be humble, great, boss, embracing and kindhearted all at once.

The captivating allure that is present while the Sun moves through Leo draws people together, fostering a sense of camaraderie bathed in the warmth of shared happiness. Golden opportunities for starting, building and strengthening relationships abound. This is an excellent time to socialize, connect, gather, let loose and celebrate. Furthermore, Leo's energy encourages acts of generosity and the expression of heartfelt gratitude. The Sun's transit through Leo serves as a reminder to cultivate compassion and spread joy wherever you go.

The fiery energy of Leo is characterized by drama, creativity, and vitality. During the Sun's transit through its home sign, you may feel a surge of inspiration and a renewed sense of purpose. It's a time to embrace and enjoy magnificent possibilities, unleash our creative potential, and boldly pursue our dreams.

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