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Leo New Moon; Heart Centered Vitality- July 28, 2022

The Leo New Moon occurring on July 28 offers invigoration and unexpected opportunities in all things related to creative endeavors, romance, leadership, children, recognition, identity and self expression. While this lunation coincides with some tense aspects, if you put in conscious effort, there are wild, creative and playful benefits to be claimed. This Leo Moon offers new heart centered vitality.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, which brings the solar force to what is being seeded in this new cycle.

The Sun represents the light of Spirit we cultivate through awareness and consciousness. The Moon represents the physical and emotional reflection of our personal experience of that light. We all have Leo in our natal chart, and this New Moon shines the light on “all things Leo” for each of us. Embodied in this lunation is the invitation to co-create through aligning with Source consciousness and courageously embodying your unique fiery creativity.

Leo correlates with our childhood dreams, how we put ourselves out there, the best, most shinny version of ourself, our personal creative “brand”, how we self actualize our sense of purpose, our inner child, sense of play, and egoic-structures. Leo is the royal ruler that invests in its kingdom, not only to create and share visionary intent, but to leave a legacy. This sign loves the theater and romance of life. It exuberantly expresses from the heart and is happy to take the leading role. Leo does not shy away from pleasure, celebration, or hard work.

Leo energy specializes in dazzle, charm, generosity, performance and shine. Those with significant Leo placements can be proud and highly sensitive to perceived feedback from others. Leo can take and make things personal to its advantage or detriment. The highest expression of Leo energy ignites the spark of brilliance in everyone.

Leo inspired Lunar events tend to activate emotional sensitivities related to our sense of pride or places where we don’t feel seen, appreciated or recognized. They can also illuminate insecurities around our creations, romantic involvements, children or anything we nurture. Our inner child can also be activated, especially if there have been wounds to our sense of self that are still influencing the choices we make.

Even if you are just mildly stimulated by this New Moon, trust that something new is seeking to be creatively expressed through you. Maybe there is a childhood dream that is waiting to be entertained. Perhaps it’s time to enroll in that art class you have had your eye on. If you are an entrepreneur or in a leadership position, there might be things you have been doing out of obligation or fear that have taken a toll on your creative vitality. Replacing those things with fresh new methods or offerings may be just what this lunation wants to bring to you. It could just be time to create what you want for the sheer pleasure and joy of creating-or to fire up passion through romance or play.

The Sun and Moon are in a harmonious trine with Jupiter in Aries. This influence supports optimism, enthusiasm, self-confidence and good fortune. Possibilities are ignited that can help you to express your desires, boost confidence or self-image, or find the courage you need to take a huge creative leap. Because there is a natural ease to the trine aspect, it can be easy to let golden opportunities slide by. With Jupiter stationed to go retrograde, this concentrates and slows the energy, which may lead to a desire to wait rather than act.

If something comes your way that strokes your passion or makes you feel more alive, don’t ignore it. You have to take some kind of action if you want to accept Jupiter trine the New Moon gift. This doesn’t mean you have to quit your job, leave your partner or sell the farm.

For most of us, this trine is an invitation to follow that spark by making new plans, initiating a conversation, or beginning to look at ways we can more fully and creatively express out hearts desires. There will be a few of us called to immediate action, and if that is you, then go for it. Just check in so your actions are aligned with your higher-self-mind.

This New Moon chart has a lot of fixed energy, with the Moon, Sun, 4 other planets and both nodes in fixed signs. This brings a lot of tenacity and strength of will to whatever you do or don’t do. Some potential downsides of this energy is stubbornness, resisting change, or challenges adapting to change. The upside is the fixed quality provides powerhouse stamina that has the endurance and perseverance to see things to completion.

Mercury in Leo is Squaring the Triple Conjunction in Taurus. This challenging aspect is loaded with extremely potent energy that is casting a long shadow. Mercury is close to an exact square with Uranus that perfects about 3 hours after the time of the New Moon. The next day, the Moon will Conjunct Mercury as the North Node moves into 18° Taurus. On July 31, The North Node and Uranus will make an exact conjunction and on August 1, Mars will join them. The triple conjunction of Uranus, Mars and Taurus will go down in astrological history as one, if not, the transit that defined 2022. It is a hugely disruptive game changer to say the least.

Mercurys square to Uranus at the New Moon will amp “things” up in unexpected, perhaps upsetting ways. We have rapid fire, radiating heat squaring off with crackling, electric lightening bolts, making it nearly impossible to relax. Mercury governs the human mind. Uranus is the collective mind. The erratic buzzy tension between these 2 planets can bring sudden change, surprising events or news, mental distraction, misunderstandings, miscommunication, anxiety, panic or pressure.

Uranus breaks down to break through instantaneously. While this energy could be dicey or destabilizing, there is the potential for exciting developments, new perspectives, quantum leaps, progressive innovations, swift liberation or chance encounters that support forward movement. A good way to use this Mercury/Uranus energy is through keeping an open heart and mind, as a present grounded witness.

Mercury in Leo is Opposing Saturn in Uranus. The Moon will Oppose Saturn late July 29 or early July 30, depending on where you live, then Mercury will come into the exact opposition with Saturn on July 31, shortly before Uranus and the North Node make their exact conjunction. The Mercury Saturn Opposition is bringing seriousness to our thinking processes, and how we express ourselves in conversations. Say only what you mean and mean what you say if you want to stay in your integrity. If you take things too personally, this can lead to isolation, negativity or challenging situations involving boundaries, time, structures, or authority hierarchies. The best way to use this energy is to take full responsibility for your thoughts and words.


This is great lunation to tune in to the intelligence of your hearts desires and create life from that place- not for the approval of others, for fame, fortune or recognition- but because you can. It’s your birthright. Mercurys involvement with this lunation asks us to pay attention to how our thoughts and words are creating our experiences and sense of self. Be mindful of what you tell yourself, as well as what you say. Following this lunation, there is a be a build up of some potentially intense energies through August. Leo reminds us that is is good to celebrate life-even if it is hard, scary, and uncertain. I want to leave you with a cowpoke quotes from Mick Jagger who has his Sun, Jupiter and Pluto conjunct in the sign of Leo.

“You wake up in the morning and you look at your old spoon, and you say to yourself, ‘Mick, it’s time to get yourself a new spoon.’ And you do.”

“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need.”

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