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Gemini Season 2023

May 20/21-June 21, 2023

Happy Birthday to all Gemini Sun People!

The Sun's transit through third sign of the zodiac brings heightened mental activity, mischief and messages (or messengers). Gemini is mutable air, so this season can include stimulating news, lively alterations, shifting busyness and social gatherings. Some of us may feel energized and inspired during this time, while others may feel scattered or overwhelmed.

Gemini is associated with the duality of life. Everything has its polarity or opposite-seemingly different things, that are actually contrasting expressions of the same thing. For example, night and day, peace and war, & love and hate, coexist as opposing forces of one construct. This means that during the Suns transit through Gemini you may find yourself feeling pulled in different directions, or encountering inconsistencies that might change your mind. If besieged by indecision, a coin flip is an appealing Gemini strategy.

This sign is ruled by Mercury which stationed direct in Taurus on May 14. The messenger planet is still in it’s Rx shadow until June 8, gradually picking up pace. It moves into Gemini on June 11, when it will be full speed ahead. In the beginning of Gemini season, you may find yourself moving forward with some things you were dealing with since Mid April. After the 8th, there are new adventures to be had.

Communication is key during the Sun's transit through Gemini. With Mercury as its ruling planet, Gemini is all about talking, listening and the exchange of ideas. This is a great time for having important conversations, expressing yourself creatively, and sharing your ideas with others. Words typically flow more easily during this time. With the Sun shining through Gemini energy, we may find ourselves more talkative or open to sharing ideas with others. This can be a great time to network, collaborate on projects, and make new friends.

However, it's important to note that the Sun's transit through Gemini can also be a time of scattered energy and lack of focus for some of us. Mental processes can be very airy. There can be huge gusts of information that seem to come from no where, whirlwinds of repetitive thoughts or nervous stagnation. It’s a good idea to pay attention to the wandering mind. If it’s headed in a direction you’d rather not go, bring it to the breath where it can take a break and make a new choice.

Social interactions, spreading or gathering information, adaptability, logic, facts, data, news, rationale, gossip, curiosity, friendliness, conversations, and wit are associated with Gemini. Networking, writing, public speaking, laughing, and learning something new are all wonderful Gemini activities. If you have wanted to start a podcast, take an online class, join a book club, or get together with friends, this season can help fan those flames. It's definitely a good time to expand your horizons and explore new ideas in any way that is interesting to you.

In addition to intellectual and social pursuits, the Sun's transit through Gemini is also a time for creativity and self-expression. Gemini energy values making a statement and encourages us to be creative in our lives. This is a great time to explore your experimental side, whether that means taking up a new hobby, writing a book, or simply expressing yourself through your personal style or home decorations.

Gemini basically plays a role in anything that has to do with the exchange of information on a personal level, as well as basic mental processing and things that are close to home. It’s energy is light, quick, exploratory and likes to have fun. Everyone has Gemini in their chart. Even if you don’t have your Sun, any other planets or significant points in Gemini, this is the time of year where the twins themes are enhanced.

Other Gemini Associations:

Gemini governs streets, short distance travel, ways and means of short distance transportation, your local neighborhood and community, advertising, broadcasting, the press, post office, computers, libraries, offices, treaties, rumors, stories, storytellers, teachers, cousins and relatives outside the Immediate family.

In the body, this sign also rules shoulders, arms, hands, respiratory system & organs, breathing, nervous system in general, nerves and reflexes. Most health challenges associated with these areas correlate with Gemini. Other functions that fall under Geminis domaine are perception, intellect, lower mind learning, restlessness, and speech.

As with any astrological transit, it's important to remember that the Sun's movement through Gemini affects each person differently. Overall, Gemini season can be a time of intellectual growth, socializing, exploring new interests and creativity. Embrace the playful and curious nature of Gemini, but also make sure to keep your feet on the ground and come back to center as necessary.

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