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Gemini New Moon: The Story of Your Life- May 30, 2022

This New Moon in the dual natured sign of Gemini closes out the month of May, offering greater awareness of the changing nature of time and space. While the last two eclipses are still doing their thing-moving us along the path of evolution, this New Moon comes with some much needed levity. It offers the opportunity to bring in some fresh air, revise your current stories and set some (or one) powerful new intentions.

The constellation of Gemini is represented by the twin brothers of Greek legend; Castor & Pollux. If you are not familiar with the story, I will give you a quick rundown — The twin brothers Castor and Pollux, also belonged to a set of twin sisters; Clymenstr and Helen. (We don’t hear much about those sisters in astrology, however all their stories are intertwined throughout the Myths). Their mother Leda was impregnated on her wedding night by both her mortal husband, the King of Sparta, and by the God Zeus. Castor and Clytemnestra shared one egg and were born mortal. Helen and Pollux shared the other egg and were born immortal. The story goes, that Castor and Pollux were inseparable, and when they went together to help Jason and the Argonauts, Castor was killed in Battle. Pollux pleaded with his father Zeus to bring his brother back.Zeus agreed to immortalize both brothers amongst the stars in the heavens, which we know as the constellation of Gemini. This myth captures the fertility, duality, and masculine /feminine polarities found in the nature of this communicative information loving sign.

The symbol for Gemini is two vertical lines, connected through 2 horizontal lines (or vice-versa) (the concept of “vice-versa” being key to understanding Gemini in it’s full glory). The vertical lines represent the duality, or the the relationship between 2 things occurring in the container of time, represented by the lower horizontal line, and space, represented by the upper horizontal line.. Like its ruling Tarot card, the Lovers, Gemini is as a symbol for opposing forces like light and dark or true and false, each of which can't exist without the other.

This sign correlates with the complex connections that arise through the multiplicity of life. It is a mutable air sign, which speaks to the fluctuating characteristics of the mind. Gemini has associations with communication, logical thought processes, intellect, siblings, interchange of information, ideas, self talk, social media, internet, news, transportation, data, and anything related to perceiving the “reality” in our immediate environments.

In the body, Gemini governs the nervous system, respiratory system, along with the processes and parts involved. The two Shoulders, arms and hands are areas the twins rule over. As Gemini likes to be amused, you may want to pay attention to how you and others express your thoughts through your upper twin limbs…keeping in mind, even identical twins are different.

Mercury is the planet ruling this New Moon. Interestingly, the only 2 signs of the zodiac represented by the human form is Gemini and Virgo - and both planets are ruled by Mercury. There are many humans who like to “think”or “say”, it is our “Big Brains” that set us apart from other species. Mercury is also associated with humor and trickster energy. We certainly do use our brains in different ways than other creatures for better or worse.

Mercury correlates with the functions of mind and intellect, all forms of communication and the in-flow and out-flow of intelligence. Aside from the moon, Mercury is the fastest moving planet , making a full rotation around the sun every 88 days. It takes usually takes 13 or 14 days to travel through each sign, spending more time in the signs it retrogrades in 3 times each year. At the time of this lunation, Mercury is still retrograde in Taurus. It is making several aspects that inform the synergy of this new lunar cycle, and your New Moon intentions.

The word “mercurial” is often referred to as something or someone erratic, volatile or unstable. Mercury is often portrayed with winged ankles, holding a caduceus in his left hand. The caduceus is also referred to as the staff of Hermes which has several associations, including the spinal cord as a central conduit for psychic force and the nerve energy that animates all functions of the body. The medical association uses the caduceus as a symbol fas a representation of health

Whether in Roman, Greek, or any indigenous mythology, Mercury will have your head spinning when attempting to understand the layers of mythological meaning or stories. This planet is simply too tricky to be completely defined and categorized.

Both Gemini and Mercury love words and stories. Story telling is an alchemical Gemini art form that actually works like magic. Like all myths, a good story is full of Gemini energy. There is light and dark, twists and turns, this and that. A really good story take us on a journey of epic transformation. Whether you consider yourself to be a storyteller or not, your thoughts and the words you say are magical incantations. This is why intentions can be so powerful.

Our rational minds are designed to label and categorize that which we observe, in order to give definition to our lives. We each have ideas about what is good and bad, right and wrong, up and down and so on. These are are certainly Gemini experiences, supported fully by its ruling planet Mercury. To be human is to dance amongst dualities, which for the most part is experienced through our mental faculties, manifested through the stories we tell.

While I could go on in true Gemini fashion, I am going to bring this tale back to the astrology. With the Moon and Sun joining in Gemini, there is an opportunity to gain greater logical understanding of the connections between our internal and external world and between the past and the future. The moon is bringing something emotional to the light of your awareness to be integrated and used for this next lunar cycle. There are many favorable aspects that you can use to bolster your current story, or change the narrative.

This New Moon is in a Sextile aspect with the Jupiter and Mars conjunction in Aries. Jupiter is the planet that makes whatever it contacts bigger. It is associated with the quest for greater spiritual truths. Mars is our personal drive and desires, as well as what we fight for or defend. Jupiter and Mars together has the symbolism of the Spiritual Warrior. ( perhaps on a hero journey)

When Mars in its home sign is joined by Jupiter, there is a good possibility the potency of your actions, boldness, courage, impulses, physical abilities and/or passions are increased greatly. This will be the case for some of us more than others depending on how the sky is communicating with your natal chart. Regardless, this sextile with the new moon is a very exciting aspect that adds a sizzle of feel good - do good - sexy - take it to the next level with whatever gusto you got - type of energy.

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus is in a Square Saturn in Uranus. Even though this aspect will not be exact before Mercury moves direct on June 6, it’s less that 1° apart, making it a significant collaborator. Mercury began a new cycle with Saturn in Aquarius on March 6, 2022, and made an exact Square on April 21 2022. Saturn is the planet that enforces limits through delay, restriction or blocks. Saturn in Aquarius is demanding progressive, humanitarian change. With Mercury back in Taurus, this aspect is asking us to get serious about long term plans and goals related to resources, which include money, land, and food. It is calling our attention back to something that may need to be revised or reconsidered when it comes to our resources.

Mercury Rx is Trining Pluto in Capricorn. On February 13, 2022, Mercury began a new cycle with Pluto. It made a Square to Pluto on April 10, 2022 and a Trine Aspect on April 27, 2022. When Mercury aspects Pluto, there is always the opportunity to become more conscious of anything related to power or the use (or misuse) of power. Mercury’s second trine to Pluto at this lunation is offering an opening to reclaim something related to how you think about your own power-whether that is related to long term goals or your own authority.

Mercury Rx is Sextile with Neptune in Pisces. March 20, Mercury began a new cycle with Neptune, then made a sextile on April 23, 2022. This aspect supports making your creative visions, dreams or ideals a reality through negotiation and simple, practical, day to day adjustments. With this influence, psychic insights, relaxation, art-making, spiritual pursuits or extraordinary sensitivities can be grounded in to reality.

Mercury Rx in in Conjunction with North Node in Taurus & Opposite South Node in Scorpio. Mercury made an exact conjunction with the North Node (and Opposition to South Node) on April 23, 2022. The Nodes have barely moved since the last Scorpio total Lunar eclipse on May 15 or 16, and the partial Taurus Solar Eclipse on April 30. This aspect can reanimate these past and future energies, bringing greater awareness to what needs to go and what wants to come.

Gemini and Mercury both love facts and data, which is why I included dates in the Mercury descriptions. If you are interested in embellishing or changing your thoughts, mind or story, and want to do some research for your new moon intention, you can think back to Mid February, March and April. Maybe there are some themes in your life that could use some retrospection, redaction, rescripting, or any other “re”-word. The ruler of this new moon is retrograde and revisiting places you have been. May as well use these “second-chance” opportunities to make the most of your intentions.

Intentions and stories are always more powerful when you share them. I encourage you to share what you are calling in for this new moon with others in ways that are right for you. With that said, you are officially invited to post your Gemini New Moon intention, or your Gemini New Moon story in our private facebook Astro-Energctics group

Thanks for reading and wishing you and yours many New Moon Blessings!

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