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Gemini Full Moon; Sizzling Fortitude -December 7, 2022

This last Full Moon of 2022 is taking place in the sign of Gemini, and it is charged with sizzling fortitude. While it does not have the same intensity of Novembers Eclipsed Full Moon, it is infused with live-wire heat and scattered impulse. This is due to Mars retrograde conjoined the Moon, and opposing the Sagittarius Sun.

Gemini is the sign of duality. Everything has its polarity or opposite. Gemini rules logic, words, facts, data and rationale. It is mutable air with the ability to quickly change its mind and effortlessly move from one thing to another. It is social, communicative, curious, witty, fickle and flighty.

The Moon in Gemini is generally more cerebral, experimental and lighthearted than emotional or immersive. Feelings either lead to or follow thought. Ideas, information or light conversations are naturally attracted to the gravitational field of a Gemini Moon. However, given that this is a Full Moon, emotions and sensitivities mare more likely to be illuminated.

One advantage of this lunation is the fact that it’s occurring in Gemini. This is the sign where words, thoughts and ideas matter. The sign of the twins reminds us there are 2 sides to every story….even the stories we tell ourselves. If a plot needs to be changed, Gemini proposes you flip the script. You always have a choice.

What galvanizes this lunation is the strained participation of Mars, who is still retrograde in Gemini. Mars is the hot fiery planet of action, assertion and activation. It is associated with all things related to war, inflammation, compulsion and vexation. Mars has the energy and drive needed to fight for or defend whatever one considers to be a just cause. It likes to win, often without concern for the costs.

Mars is spending an unusually long time in Gemini because of the retrograde from October 20, 2022-January 12, 2023. It actually entered the sign of the twins on August 20, 2022 and won’t leave until March 25, 2023. Mars answers to Gemini principles while traveling through this sign, which make for a restless, simmering, overactive mind and a state of seemingly constant flux.

While Mars in Gemini can be passionate, lively, clever, and whimsical, though it’s not all easy breezy. There is a lot of hot vacillating air in this transit. Words can become sharp weapons, actions may be polarizing, gossip and conspiracy can spread like wildfire, energy is easily scattered, and mental confrontations are par for the course. All such circumstances provide opportunities to cultivate better communication skills and become more adaptable or flexible where needed.

While in retrograde, the Gemini infused Mars energy is turned inwards. Everyone will experience this differently, depending on how you chose to wield your mental sword when confronting things that are sharp, bitting, frustrating or inflammatory. For some, if not most of us, this period may, at times, be mildly uncomfortable or downright excruciating. Ultimately, there is an invitation to examine your relationship with anger, frustration, impulse, decisive action, and collective or personal battles.

This Full Moon is Conjoined with Mars, which highlights the potential of pressurized emotions assuming control. We also have the double edged sword of the Sun in opposition to Mars and the Moon. Because Mars is retrograde, something from the past you may have thought was done could burst into the present. Emotions that have been stewing under the surface reach a boiling point. There could certainly be some antagonistic squabbles, hair trigger reactions, physical inflammation or hot tempered outbursts if you are not regulating the heat.

Mars is Separating from the Square to Neptune in Pisces. This will likely be experienced through this lunation as some sort of revelation. Full Moons are known for illuminating shadows. The nebulous influence of Neptune is fading now, and things that were blurry, confusing, obscured, overwhelming or erratic could come sharper into focus. Be willing to see things for what they are, rather than what you thought they were, or wanted them to be. As Mars breaks free from Neptunes sway, any mental fog will likely dissipate and energy levels can increase.

Moon is Trine Saturn in Aquarius. While this won’t be exact until the next day, this aspect is bringing emotional fortitude and common sense to this lunation. If you do find yourself getting over-heated, you can use Saturns help to regulate the temperature by setting boundaries, taking responsibility for what is yours, making repairs, or choosing to embrace a mature, practical approach to resolve any internal or external conflict.


Full Moons always mark a time of culmination and release. As this is the last full moon of 2022, there is an opportunity here to use the fiery energy of this lunation to burn away old dross. What are you giving mental, emotional or physical energy to that depletes or drains your vitality? Is there conflict or struggle you’re avoiding that really needs to be addressed? Is your relationship with anger healthy or harmful? Do you have any patterns or habits that need to go?

What do you want to take into 2023, and what do you want to leave behind?

This is a Gemini Full Moon, and as stated before, words, thoughts and ideas matter. Pay attention to all forms of communication. If the news disturbs you, take a break. Watch your words and hold your tongue if what you are about to say won’t get the results you desire. If the thoughts in your mind are leading you into a dangerous neighborhood, choose different thoughts. Listen to your ideas. Seth Godin said “ Good ideas come from bad ideas, but only if there are enough of them”.

One of the best ways to release or deal with built up pressure, frustration or rage is to have a conversation with someone you trust, who is willing to just listen. If you can’t tell your story to another human, there are other ways. You might journal, dance, paint or turn your anger into a poem. You can tell your story to your beloved pet, or go outside and share it with the trees, the stars or the wind. Speaking or expressing out loud clears the mind, moves the energy and cleanses the soul.

If it’s smooth sailing for you during this lunation, one of the kindest things you can do is listen…just listen… to another who needs to tell their story.

I would like to leave you with a few quotes that could be useful :

"If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.”

-Chinese Proverb

"The best time for you to hold your tongue is the time you feel you must say something or bust."

-Josh Billings

“I would love to help you experience freedom from the past, freedom from failures and fears, freedom from anger and mistakes, freedom from regret and unresolved grief - and the freedom to enjoy the full, rich feast of life. We cannot choose to have a life free of hurt. But we can choose to be free, to escape the past, no matter what befalls us, and to embrace the possible." -Edith Eva Eger

“I heard from marriage and family counselors, who agreed that the... problem is getting couples not to 'express' anger, but to shut up long enough to listen to each other.”

-Carol Tavris

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