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Capricorn New Moon: December 23, 2022

A bustling sky at the end of December indicates this holiday season, New Moon and years end could be kinetic and lively. On December 20, Jupiter, the planet that makes everything bigger, is moving into Active Aries. We have the Winter Solstice (in Northern Hemisphere) (Summer Solstice in Southern hemisphere) on December 21, followed a couple days later by the Capricorn New Moon. Chiron also stations direct in Aries on December 23, then Mercury stations retrograde on the 29th in Capricorn.

All of these aspects, along with others not mentioned will have some influence over our last Lunation of 2022. With the solstice occurring less than 2 full days ahead of this Capricorn New Moon, there is added emphasis on “New”.

In the Northern hemisphere, the solstice marks the beginning of winter and the shortest day of the year. It is also a time to celebrate the rebirth of the Sun, as daylight hours gradually start increasing. While temperatures will continue to drop in many places, the sun slowly begins bringing more light.

On the 21st, if you stand outside at noon and look at your shadow, you can witness the longest silhouette you’ll cast all year! Its opposite on the summer solstice when at noon, you will cast almost no shadow at all.

We have a Capricorn stellium involving the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto at the Solstice and with this New Moon. These 4 planets will be doing Saturn’s ( the ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius) bidding into early 2023. Mercury will retrograde in Capricorn before moving into Aquarius, also ruled by Saturn. Saturn is still at home Aquarius until March 2023, making it a potent player. Pluto will continue working with and for Saturn until it leaves Aquarius in 2043

Because Mercury and Venus are seldom far from the Sun, the end of each Gregorian year, and the beginning of the New Year typically have a Saturnian flavor. This is a time where we reflect on the past and begin making plans or resolutions for the year ahead. This New Moon offers a hardy dose of self-possession and upright restraint needed to clear the path and plant fertile seeds for future goals.

The Moon in Capricorn tends toward emotional restraint, ambition and independence. It takes reality, reliability, relentlessness, and responsibility seriously. The Cardinal Earth of Capricorn lends its energy to nurturing long term achievements, internal processing, and measured progress. Capricorn correlates with traditions, authority figures, conservatism, conservation, the long haul, and doing what needs to be done. Its symbol is the horned sea goat, who can traverse the steepest mountains, through managing both the world of matter and emotion.

Saturn always means business, and as the ruler of this lunation, you may want to keep your eye on the prize. Whatever you are building or working towards in your life that requires planning, commitments, goals and responsibility falls under Saturns dominion. Saturn rules time, karma, limitations, restrictions, delays, and manifestation.

The Moon joins the Sun in Capricorn for this lunation, then, like a gift that keeps on giving, the following day, December 24th, (Christmas Eve for those celebrating that) the moon will conjoin with the rest of the Capricorn planets. ( Venus at 4:15 am PDT, Mercury at 11:32 am PDT and finally Pluto at 7:10pm PDT) If you have planets or angles in Capricorn, or any other Cardinal signs, (Aries, Cancer, Libra) this new Moon and the day following could bring palpable creative tension to help you initiate new plans or perspectives. The earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn may experience opportunities that will require action.

Jupiter, still freshly in Aries is at zero degrees in the chart of the Solstice and the New Moon. In fact, it doesn’t reach 1° of Aries until December 29 or 30 depending on your location.

When any planet is at 0° of a sign, it wants to bring about something new inspired by the energy of the Planet and Sign. Here we have the planet of expansion, luck, and optimism in the sign of personal desires, pioneering action and self identity.

Jupiter did spend some time in Aries May 10- October 8, 2022 -until it retrograded back into Pisces. While in Pisces, we had the opportunity to dream bigger, dissolve boundaries and swim through other-worldly waters. Now, in Aries, we are back to the self, hot off the fire, and ready to move towards what we want. It will stay in Aries until May 2023 when it moves into Taurus. This is a time to stoke that fire in your belly and go for “it”.

If you are not sure what your “it” is, think back to any self oriented endeavors you were engaging between May and October. Those topics could be illuminated at this time through reenergized impulses or rehabilitated passion.

The Capricorn Moon is making a Square to Jupiter at this lunation. This is the fleshiest Ground breaking aspect in this lunation. The practical, no-nonsense Moon, along with the Sun is squaring off against our fiery appetites. While we may just want to impetuously follow impulse or passion, the Moon is demanding a reality check. Jupiter in Aries wants it now, and that Capricorn stellium is committed to the long haul. Saturn, the Moons Ruler is in Aquarius with its sights on a progressive humanitarian future where individuality in service to the collective is where it’s at.

The message in this square is to not give up on what you really want in the core of your truest self for what you want now.

This quote sums up it up perfectly:

“Modern human is conditioned to expect instant gratification, but any success or triumph realized quickly, with only marginal effort, is necessarily shallow. Meaningful achievement takes time, hard work, persistence, patience, proper intent and self-awareness. The path to success is punctuated by failure, consolidated, and renewed effort.”

-Mark Twight

Mercury in Capricorn is Making a Sextile with Neptune in Pisces. While this aspect doesn’t have the same clout as the square, it can bring in some mystical inspiration or visionary ideas that will help bring 2022 to a close and ring in a beautiful New Year. You can ground your dreams into reality.

The final aspect of this New Moon Chart that I want to bring in is Uranus in Taurus Trine Venus in Capricorn. With that Uranus/Saturn Square of 2021 & 2022 in the review mirror, the Uranian conversations are taking on a different feel. Sure, there are still more disruptions, sudden shocks and surprises concerning Taurus themes as we move ahead. In this case, the Trine to Venus can bring in an unexpected opportunity that can help you functionally embody your values. It could also offer some type of fortuitous relationship with your resources. There is definitely an invitation to make self care and connecting with nature a priority.

Holiday Blues?

Before going further, I feel it is important to acknowledge some of the rougher qualities of the Saturnian season. For some of us, the Capricorn holidays can be challenging. There is a lot of hustle and bustle. Some feel financial pressures when feeling obligated to spend money on gifts that they may not be able to afford. Family gatherings can also be a source of stress for those who are triggered by familiar dynamics or unresolved issues. There can also be physical stressors due to the prevalence of colds, flus and other illnesses. Those living in colder climates also have the added stress of freezing temperatures that make daily life even more demanding. Some just experience melancholy or low energy for reasons undetermined.

All of these types of scenarios correlate with the more humorless functions of Saturn. This planet does have a reputation for being tough. It did not earn its title “the Great Malefic” for nothing. The thing that needs to be understood is that Saturn does not make bad things happen. On the contrary, its job is to make sure we fulfill our souls mission and the responsibilities we signed up for.

Saturn answers to the big picture- the long term- cause and effect-the process of becoming, and whatever it takes to ripen and mature. No instant gratification, skipping steps, avoidance or bypassing allowed.

When experiencing the uncomfortable to down right heavy Saturnian emotions such as depression, resentment, fear, dissatisfaction, betrayal, dispassionate, withdrawal, constrained or inertia, there is a good possibility Saturn is providing a serious dose of tough love in order to help you recognize your own authority and course correct if necessary.

When the cold, dry, heavy weight of Saturn , you don’t have to fall into despair, self loathing, self rejection, self shame or self punishment. You can use the gifts Saturn offers to do something different, make a new plan, at the very least, take a step back and consider your other options.

As stated through out this article, Saturns gifts are numerous. It is the planet that helps you manage your energy, choices, responsibilities and self discipline. With out it, you would never know the joy of success or failure-for that matter. It helps us define our limits and breakthrough limitations. Saturn makes creative participation with life, concentration, structure, and manifestation possible. It’s also the planet that wisens us to the nature of reality.

Working with the Capricorn New Moon:

Saturnian Capricorn Energies are highlighted in this lunation with the square to Jupiter making everything bigger. I feel this New Moon is offering each of us significant personal blessings. There is abundant energy to help work towards building a new sustainable and attainable future. While Earth energy reminds us the point of power is always in the present moment, we can create what lies ahead in the everlasting now, through learning from the past.

This New Moon is like a portal, expanding out into all dimensions of time. New Moons are perfect for rituals- so make your own ritual to honor the moment. You can create a group ritual and invite friends, however doing something on your own is perfectly sufficient when it comes to Capricorn and Saturns energies.

Following is some fodder for inspiration if you want to use the “portal” theme:

To Begin, it’s good to set your space- making sure you have time where you won’t be disturbed. This is the single most important thing. If you live with others- be sure to ask them not to disturb you. You may also want to turn off your phone or remove other potential distractions.

If you like, you can burn a candle, light some incense, make a circle with your finger, crystals, or whatever feels right. You can have a journal ready to capture your observations, or art-making supplies. You don’t have to do any of this unless you want to.

Because we are working with Saturns energy, you may even want to have somethings in your space that are associated with Saturn. As you have your own relationship with this planet, you can put anything in the space that feels symbolic to you- or you can use some of the Saturn associations below.

Saturn Associations:

Saturn Rules Capricorn & Aquarius. It is associated with structure, form, laws, discipline, responsibility, limits, time, patience, endurance, maturity, commitment, duty, fear and karma.

A good relationship with Saturn makes all the difference if you want to manifest anything in the the material world. It also helps navigate Saturnian challenges, such as delays, limits, contraction, restrictions, isolation, blockages and sobering reality.

Saturn gives us the fortitude to build things that last and follow through with intentions, goals and plans, regardless of obstacles. It takes effort, self discipline, commitment, perseverance and solid planning to make into the top of the mountain, write a book, work your way up the ladder, build a successful business, raise healthy children, earn a degree, or accomplish anything that takes time and serious commitment. Saturn has no problem delaying gratification as it knows the value of long term rewards. “Good things come to those who wait” is one of Saturns Mantras.

Saturn can be your best ally when you need self-disciple, patience, self-regulation, temperance, the wisdom that comes with maturity, overcoming obstacles and slowing down or pulling back when there is a need to conserve energy or resources.

Saturn correspondences:

  • Colors-indigo or black

  • Lead

  • Minerals/crystals that are dark or heavy, such as obsidian, onyx, sapphire, smoky quartz, tormaline

  • Saturn herbs-bindweed, comfrey, foxglove, holly, juniper, mandrake, mullein, pine, rue, witch hazel, wolfsbane, yew,

  • Incense- myrrh

  • Number 3

  • Animals-Goat, crocodile

  • Plants with black seeds or fruit -coffee, cumin, capers, ferns

Saturn is associated with boundaries, which can be healthy or unhealthy. Saturn is the planet to work with if you want to create, maintain or strengthen healthy boundaries. If they are too rigid, they can be like an insurmountable wall that prevents things from moving in or moving out. If they are too open, things can be loose, fuzzy or enmeshed. Healthy boundaries are clearly stated, adaptable, and stable with flexibility.

Authority falls under Saturns domaine. Authority figures such as parents, heads of state, bosses and so on are ruled by Saturn. Most importantly, Saturn can help you claim, cultivate and stand in your own authority.

When you are ready to do your ritual, it’s alway good to begin with an embodiment exercise that brings you fully into your body in the present moment. Saturn can definitely help with this!

Getting here fully is always more effective if you can be in a space of neutrality, where you are open to noticing and receiving whatever would like to be revealed in the moment. The point is not to judge, or try to fix any thing…simply notice.


  • Walking Meditation-focusing on the sensations of your feet connecting to the earth, how your body moves, what you notice in your legs, how your breath moves with you and so on. If the mind wanders outside of the self, gently bring it back to the sensations in your body

  • Gentle Body Attunement- Begin by standing up straight, feet hipwith apart-(or sitting with your spine erect/supported if that is more comfortable) then scan your body- just noticing. After your scan is complete, move, stretch or tap your body in ways that feel good-waking up your entire system. Make sure to stretch or tap your face and head as well, bringing body mind together

  • Speaking to the Moment- You can sit, lay down or stand for this-whatever is most comfortable where you will reman alert. Begin by looking around the space and saying aloud what you notice; “I see the sunlight hitting the plant on the shelf, I hear birds chirping outside, I notice the sound of the heater kicking in”…etc. After tuning in to what’s around you, mindfully bring your attention to your body, beginning with the sensations you notice on your skin and where you notice them- speaking your observations into the space. Let your attention sink in to your body, observing your limbs, fingers and toes- moving into your organs. Whatever you notice- say it out loud. You can come to completion by putting one hand on your belly, the other on your heart- and speaking aloud- something like “I am here, now, fully present, fully in my body”

Feel free to play with these suggestions and make them your own, or engage in whatever you like to do that brings you home to your self.

Now that you are in your body, in the moment, you may have gathered some insight for what you want to work with in this Lunar cycle. Maybe you already have an intention for this New Moon, or maybe you want to go into the “portal” -going further in to the present, -or exploring the past and future to gather more information that can help you construct a plan, or a really solid intention. Capricorn does love clearly stated boundaries, a good plan that it can commit to, and goals it can work towards.

Maybe getting present in your body is your New Moon Ritual-or perhaps you want to “enter the “portal”. If you would like to write down your intention or thoughts in the moment, feel free to do so before moving on

Entering the Portal

This New Moon Portal is whatever you want it to be. It can open up to any dimension of time in anyway that is right for you. Maybe you want to sit in contemplation of the past year and what you would like to accomplish in the year to come. Perhaps you want to make a list of everything you are grateful for. Maybe you want to make art that represents your past present and future. You might just want to commit to a long term intention or make a vision board for 2023. The possibilities here are endless, and this Capricorn New Moon energy supports the use of your own authority to decide how your “ritual” can best serve the Saturn/Capricorn parts of you.

Coming to Completion

When you feel complete- close the circle- if you created one. Offer Sincere, Serious Gratitude to Saturn, the Earth, The Cosmos,Your family, Ancestors, Guides, Helpers and Whomever/Whatever showed up for you in your experience. Let the entire process settle deep into your body, with Sincere, Serious Gratitude for Yourself. If you have made an intention-COMMIT to MAKING IT REAL, in anyway that is right for you. You don’t have to know how right now-and you can always ask Saturn to help you make a plan and follow through!

Wishing You and Yours a Joyously Beautiful Holiday Season and a New Year full of Many Blessings!

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