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Capricorn Full Moon: Sure Footed Resolution - July 13, 2022

The Capricorn Full moon on July 13 at 2:37pm EST is illuminating how we are feeling about shifting structures and our sense of safety. Capricorn correlates with our long term plans, goals, status, and what it really takes to make it to the top of the proverbial mountains we choose to climb. The full moon marks a time of culmination and closure. There is a lot going on with this lunation that could bring profound realizations around boundaries, limits and self mastery.

The cardinal earth of Capricorn is all about personal accountability, responsibility, ambition and the commitment required to build things that last. Capricorn also governs heads of state, governments, patriarchal influences and all authority figures. While I am focusing on personal astrology in this report, these things also apply to the collective. This Lunation is offering each of us the opportunity to confront what’s not working or is no longer sustainable as we continue navigating uncertainty and change.

Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn, and represents restrictions, limitations, karma, fear and time. The cold distant nature of Saturn is impersonal and calculating. It is the planet that makes manifestation on the material plane possible, as it strengthens and fine tunes our resolve, patience and purpose. While this can be through obstacles or challenges that ensure our efforts are solid, it can also be inspiring, with long lasting rewards.

At the time of this lunation, Saturn is retrograde in Aquarius and in a harmonious trine with Venus in Gemini. This aspect offers ideas or news that can help build greater future stability that are in alignment with our values or what we love. It could also bring satisfaction in relationships or an amicable partnering. There is an uplifting, social energy with this trine that can make work feel more like play.

Venus is also Squaring Neptune Retrograde in Pisces. This can bring in some confusion or self deception that can have us questioning abilities, dreams or desires. Keep focused on what you want to build, and let the clouds come and go.

The Sun, Moon and Nodes are in a Mystic Rectangle pattern. Dane Rudhyar calls this figure a symbol for "practical mysticism”. The mystic rectangle strongly ties the moons nodes on the Taurus/Scorpio axis into this lunation. In this pattern, the energy gets cycled between the points and signs involved. With the Moon in Capricorn and Sun in Cancer at this lunation, there is a need to mature and take responsibility for our personal reality. The North Node in Taurus is calling us to develop self reliance through cultivating self control, inner emotional security, and simplifying wherever you can. All of this can feel a bit internally unsettling, yet this pattern does provide constructive ways to integrate the past, while confronting whatever fears arise about the future.

To take full advantage of the divinity offered through this pattern, make at least one practical change in your life. Because this is a Capricorn lunation, I suggest identifying where your own inner authority is weak, lacking, compromised, or M.I.A. This may be where a bad habit has control, or where you make excuses for un-lived dreams. It could be where you blame your parents, another authority figure or even astrology (ie: Mercury retrograde, Moon in Scorpio, Saturn square Pluto, etc…) for something you have yet to own. Maybe you are living according to some old limiting belief that you inherited from who knows where -that you know isn’t true, yet you still follow it’s rules. Perhaps there are things you avoid because it’s just too hard to deal, or maybe it’s just too inconvenient. It could be that you have your authority spread out amongst so many things that those “things” are actually living your life and not you. Make a commitment to being the boss of your life by writing yourself back in to the leading role of your own story. Capricorn teaches us to climb the right mountain for where we can reach our greatest heights.

There are a few other aspects playing into this Full Moon that will continue to increase in intensity following the exact opposition between Sun and Moon . Let’s start with the moons aspects, as it is the star of this show. The Moon will be making and exact Sextile to Neptune about 6 hours later, and then it will Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn at 9:16pm PST. An emotional reality check of heavy duty proportions is being served, compliments of the cosmic chef.

In many ways, this Capricorn lunation is reminding us that time is slipping into the future. While Capricorn does deal with traditions and the status quo, Pluto has been busy exposing the misuse of power in old systems and structures. Whether you apply that to the current states of nations, or to your own life, whatever has been corrupted or misused needs to go, so new foundations can be built that will sustain all of life. Pluto is definitely sending transformational vibes to this full moon

Both Pluto and Neptune engage in mystery, secrets, transformation and revelations. Pluto governs the realm of the underworld, and Neptune houses hungry ghosts. Clandestine secrets that have been brewing in unseen realms could bubble up to the surface now exposing some cold, hard or forgotten truths. Uncomfortable emotions or muddled uncertainty may accompany old fears, or nostalgic remembrances that cause turbulence or a longing for what was. It’s best to ride the emotional currents of whatever is encountered during this time, while maintaining autonomy and pragmatic present moment awareness.

Mercury is heading for a conjunction with the Sun that will be exact on July 16. Mercury is in a sextile with Uranus in Taurus at the time of this lunation, so the mind, body and nervous system can be easily stimulated or hyper sensitive. Mercury is bringing in a message, though it may not be clear or rational. Pay attention to your emotional intelligence, and to conversations that are centered around family, home life or childhood memories.

The Plutonian undercurrents of this lunation will become more clear when Mercury opposes Pluto on July 17, followed a couple days later by a Sun Pluto Opposition. Pluto oppositions almost always involve some type of power struggle that can be really messy or a catalyst for surrendering to rebirth. There could be challenges with self esteem, will power, ideals, family matters or just about anything where cracks in your foundation are leaking power or causing instability. This is really just an opportunity to fine tune your full moon intention as you gain new levels of maturity and awareness.

The last aspect I want to bring in is the Uranus North node conjunction in Taurus. At the time of this Capricorn lunation, the North Node and Uranus are slowly heading towards each other, just a little more than 2° apart. This aspect will be exact on July 31. Whatever is brewing with the Nodal Axis and Uranus is already activated at the time of the full moon. In fact, you may have already been feeling this since late April.

Uranus, the great awakener and cosmical disrupter is bound to bring in more fated shocks, shake ups or surprises in the name of liberation and revolutionary change. Uranus is the future, and is also linked to technological and scientific breakthroughs, sudden life altering change, humanitarian causes, Aliens, electrical forces and rebellion. It is impossible to predict, when, what, how or where Uranus will strike, as it plays entirely by it’s own rules.

On August 1, Mars will be joining Uranus and the North node at the 18° mark. This is a very big deal due to the unpredictable, potential volatility or chaos that is bound to ensue. Mars will be within the degrees of a conjunction with Uranus and the north node from July 22 to August 15, while Uranus stays within a few degrees of the north node for the rest of the year and into February 2023.

This rare conjunction is one of the most significant astrological events of the year, so I will write more about it in another update. The energy is informing this Full moon, yet it’s not the defining factor. I really feel this lunation is about preparing to expect the unexpected through self governance and personal responsibility. Let go of old baggage that constricts your ability to overcome obstacles or reach your goals. It’s time for simplicity, resilience, maturity and sure footed resolve.

Your manifestation potential is truly supported with this lunation. You may need to “work it”, “walk it”, “own it” and get out of your comfort zone. Take your future seriously and keep working towards goals worthy of your time and energy. The world needs what you got, and you are worthy of attaining rewards from your endeavors. Rome wasn’t built in a day or rebuilt in a day after the first time it was sacked. This full moon wants to help you be the master of your destiny, regardless of what has been, what is, or what will come. Honor it all and course correct as needed. Love and be loved- and know that security comes from with in.

Thanks for reading. Wishing you and yours celestial and terrestrial blessings!

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