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Cancer New Moon: Nurturing Security June 28, 2022

Depending where you live, this Cancer New Moon will be occurring on the 28th or 29th of June. Cancer is a cardinal water sign, represented by the constellation of the crab and ruled by the Moon. It is associated with the mother archetype, family, parental influences, childhood environment and home.

The Crab is a perfect totem for this lunation. It is a crustacean that lives both in the water and on the land. They are remarkable creatures known for their impressive self preservation skills. As they grow, old shells are shed as a new shell takes shape. Crabs are very vulnerable in this state, so they burrow into the sand until the new shell is fortified. In addition to that, if they lose a leg or pincer, it grows back. This peace-loving creature would rather pull their soft bodies in to their protective shells than engage in battle. They do have the ability to hold their own if forced to fight, especially if their offspring is in danger.

This Cancer lunation comes with the message that it is safe to do away with outgrown ways of protecting yourself.

Something that has been gestating is ready to be birthed and strengthened through self care and nurturance.

With the Moon is in its home sign, you can expect heightened intuition, amplified moodiness, powerful emotions or a combination of all three. The cardinal waters of Cancer give rise both to memories and emotions that can be used as the starting point for something that will further support your base.

The Sun & Moon are in a tight square with Jupiter in Aries. There is mutual reception between the Sun which is exalted in Aries, and Jupiter, who’s exaltation is in Cancer. While the desire to seek emotional security or just stay home may be palpable, with Jupiter and the Sun playing on the same team, the impulse to take significant action could be fierce. This aspect is a further indication that something personal in you is expanding. Ready or not, it’s time to embrace your vulnerability and play big.

Black Moon Lilith is conjoined The Moon & Sun. While I don’t always bring up this apogee, Lilith was not going to be ignored in this forecast. In astrology Lilith is associated with primitive, darker, untamed feminine instincts that have been suppressed in current society, regardless of ones biological sex.

According to Jewish folklore, Lilith was the first “Eve”. She refused to let Adam exercise dominance over her, believing in gender equality. In some tellings, she flees the Garden of Eden to gain her independence, in others, the disgraced Adam banishes her for all eternity. Even God abandons her when she doesn’t go back and bow down to Adams “authority” .

To assure the obedience of the wild, juicy, untamed feminine, Lilith had been portrayed as a demon, a killer of children and a woman who sexually violates men when they are sleeping to steal their seed. These days, she has finally become recognized as an independent woman who challenged an oppressive system at all costs. No longer willing to remain in the shadows, or play the victim, Lilith speaks to where free will, autonomy and equanimity is valued and will not be compromised.

Liliths involvement with this new moon challenges us to to take a deep look at where we we have been oppressed, or denied our own raw primal instincts. Are there parts of you that are in exile? Have you compromised your values in order to remain in places or situations where you are “less than” or even demonized? If you have been hiding in the shadows, or playing small for the benefit of others, this Cancer New Moon can help you remember where these beliefs originated and how to shed them.

At the same time of this lunation, Neptune is stationing retrograde in Pisces while in a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. When Neptune is retrograde, the rose colored glasses come off and reality checks come in waves. With the sextile to Pluto, practical openness can reveal penetrating insights that will help you empower your new moon intentions.

We also have Mars strong in Aries making a sextile to Saturn in Aquarius and a square to Pluto. These aspects will help you face your shadows and the ways you have been limiting yourself. The Pluto/Mars square does have some volatility to it that could bring up power struggles. You can use the tension of this aspect to build up what has been broken down. Saturn/Mars can help you take responsibility, and own your past in order to put a self empowering plan into action that fits like a glove.


This Cancer new moon asks us to come home to ourselves, and practice self care, self sovereignty, self parenting and deep inner listening. It’s time to shed that which is rooted in fear, codependency, abandonment or emotional neediness. The Lunar tides of this dark Cancer moon beckon you to remember that security is created from within.

Let us also not forget we are all part of the human family. Thanks to genetic data in the 21st century, scientists are discovering that we really are all descended from one mother. Beyond that, our great mother Earth provides for all creatures and inhabitants of this place we call home. We are all related.

Wishing all my relations many celestial and terrestrial blessings!


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