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Cancer Full Moon- January 6, 2023

The first Full Moon of 2023 is occurring in its home sign of Cancer. This makes for a particularly sensitive, intuitive and emotionally charged lunation. There could be some unexpected revelations, as well as greater insight related to family dynamics, nurturance or emotional security needs. Though 2022 is in the review mirror, there are still active energies from last year that may be significant at this time.

The moon correlates with both the physical and emotional bodies, which is why some people feel the gravitational pull in the waters of their body, emotions or both. Full Moons mark the halfway point of a complete lunar cycle when the Moon shines it’s brightest-amplifying awareness around matters that have been stirring in the unconscious. They always offering an opportunity for some kind of mastery.

Lunar forces are robust when the moon is in it’s home sign- especially related to Cancerian matters. As a cardinal water sign, the “crab” actively engages through the realm of emotion and instinct. Cancer governs domestic matters, family, home, maternal energies and whatever is needed to feel emotionally secure. It's the sign associated with nurturing, protection and ever changing moods. In the body, Cancer rules the stomach, breasts, chest, womb and all “containers”.

The “Great Mother” archetype is associated with Cancer. The Moon in this sign is pregnant with possibilities, offering an elevated ability to conceive, birth, sustain, protect, end or renew life. Whatever you are nurturing or is in need of support to thrive or die off are illuminated now -be it a child, your inner child, projects or goals. With Chiron in a T-square with Moon & Sun, old wounds may require some attention.

Bear in mind, there is a “Dark Mother” aspect to this lunation, especially since it is a full moon which typically calls for some type of release. The Dark mother archetype is not evil or bad. In fact, through out various cultural myths, she is most revered for her ability to severe or destroy that which needs to be sacrificed or die for new creative potential to be born. This energy can be very helpful to call on if you intend to free yourself from baggage of the past.

The Cancer Moon is Sextile Uranus in Taurus, and coming into a Trine with Neptune in Pisces. Both aspects offer an easy flow of energy, along with opportunity to shake up old ways of being and dream something new into existence. The Trine to Neptune can help open visionary or psychic faculties, while the Uranus Sextile can you recognize patterns and connections in your body and environment that yearn for care.

The Capricorn Sun is conjunct Mercury retrograde and trine Uranus & the North Node in Taurus. Mercury will come into an exact conjunction with the Sun January 7 at 5:01am PDT. Something from the past related to goals or responsibilities may be at odds with circumstances on the home front. Work/life balance or decisions regarding family matters could come to the forefront for review. There is also the possibility of startling news, or an event that comes out of the blue offering some type of opening.

Venus in Aquarius Trine Mars retrograde in Gemini. While this aspect will not be exact until January 9, the Venus-Mars conversation at this Full Moon could reverberate through out the month. When these two planets make an aspect, sparks can fly. With the Trine occurring in air signs, passionate conversations, enthusiastic ideas and friendly connections are supported. While insights may be exciting, there won’t be much energy for action,-as Mars is moving very slow, getting ready to station direct on January 12

In Conclusion….

While this Cancer full moon is offering everyone something different, there is a universal invitation to foster greater self-nurturance and self-love. Caring for the self always allows one to take better care of the people and other things in their life.

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