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Breaking Chains: Uranus, North Node & Mars Conjunction -August 1, 2022

The 2022 triple conjunction of Mars, Uranus and the North Node that will be exact on August 1 is certain to rattle cages, break some chains

and change life as we have known it.

The last time Mars, Uranus and North Node came into a triple conjunction in Taurus was in 324 BC. This was the year Alexander the Great returned to Babylon following a wildly successful decade long invasion of Persia and its many subject territories. He lead his military forces throughout Asia and Europe, conquering Egypt, and the near Middle East -all the way east to India. After single-handedly changing the nature and politics of the ancient world, Alexander died the following year of fever at the age of 33.

Similar to Alexander’s time, humanity is globally experiencing the natural chaos that comes as old ways of life are invaded and conquered in the ongoing cycles of evolution. Many of the changes we are facing today have been a long time coming. This triple conjunction in Taurus centers around the ways we have related to and managed natural resources on personal and global levels. It's shaking up outdated value systems and disrupting material security.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic arrived on the scene with the triple conjunct of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn, uncertainty has become the new normal. Between economic instability, climate crisis, political divisions, the breakdown of societal norms, and so much more, it’s challenging to find steady ground. In many ways, preparing for the unknown has become more comfortable than future planning.

Uranus, North Node and Mars to the Rescue ?

You may already be feeling the influence of the Uranus /North Node conjunction. This energy began intermingling in April when the North Node & Uranus came within 10° of each other. It will be with us through the rest of 2022 and into early 2023, with the exact conjunction occurring on July 31 in the sign of Taurus at 18°. Both Uranus and the North Node move slowly through the zodiac. Uranus spends approximately 7 years in a sign, while the Nodes change signs every 18 months.

Mars spends an average of 2 months in a sign. Therefore, Martian impulses and volatility will be palatable July 22 through August 15, with the exact conjunction to Uranus and the Nodes on August 1. Mars is going to dial up the intensity and heat, because that is its nature. This planet is associated with the Warrior archetype in all it's expressions. The sacred warrior and the enraged warrior are both capable of defending or fighting for their cause. With plenty of energy and drive to go for what it wants, Mars helps us cultivate courage and bravery. If you need rescuing, look to your Natal mars for insights in to your warrior self.

We have a triple threat with Mars, Uranus and the North Node, as they are all adept at high octane change. This triple conjunction may pull out the ultimate wild card. However, we don’t know who’s holding the card, when it will be played, or how it will change the game. We cant even know how many wild cards are in the deck. One thing for certain is Uranus and the North Node are in it for liberation and future change, and Mars will likely detonate something explosive, in unexpected ways.

The conjunction on the North Node includes an opposition with Uranus and Mars to the South Node in Scorpio. The traditional ruler of Scorpio is Mars, which emphasizes the importance and significance of the Warriors involvement.

When planets join with the moons nodes, their energies are the dominating influences. While it’s impossible to predict the events or outcome of this triple conjunction, we can consider the possibilities based on the archetypal energies involved. I’ll give you a brief overview of the main players so you can use your imagination to come up with potential best case scenerios. I'm sure you will come up with things that go beyond what I share here.

Uranus is the Sky God. It’s function is to ascend and rise above the earthly plane of existence to gain a higher objective perspective to find innovative solutions that promote advancement. It wants to improve and refine life for human kind. Uranus represents the principle of social change, rebellion, freedom, liberation, reform, revolution, high altitude, space travel, intelligence, detachment from emotions and attachments, problem solving, research, scientific and technological breakthroughs, artificial intelligence and higher explorations. No matter how it plays out, a Uranus event typically involves sudden shocks, surprises, revelations or awakenings.

North Node Taurus/South Node Scorpio

The conjunction is happening on the Nodal Axis, which is activated with these transits. The Nodes are eclipse points, which are like portals into a spiritual dimension of life that goes beyond ego control.

The North Node is the unknown future. Some may describe it as fate, or destiny; the force that calls our souls evolution forward in ways that are uncomfortable and often challenging. In Jyotish Astrology, the North Node is called Rahu, the head of the serpent. Vedic interpretation is different than what we find in Western Astrology. (yet still relevant as it shows another expression of this energy) It is seen as a ravenous head without a body that is wired to consume based on desire alone, therefore it needs to be controlled through spiritual practice, lest you end up eating your own tail. In the west, it correlates more so with what we need to embrace.

The South Node is associated with past Karma in the form of challenges, strengths, weaknesses or gifts that are somehow known, comfortable or just part of the scenery. In Western astrology, the South node represents energies that need to be healed, integrated or fully utilized. In Jyotish astrology, the South Node is called Ketu and is seen as the serpents tail, which is separated from the head. It is known to be instinctive, subtle, intuitive, very quick, and connects one to a past life issue.

With this conjunction taking place in the sign of the bull, Taurus themes are emphasized. Taurus represents our bodies and how we connect with our physicality, the Earth, Gaia- how we care and relate to our home planet, food, resources and how we mange resources. Sustainabilit and the integration of spirit into matter are also themes. Taurus correlates with simplicity, the 5 senses, living in beauty with nature, art, endurance, sensual pleasures, rigidity, personal values, materialism, money, earned income, fixed stubbornness, patience and greed.

The conjunction is opposing the Scorpio South Node. Scorpio themes are also emphasized from the perspective of the past. The scorpion is associated with intimacy, attachments, taboo, debt, taxes, others resources, manipulation, themes related to power struggles, power and powerlessness, psychology, sexuality, our shadows, toxicity, waste and whatever is under ground

Mars represents primal drives, desires and impulses. It associated with instinctual action violence, volatility, fights, war, surgery, battles, accidents, and all kinds of challenging things that have an energy of combat or competition. If it cuts, explodes, or goes boom, there is likely a Mars correlation.

There is something else you might want to keep in mind. Both Mars and Uranus can be a bit frustrated in Taurus. These two planets are known for quick action, and Taurus is just the opposite. It’s slow, prodding, and stubborn. There is definitely a mixed bag of possibilities, and what ever you come up with or intuit could be in the cards.

Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius. According to the Great ages, we are transitioning from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius. Whether or not we have actually entered the Aquarian age is a topic of debate. What is not so debated is, that time has speed up, things can change in an instant, and lasting change takes many many years before reaching full maturity. In my mind, whether we are at the beginning or end of one of these long cycles of the great ages doesn’t really matter. What might actually matter is what is happening now.

The mixing and mingling of these energies can lead to all kinds of possibilities.

This can be a turning point that may come in the form of crisis, chaos or whatever it is we need to get new perspectives that can bring about Aquarian solutions.

This conjunction comes with the message to expect the unexpected,- yet we do need to elevate our standards if we are to change the current course of events that are not aligned with our personal and collective visions of the future. Uranus with the North Node does want to take us in to a sustainable future- what does that look like for you?

Uranus rules technological and scientific breakthroughs. There has been many in the past few years that are currently shaping our future. For example, the ability of Googles AI to pick up and transmit emotion was recently in the news. Less than 10 years ago, that was considered science fiction.

I hear many people talk about our digital futures. From complete automation in the service industries, to sentient robot babies, to virtual lives that include merging physically with AI, to digital currency and food being produced in labs, what role will humans have in this future? With technology advancing quicker than we are, seems to me we either need to catch up or be really mindful of the choices we make.

While all of that is interesting, it seems to be missing the physical embodiment and connection to the natural world found in the sign of Taurus. Aquarius and Uranus embody masculine principles, based on reason and logic. It takes us off planet in many ways. Taurus is the feminine principles- our physical bodies, the earth itself, nature and the dense reality of the material world. Taurus wants us to be here now, experience the beauty around us through our senses and endure through simplicity and felt connections.

From my perspective, technology is not just related to intellectual accomplishments. I feel there is a vast reserve of human technology that we have yet to tap into. It could be buried in the underground waters of Scorpio. This is one of the possibilities I am entertaining with this transit. I would love to see Uranus electrify that innate spark in the physical realm where the break-throughs we’ve been waiting for are found with in our bodies and everything in nature. Think Avatar!

Venus in Cancer is sextile the conjunction, which is calling us home to our true values and what we really love.Things that are likely to be changed by this conjunction are based around food, land, money, the economy, beauty and creating peace. We could see new advancements in crypto currencies, how we make money, or what money even is. NFT’s might be worth checking out, as well as bartering systems and growing our own food.

We are facing continuing food shortages, supply chain issues, natural disasters, blackouts, poverty, inflation, more riots and civil unrest. How might you develop sustainability and really cultivate your natural resources? How can you foster peace?

This triple conjunction will be also be squared by Saturn in Aquarius, which can bring more restrictions, divisions and limitations in our social political structures and man made laws. I am not going to list all the other potential challenges that could be coming down the pike. Basically, this transit speaks to what is changing in relation to our survival and sense of security. Change is inevitable, and there is always a bit of challenge when it comes to security and survival. We are hardwired to find a way, however this is a time to participate through examining your current values and beliefs. How will you show up to create a better future?

The triple conjunction is happening at 18° of Taurus

The Sabian symbol for this degree of Taurus is


According to Dane Rudyhar , the keynote is: The surge of new potentiality after the crisis.

The symbol need hardly be commented upon. When the mind has been emptied and light has been called upon to purify the consciousness freed from its attachment and contaminations, a new release of life can emerge out of the infinite Ocean of potentiality, the Virgin SPACE. What will it be used for?

Because this is a fourth stage symbol we find in it a suggestion of how to approach whatever new phase of life has been not only hoped for, but actually confirmed. The "technique" is simply to allow the infinite Potential to operate in unconstrained SPONTANEITY. This means to have reached a state in which the conscious, rational ego is no longer a controlling factor.

According to Nikola Stojanovic’s degree theory

18° correlates with Virgo energy, so there could be issues dealing with health, sickness, illness, maladies, work, routine, hospitals, doctors, pets, service, workers, slaves, diminishing returns, service

In medical astrology , 18° of Taurus is associated with Lymph vessels and hair

With Taurus representing the body, I highly recommend taking good care of your physical health at this time. Come what may, your health is a most valuable resource.

While things are changing, and there is plenty beyond our control, there are opportunities available with this powerful transit to use this potent energy to awaken to greater potential and real progressive embodied change.

I want to leave you with this quote from Friedrich Nietzsche :

“One must still have Chaos in ones self to be able to give birth to a dancings star”.

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