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Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse-April 19/20, 2023

Aries new moon solar eclipse. April 19, 2023. 9:12 PST

The upcoming Aries New Moon Hybrid Solar Eclipse on April 4th, 2023 urges untamed new beginnings and transformative energies near and far- especially when it comes to matters related to self identity, independence and the fire in your belly. There is a lot of intensity built into in this powerful lunation that could make for a wild ride. Some of you may already know what I mean!

This eclipse will be visible as a total, partial or annular solar eclipse in South/East Asia, Australia, Pacific, Indian Ocean, and Antarctica. If you happen to be in the North West Cape peninsula and Barrow Island in Western Australia, eastern parts of East Timor, as well as Damar Island and parts of the province of Papua in Indonesia, you will get to witness the totality of this potentially life changing phenomenon. The combination of total, annular or partial visibility on planet earth makes this Hybrid eclipse a unique event that only occurs about once every decade.

Astrologically, Eclipses are considered to carry a wild card energy, as they tend to bring something unexpected in or take something away without warning-often opening a new path or ending an old one. In her book, “Eclipses and You”, Judith Hill describes them as power surges or power outages. Specific incidents seldom occur at the time of the actual eclipse, though the energy can be felt through out eclipse season, (which lasts approximately 35 days). Depending on the type and duration of eclipse, evolutionary shocks and surprises can manifest months after the event takes place, or weeks before.

It is believed Eclipse energies are stronger in places where they are more visible on the earth. Though not everyone will be able to see the eclipse, events that impact the collective are not uncommon. On a personal level, when the location of the eclipse makes significant contact with any of your natal placements, there is a good possibility for a first hand encounter with at least one situation that will ramp up your growth processes. The Moon and Sun are meeting at the very end of Aries at this Eclipse. It’s time to embrace discovery and emancipation -especially if you have any planets or significant points within 5 degrees of 29°Aries 50’, or any other Cardinal signs-Cancer, Libra & Capricorn.

This New Moon in Aries is close enough to the Lunar North Node in Taurus for a solar eclipse to take place, which combines the energies of the Sun, Moon, and North Node. Under the influence of a North Node Solar Eclipse, celestial energies typically bring new things to bear- including significant shifts in consciousness. Since the North Node entered Taurus in January 2022, collective and individual evolutionary themes have been around personal and shared resources and what needs to change to better sustain ourselves and the planet into the future.

This eclipse brings a powerful surge of transformative energy that will inspire change, growth, and evolution individually and for all of us.

The lunar nodes are a few months away from moving into Aries and Libra. This is the first eclipse that activates the coming eclipses on the Aries Libra axis which will run through January 2025. It will be providing a preview of future themes which involve a North Node focus on the evolution of self in relationship with the “other”. Whatever you might be projecting about yourself on the outside world is likely to be reflected back in ways that match what you are putting “out there”.

This Aries New Moon is significant, not only because it is eclipsed at the end of the sign-it is also the 2nd Aries New Moon in this year. New beginnings, courage, independence and leadership are emphasized now. The energy of Aries is fiery, dynamic, bold, brash, self defined and enthusiastic. This encourages taking action, starting new projects, and the pursuit of healing old wounds. As it coincides with a Total Solar Eclipse, the intensity of the energy is magnified, amplifying the potential for proliferation and transformation in all Aries themes.

Aries is a cardinal fire sign, known for its high octane energy and impulsive nature. The Moon and Sun are joining at the critical 29° of the sign, indicating there will be significant endings that are fuel for new beginnings. At the last degree of Aries, there is a culmination of awareness around sense of self, aggression and personal power. Understanding who you have been, who you are now and who you are becoming may offer powerful insights that lead to a strong desire towards self assertion, taking charge, and making things happen. You could also experience unexpected events, heightened emotions, and sudden changes. This Solar eclipse will bring a surge of this type of energy to the forefront.

Mars in Cancer rules this Eclipsed New Moon. It is making a square aspect to Chiron in Aries, and sextile to Venus conjoined to Uranus in Taurus. When Mars is in Cancer, actions are based on emotion, and with this configuration, old woundings to your sense of self are highlighted, and brought to mind for examination and experimentation. There is a profound opportunity for liberation through changing the way you think about how the past-particularly early childhood conditioning or painful experiences have defined, and in some cases, determined who you have been.

Pluto in Aquarius is squaring the Nodes. As discussed in the last Libra Full Moon article, this brings intense transformational energy that may create tension between our past and future selves, as we are pushed to let go of old patterns and embrace new possibilities. Pluto squaring the nodes triggers intense challenges and power struggles that lead to deep healing, maturation, and evolution.

Saturn in Pisces is Making a Sextile to The North Node in Taurus and Trine to South Node in Scorpio. The planet of structure, discipline, karma and responsibility in the the mystical, imaginative, and compassionate sign of Pisces is providing reality based spiritual support at this New Moon Eclipse. This alignment can help bring focus to the awareness that our actions have consequences, and that we are responsible for creating our own reality.

The sextile between Saturn and the North Node in Taurus offers a supportive energy that helps manifest desires and create a solid plan for the future by taking practical steps towards goals, embracing patience, and persevering through any obstacles that may arise.

The trine between Saturn and the South Node in Scorpio brings a harmonious energy that allows the release of old patterns and beliefs through confronting fears and doing the work of healing emotional wounds that have limited or restrained your full expression. You can manifest the dreams of your future self through taking responsibility for choices and actions, and aligning with your “higher-self”.

With Jupiter 6° from the Moon-Sun conjunction, there can be an exaggeration or increase in energies and events. Jupiters tendency is to expand or uplift whatever it contacts. It always makes things bigger. This may be a time of heightened creativity, innovation, and breakthroughs, especially in areas related to personal growth, career, and relationships. With Jupiters presence, you could experience a surge of enthusiasm and confidence, which can help overcome obstacles or propel you further.

Jupiter’s influence can sometimes lead us to take on more than we can handle, or be overly optimistic. Too much of a good thing is still too much. Temper hot wild thoughts, actions and emotions with Saturn in Pisces ability to cool things down and imagine your desired outcomes.

On April 20, the Sun moves into Taurus then Squares Pluto in Aquarius. The moon moved into Taurus and squared Pluto just after the eclipse. The shift from fast and fiery Aries to slow and steady Taurus is always notable as the energy goes from “fancy free adventure” to “now it’s time to do the work”. The Moon and Suns squares to Pluto stresses the transformative, intense, Plutonic tension and conflict coloring this event. Whatever arises for you during this time, and for the collective, will require patience and steadfast commitment to contend with inescapable responsibilities. Ultimately, Pluto in Aquarius is just beginning to bring revolutionary forces that will generate long lasting change to benefit humanity as a whole, as well as individuation.


It is important to keep in mind this New Moon includes a powerful Solar Eclipse, so there is a likelihood of incoming or outgoing events or situations that are beyond your/our control. It’s feral. It’s provocative. It’s initiating.

You may not experience this directly, however you could feel the effects of what occurs in other places. Aries Solar eclipses involve all matters related to passion, fire, temper, military action, aggression, the rise or fall of leaders, and discoveries. The energy is hot, quick and dynamic, with sudden events usually taking place within 1-4 weeks after the eclipse.

Plutos death and rebirth energies are highly activated in the early degrees of Aquarius at this event. This does suggest collective life-changing, (r)evolutionary forces are at play. Not everyone will experience the intensity Pluto is bringing on a personal level. Some will. While we can not control what is outside of ourselves, we do get to choose how we respond or react.

It’s also a good to be aware that Aries Moon energy can be impulsive, emotionally reactive and prone to taking risks without careful consideration. It can also be focused, passionate, confident and courageous. Aries is as personal as it gets, as it represents identity of the essential self. This eclipse is occurring at the highly charged 29° point in Aries which does indicated it’s time to integrate lessons from the past and let go of old versions of yourself to make space for who you are becoming.

This is a powerful time for manifesting desires, pursuing passions, fierce healing, self-discovery, and embracing new opportunities. The Eclipse energy points to the possibility of dynamic changes that could up the ante and bring about unexpected changes or disruptions. Aries Solar Eclipse tend to be strong, heated, fast and feisty. Use the Taurus North Node to be here now, no matter what.

This wild lunation might supercharge things in multiple ways. There is abundant passion and energy available for those who dare to be bold. Go ahead and embrace the spirit of adventure, take some risks, and trust that you have the courage and resources to succeed. Take a leap of faith, step outside of your comfort zones, liberate yourself and embrace the new you with enthusiasm and optimism. Commit to doing your work, and then do it. Doors will open and new pathways can be forged. The universe is always conspiring in your favor, and this eclipse is a reminder that anything is possible.

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