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Aries Full Moon-September 29, 2023

Full Moon in Aries. September 29, 2023. 2:57pm PST

The first Moon of this Astrological New year was the Aries New Moon which occurred in March 2023, Followed by the Aries Solar Eclipse in April. On September 29, we shall reach the zenith of the Aries Lunar cycle for this year with the Full Moon in the sign of the ram. This marks a peak moment of illumination of whatever Aries themes were initiated back in March and April. During this time of culmination and revelation, projects, emotions, and intentions that were set in motion may begin to bear fruit, show signs of progress or shine the light on the path ahead.

Aries Moons carry a strong fiery energy that can bring forth a spectrum of heated emotions that want to be expressed. You may find yourself driven by passion, or prone to outbursts of anger, aggression or frustration. Whatever arises for you at this time can be used for transformation or purification if you channel, express or release it in healthy ways.

This Aries Moon brings forth the essence of initiation, leadership, confidence and courage. It is the perfect lunation for taking bold, daring action in the direction of personal goals and desires. Aries is cardinal fire sign is known for its dynamic energy, passion, ambition and impulsive nature that emboldens taking risks and facing challenges head-on. This New Moon can help you embrace your inner warrior, step into courageous autonomy, express your individuality, and pioneer new ventures.

Mars in Libra rules this Moon

The assertive energy and driving force of Mars takes on a more harmonious and refined demeanor in the balanced and relationship-oriented sign of Libra. Libra's influence encourages a more strategic and balanced approach to decision-making and action-taking, where careful consideration is given to both personal desires and the needs of others. Collaboration, cooperation and win-win situations are key at this time.

Mars opposite North Node and Chiron in Aries

As Mars opposes the North Node and Chiron in Aries, a dynamic tension is created between individual assertiveness and collective growth. This offers the potential for profound healing and self-discovery. The North Node in Aries encourages embracing independence, confidence, and daring to forge ahead with courage. In 2024, the Eclipses will be tied in to the Aries North Node. There may be some things that come up with this Full Moon that could be activated in Next years Eclipses.

Mars inconjunct Uranus in Taurus

This aspect can bring challenges and stimulation to various aspects of life. Uranus in Taurus symbolizes a revolutionary force influencing material stability, values, and resources. This inconjunct (also known as a quincunx), creates tension between Mars and Uranus that brings up struggles around the desire for peaceful, cooperative interactions and the need for personal freedom and individuality. In broader societal contexts, this aspect could influence dynamics between groups or nations.

Full Moon sextile Pluto rx in Capricorn and Uranus rx in Taurus

With Pluto retrograde in Capricorn forming a sextile to the Aries Full Moon, there's a potent transformative energy at play. Pluto's influence, even while retrograde, delves into the depths of our subconscious and helps us reevaluate power dynamics, structures, and ambitions in our lives. Simultaneously, Uranus retrograde in Taurus forms another sextile with the Aries Full Moon, adding an element of unpredictability and innovation to the mix. Uranus inspires us to break free from stagnant routines and embrace unconventional ideas, even while in retrograde motion. These sextiles with this moon support dynamic growth and exploration that encourages bold autonomy and making meaningful shifts in your life.

Venus in Leo Trine North Node in Aries and Sextile South Node in Libra

Venus, still under the influence of Leo is infused with warmth, generosity, and a desire to express affection with passion. The trine aspect to the North Node in Aries suggests the journey towards self-discovery and evolution involves embracing individuality, creative self-assertion, and pursuing unique desires. The sextile aspect to the South Node implies moving beyond imbalance, co-dependence or dynamics that generate inequality in relationships. There is a call to dance between confident self-expression and foster meaningful, interdependent connections,

Mercury in Virgo Trine Jupiter rx and Uranus rx in Taurus

Mercury has been direct since September 15, and will move out of the shadow of its last retrograde about 20 hours after this Full Moon is exact. You may gain fresh ideas, inspiration and insights at this time that can be used to make the most of whatever you are harvesting with this lunation. The trine from Mercury to Jupiter can facilitate deep introspection and intellectual exploration, encouraging the reevaluation of philosophical beliefs. Uranus’ involvement brings an element of unpredictability, breakthroughs, liberation and innovation. The invitation with this configuration is to refine thoughts and beliefs, while also thinking outside the box and challenging the status quo through careful analysis and taking calculated risks

Harnessing the Energy of The Aries Full Moon:

Confront Fears and Limitations: Step out of your comfort zones and embrace the unknown. Just as the ram fearlessly charges ahead, we are encouraged to approach life with the same bold determination.

Release and Renew: It really is time to let go of what no longer serves you. Release old patterns, fears, and doubts, clearing the path for new beginnings.

Let Go Pent-Up Emotions: If you've been holding onto frustrations or anger, or feel the pressure building, try engaging cathartic practices like a warm bath, journaling or meditation. If that doesn’t feel right- get your body moving with exercise dance or anything that moves the heat through and out the body

Get Physical: Aries rules the head, blood and muscles. Engaging in physical activities that get your blood pumping can help activate the best of Aries dynamic energy. Whether it's a brisk walk, a hike, or an energetic workout, infuse your actions with intention.

Set Bold Intentions: Aries energy is all about setting and pursuing goals relentlessly. Take this time to set intentions that reflect your passion and determination.

Take Action: Identify an area of your life where you've been hesitating, and take decisive steps towards making something happen. Now is the time to take charge and set things in motion.

Balance the Fire: While the Full Moon in Aries brings forth vibrant and assertive energies, it's important to temper enthusiasm with mindfulness. Strike a balance between spontaneity and prudence.

Embrace Courage: Channel the fearless spirit of Aries by facing challenges that have held you back. Whether it's pursuing a new project, having a difficult conversation, asserting your needs, or trying something out of your comfort zone, let Aries' fearlessness guide you.

Self-Expression: Use this Full Moon to assert your individuality and share your passions with the world. Dare to express your thoughts and feelings without hesitation


This Full Moon amplifies the fiery, pioneering spirit of the Aries , encourages each of us to embrace courage, take initiative, and express our individuality boldly. It's a time when the universe beckons us to break free from self-imposed limitations and embark on new journeys. Boldly choose what you want to carry forward and have the courage to leave behind whatever weighs you down. Be and do you, while also mindfully navigating the balance between self-assertion and harmonious relationships.

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