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Aries Full Moon: Self Healing- October 9, 2022

The Aries Full Moon taking place on October 9, 2022 at 1:54pm PST brings forth harmonizing inner strength that can nurture self healing and a sense of self dependence in relationship with yourself and others. It marks the highest point of the Libra lunar cycle that began with the New moon on September 25, and the culmination of what began with the Aries New Moon that occurred on April 1, 2022.

Full moons tend to bring emotions to the surface along with the rising ocean tides. In Aries, this moon deals with your instincts, primal desires and personal identity. Aries is the sign of “me”, and what “I” want. It is opposite the Sun in Libra, which represents “you”, or the “other”.

In this lunation cycle, there has been a focus on relationships and to what/who and how you are relating. Now the personal energies of Aries are illuminated, and it’s time for self reflection and individual action. Some archetypes associated with Aries are the warrior, the fool, the pioneer, and of course, the Ram. This sign correlates with fiery emotions and an impulsive fighting spirit, that protects or defends, and meets things head on.

There are favorable aspects accompanying this Full Moon that offer an energized emotional commitment to make a needed choices, along with the courage to act. This energy is especially helpful at this time as October brings shifting energies. There are plenty of significant transits this month that could find you face to face with more challenges, slowing frustrations, a quickening pace and/or instability. We have 4 planets changing directions, the Saturn Uranus square, a Mars Neptune square, and a solar eclipse at the next lunation.

Now is the time to fix any small problems and do what you can to generate a sense of upright wellbeing in your self. If you have been ignoring your own needs or desires, over compromising, or over compensating, this moon may fire up your instinctual nature, or provide opportunities to confront anything that is draining your vitality. This moon can also illuminate where we might be too self focused, self-centered or misguided in ways that also suck the life out of our spirit or relationships.

The Moons ruler for this Lunation is Mars in Gemini. It is involved in a grand trine with the Libra Sun and Saturn Rx in Aquarius. This can provide a sort of mental tenacity that supports the ability to confront or deal with challenges with rational determination and persistence. With Jupiter also in the sign of Aries, actions and intentions can be guided by higher ideals.

Mars is Squaring Neptune in Pisces. Mars is beginning to slow down for its retrograde at the end of the month, so this square will be active through out the rest of 2022, and into next year. It will become exact on October 12, then again (in retrograde) on November 9. Mars will make its final exact square to Neptune after it turns direct on March 14, 2023.

Squares are dynamic aspects that typically involve conflict, tension or stress. They are designed to provide the drive needed for evolution and growth. With spiritual Neptune in its transcendental home sign of Pisces, and Mars, the God of war in the sign of the mind, this is a tricky, complex, sensitive, imaginative, potentially volatile aspect. Mars in Gemini can be hot-headed, hyper, competitive, short-fused and impulsive. Neptune in Pisces is spiritual, dreamy, dissolving, foggy, imaginative, and escapist.

Mars is individual action. Neptune is the collective dream. Altered states of mind, confusion and hidden enemies are associated with Neptune. Things that cut, explode, agitate or irritate correlate with Mars. There is a great deal of creative power with this aspect, so long as the mind does not get lost in fantasy, delusion, chemicals, toxins, confusion or drugs/alcohol.

More collective chaos is likely to be stimulated through these squares. Events that involve explosive revelations, battles, boundary challenges, confused actions, aggression and many other uncomfortable possible case scenarios may arise. On the lighter side, there could be the cutting away of illusions, acts of courageous compassion, passionate forgiveness and alleviation of suffering.

What you do with this energy is up to you. Mars Square Neptune is an aspect related to the spiritual warrior, the imaginative mystic, the expressive artist, and the body as a temple. If you have any planets in your natal chart between 22°-26° of the mutable signs (Gemini, Pisces, Virgo & Sagittarius), you will be aware of this energy in your life.

We are all going to be feeling these squares in one way or another through out the next few months, and with Mars as the ruler of this lunation, it is a piece of this Full Moon pie. Through bringing consciousness to how you want to use this energy at this time, it can help you prepare for any potential conflicts or challenges. This is a great aspect for forgiveness, charity, finding peace in acceptance, letting go, trusting in the process, taking care of your physical being and of course- engaging in creativity, music and art making.

The Full Moon Moon is Conjoined with Chiron in Aries, shining the light on the gifts of old wounds. This homeopathic aspect helps provide the motivation to feel in to what needs to be healed, and face your own vulnerabilities with courage and sensitivity. For some of us, old childhood wounds will be triggered. For others, past injuries to self identity or relationship hurts may bubble to the surface. Chiron and the Moon together in Aries can bring up any hurt from the past that was taken personally.

The thing about this dynamic is, the wound never fully goes away. When the Moon joins with Chiron, there is an invitation to feel in to it. If you make a sincere relationship, the wound becomes one of your greatest strengths, and your gift that can be used to help others. Healing occurs when the pain is allowed to be the medicine it was always meant to be. If ignored, it can not heal over and develop the scar tissue needed to provide strength and tenacity. Unaddressed pain tends to fester like an infection.

It is important to acknowledge that in spite of old wounds, you are not broken, or damaged beyond repair. Your experiences don’t define who you are-you have the power to define your experiences. Take a look at where you hold pain, anger or suffering, and you may discover empowering ways of relating to yourself or others that energizes and strengthens who you truly are and your gifts to the world.

The Sun is Conjoined with Venus in Libra. Venus rules the sign of Libra, strengthening the Libra Solar energy and softening the Aries Lunar energies at this New Moon. With the Sun/Venus conjunction opposite the Moon, it can be easier to find balance, cooperation and equilibrium in all kinds of situations. While the Moon is inviting us to tune to our own desires and instincts, this opposition reminds us that we are not alone. Give to others what you would like to receive, and let others give to you.

The Nodes are Inconjunct the Sun & Moon. We have entered eclipse season, and you may already be feeling it. The Scorpio New moon at the end of the month will be a partial Solar eclipse which will be visible in Europe, South/West Asia, North/East Africa, and the Atlantic. Eclipsed Moons are more powerful, and often bring unexpected -fated- shifts. The inconjunct to the luminaries at this lunation suggest that destiny on the Taurus/Scorpio axis is already at play, though we don’t see it. As the nodes are always involved in eclipses, this will be discussed in further detail in the next new moon report.


This Full Moon and the days following offer beneficial energies for bringing something(s) to culmination in ways that foster greater independence, authenticity, balance, more equilibrium and/or autonomous relationships skills. With harmonizing aspects involving the Moon & Sun, resourcing yourself emotionally will help you realize what needs to be acknowledged or adjusted around places with in where you may feel weakened, victimized, fearful, lacking or unresolved.

Mercury in the last degree of its home sign Virgo, is slowing picking up forward-motion speed making it’s 3rd trine to Pluto. If there has been something cooking in your mind related to the structures of your life or your own authority, this Moon provides the heat to make sure it is ready for consumption. Whatever isn’t needed can be burned away, and turned to ash.

This is the perfect lunation for getting naked and howling at the moon.

This Full Moon can help you embrace and empower the Aries Part of you. It will be different for everyone, as we are each having an individual experience of life. That is an Aries theme. Even if you find this Moon is a bit contentious, there is so much good juice to prepare for the intensity of future transits over the next few months. Because of all of this, I want to leave you with a resource a friend recently shared with me that really helped me find “myself” in the midst of back to back -not-fun challenges.


If you find yourself overwhelmed, stuck, stressed, anxious or uncomfortable around the time of this moon (or any time) I wanted to share a resource a friend recently shared with me. It’s called the Havening Technique. It is perfect for this Full Moon- as it works with the Amygdala, which is ruled by Mars ( the ruler of this Moon).

From Medical News today:

“ The Havening Technique is an alternative therapy that uses touch, eye movements, and other sensory input. It aims to reduce stress, anxiety, and discomfort.

Its developers originally called it amygdala repotentiation therapy because they believed it changed how the amygdala of the brain processes emotions. They claimed the technique creates an internal safe haven, allowing a person to reprocess and eventually escape emotional and physical pain.”

To learn more, you can visit:

This is something you can do for yourself anytime-any place. It is similar to EFT or EMDR and it’s easy. There are many videos and articles on the internet on the Havening Technique using slightly different approaches.

Thank you for reading.

Wishing you and yours many Full Moon Blessings

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