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Aquarius Full Super Moon August 11/12, 2022: Conscious Liberation

This edgy Aquarius Full Moon on August 11 (or 12th, depending on your location) may be one of the most challenging lunations of 2022. It also has the potential to bring the greatest rewards. The Aquarian Supermoon is anchored to a grand cross involving it’s own nodes, as well as both rulers; Saturn and Uranus. There is a concentrated intensity that everyone will experience differently depending on your natal chart and attitude. Ultimately, this lunation is opening up the very real possibility of conscious liberation.

If you have any planets or your cardinal angles are between 16-22° of the fixed signs (Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, Scorpio), you will likely feel some kind of direct hit from this lunation that could be both disruptive and ultimately liberating. If you have planets at the aforementioned degrees of any of the other signs, they will be trine or sextile to one of the points on the grand cross. This may bring unexpected opportunity or stimulation to some area of your life. If nothing in your chart lives at those degrees, you can still expect the unexpected -especially in the Aquarian themes of your life. Full and New Moons offer something for everyone

Aquarius is the sign of individuation, as well as the collective. It symbolizes your genuine uniqueness- the things that make you special as a separate being-in relationship to the special individuality of everyone else. It correlates with our groups of friends, tribes and those we associate with that are of like “mind”, or share common interests

Aquarius is often mistaken as a water sign due to its symbolism as the water bearer, however it is most definitely an Air sign. It represents the human brining “information” contained in the waters of life from the heavens down to the earth. Aquarius reaches out into space to in search of universal understanding and big picture concepts that can benefit the future of humanity. Humanitarian and social causes are governed by the water bearer. It is also associated with long term memory, and our hopes and wishes. In Aquarius, we realize the results of our Capricornian efforts.

The 2 waves in the Aquarian glyph signify the dual currents of intelligence. Aquarius is electricity which conducts the flow of energy as information through the waters. There is a great deal of complexity to this sign and its symbolism. The 2 waves can also be seen as the above and below of water-as life in the heavens and on earth. Some see these waves representing its two ruling planets, Uranus and Saturn-and the interesting dynamic between them.

Uranus, the Sky God, governs rebellion, reinvention, originality, independence, and liberation. Saturn, who was the Son of Uranus in Greek Mythology, correlates with authority, tradition, rules, limitations, and social standing. Saturn also rules Capricorn, which is Cardinal Earth. While Aquarius contains both Saturnian and Uranian qualities, Saturn itself is expressed very differently through the fixed air of the water bearer. It becomes more distant, aloof, logical and unemotional in order to gain its large scale, future oriented perspective.

The Moon Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius

Aquarius rules over the circulation of information and intelligence; in the physical body, on the earth and out into space. The moon in Aquarius thinks about how it feels and digests experiences through the nervous system, rather than emotions. While full moons tend to be very emotional, this one is communicating strongly through mental faculties and nervous tension. For this reason, it is a good idea to really pay attention to insights, synchronicities, messages logic, and nervous system responses. Dont be surprised if you feel anxious or a bit nervous during this lunation period. This just indicates there is a higher intelligence wanting to be integrated into your system.

With Saturn conjoining the Moon for this Lunation, there is an emphasis on past influences that need to go, or reach a new level of maturity in order to move into the future. You may feel restricted or blocked by what you think you know about yourself, or what you believe are your responsibilities. There is an energized choice point built into this Full Moon that will choose for you, if you don’t make your own. Full moons are a time of culmination, completion or letting go, and there could be something you need to cut ties with now.

Saturn represents the Father, and the Moon correlates with the Mother. The Sun in Leo opposing the Saturn Moon conjunction can represent children or your inner child. There could be confrontation or conflict in matters connected to family or children. It’s also possible that themes related to generational conditioning or childhood trauma or drama could suddenly shake things up.

Aquarian events tend to come in like lightening bolts out of the blue. Electrical currents in the atmosphere can be felt or sensed, and may be accompanied by thunder, rain or flashes of light. However, you won’t see the lightening bolt until it strikes.

This Moon-Saturn opposition with the Sun may manifest as a push-pull or tug-o-war type of energy between responsibilities and your current self identity, verses how you long to be fully expressed or what you desire to create. Beliefs or thoughts around self understanding may be challenged in order to become who you are truly meant to be. This is especially true if you have been struggling with your authentic individual self expression, denying your creative impulses, making choices out of obligation instead of love, following outdated conditioning or spreading yourself so thin that you feel like a hamster on a wheel.

Moon Square the Nodes

When the moon Squares its own nodes, there can be significant challenges with emotional security needs, and how secure you are in your own skin. This configuration can make it hard to face our emotions or express feelings. There may be strong conflicting cravings that have us torn between sticking with what is familiar verses needing to do something different. With Saturns influence on the Moon in this lunation, there is a possibility of fear or melancholy making it hard to move in either direction.

The South Node holds past energies that need to be healed, or released. The North Node points towards what needs to be realized or brought in in order to integrate these opposing forces. With the North Node in Taurus, there is a strong invitation to simplify, connect with nature and develop self reliance. The South Node in Scorpio is asking us to look at the things we have denied or suppressed, ways we have misused power and unresolved pain or trauma.

Uranus and the North Node are still in a tight conjunction, and while Mars is separating from the conjunction that occurred on August 1, the energy of that triple conjunction is reactivated with this lunation. While it may be unsettling or downright disturbing, your future self is beckoning. Staying in your comfort zone isn’t really an option anymore.

The Grand Fixed Cross

The Grand Cross also called a Grand Square ties in the energies of the Moon, Sun, Saturn, Uranus, Mars and the Nodes -through conflict and struggle. These planets and points are in fixed signs, making this energy obstinate and resistant to change. The things discussed up to this seems to be at odds with each other, and as you can imagine, this can play out in a number of ways.

The fixed signs deals with the vital functions of our body. The cardiovascular system, reproductive system, elimination systems, instinctual survival drives, thyroid and metabolism are governed by the fixed signs. Take extra care to make sure you are consuming enough water, nutrition and fiber in your diet to assure that toxins do not accumulate and your body is being nourished. It’s also recommended to include daily movement or exercise, along with heart centering or opening activities to keep things circulating. In other words-make sure you engage in things you love and take good care of your body.

The fixed signs also rule over our resources, money, debts, communities, personal creativity and self identity. A challenge in any of these areas can trigger dysfunction in the other areas under the influence of this powerful, growth producing lunation. This grand cross will be active through August 16, when the Sun moves out of orb.

While you may not be able to avoid some form of instability, or uncomfortably, you may not want to. It’s actually better to use this fixed energy to dig in and open yourself up to wild radical change. Breakthroughs and liberation are the gifts of moving through conflict.


So far, I have made no attempt to sugar-coat the potential groundbreaking, revolutionary energies available with this Aquarius Supermoon. It’s likely to be felt by everyone to varying degrees. The chart for this lunation indicates the probability of experiencing some sort of discomfort, disruption, unsettled feelings or intensity in at least one area of your life.

There is a huge opportunity for each of us to boldly step in to upgraded versions of ourselves that are more beautiful, loving, soul-connected and powerful- if we are willing to do the work. It starts with you. What is required is maturity, seriousness and absolute commitment and willingness to embrace your independence and to put some separation between who you used to be and where you're heading. It’s time to get out of the box and let those untamed, unclaimed parts of yourself have some room to breathe and express-even, and especially if it is uncomfortable.

While you may have responsibilities towards others, or other things, you can only honor those commitments in the best possible ways when you take your responsibility to yourself seriously. You can’t pour the life giving waters of your Aquarian intelligence from an empty cup. Fill yourself with the wholeness of who you are- warts and all.

What is your truest heart centered vision for your life? You may not have all the answers at this time, nor do you need them. Whatever you choose will keep the revelations flowing as things unfold. I have to say-and this is important- at this time there are things in your awareness that you know need to go. Start there, and listen deeply to your inner knowing. Trust your instincts. Bless the things about yourself that you find disturbing, embarrassing, or unpleasant and let their gifts be revealed. What you resist will persist and likely cause more discomfort or chaos. With all the changes taking place collectively, we are all getting individual master lessons in adaptability. Be willing to change and adapt.

There are aspects in this chart that can help you make the most of this time. Venus just moved into the sign of Leo. Venus is Leo values fun, creativity and loving expressions. “She” is making no aspects to any other planets, yet Venus rules Taurus and is influencing Uranus, the North Node and Mars. You can use this energy to love yourself and all that is unconditionally, and by all means make fun and pleasure a priority. Even in the most challenging of times, there is beauty just waiting to be noticed.

Mars in Taurus (ruled by Venus) is making a Sextile to Neptune and a Trine to Pluto. Any actions taken now will be most effective if done gently and with loving care. There is no need to be a hurry. Saturn is governing Pluto right now, and the Mars trine can be used to build new structures over time that will last and provide true security. Mars sextile to Neptune invites relaxed action that allows for integration and healing.

I will Leave you with Dane Rudhyar's interpretation of the Sabian Symbol for the degree of this Aquarius Full Moon:


Sometimes we get immediate recompense and sometimes it is delayed, but sooner or later we always get what we have earned

"Victory over forces of entropy and destruction”

KEYNOTE: The answer of spiritual agencies to thorough, sustained and victorious individual efforts.

The individual who has gone courageously and with indomitable spirit through his crucial crisis receives, as it were, a deep spiritual blessing from the Soul-realm: "Mission accomplished. Peace be with you." And in this blessing a secret prophecy of what is yet to come may be seen by the perspicacious and spiritually sensitive mind of the recipient. Every real spiritual step a man takes in his development is the result of a victory over forces of inertia or destruction. The Divine is totally "present" in the heart of all true victories. What the "message" is depends on the particular situation, but the white dove always signifies peace; at the very heart of this peace is the CERTIFICATION of individual worth and victory.

May Peace be with you and Yours now and all ways. Wishing you many conscious, liberating blessings,


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