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Aquarius Full Moon -August 1, 2023

Aquarius Full Moon. August 1, 2023. 11:31am PDT

Illuminating the night sky with celestial brilliance, the Aquarius Full Moon brings (r)evolutionary transformative energy. The lunar radiance merges with Aquarius' forward-thinking and unconventional essence, igniting electrical sparks of innovation and progress. This phase encourages breaking free from the status quo, embracing individuality, expanding the mind, and finding creative solutions to old problems.

Aquarius, traditionally ruled by Saturn, with Uranus as its modern ruler, is represented by the Water Bearer, who pours the waters of wisdom upon the Earth, symbolizing the sharing of knowledge and the uplifting of humanity. Aquarius is the visionary, the reformer, and the advocate for humanitarian causes. It calls us to connect with like-minded individuals who share our visions and values, inspiring us to unite our strengths and work towards a common purpose. This is an ideal time to initiate or join projects that serve the greater good, nurture unity amidst diversity, advocate for positive change, and promote social justice.

Aquarius, a fixed air sign, is associated with unexpected change and innovative thinking. It is known as the sign of the rebel, the quirky eccentric, and outside the box ideas. This Moon invites liberation from stubborn shackles of conformity, and stepping into a truer version of your unique self. It is a time to celebrate our differences and embrace our own quirkiness- inspiring others to do the same.

As with any Full Moon, emotions may run high. Aquarius is known for its disruptive and unpredictable nature, and this can manifest as unexpected events or changes. It is essential to stay open-minded and adaptable during this time, as unanticipated opportunities may come knocking at your door. During this lunar phase, creativity and inspiration reach a zenith. If you are an artist, scientist, entrepreneur, or thinker, you may find ideas flow freely or come out of the blue.

Saturn Retrograde in Pisces is one of the rulers of this Moon

This placement brings profound emotional and spiritual introspection during this Moon time. Unresolved emotional issues, and self-imposed limitations that hinder growth or spiritual (r)evolution may spontaneously bubble to the surface. Saturns retrograde intensifies the need to confront unresolved issues related to boundaries, fears, and responsibilities. Through practicing compassion, empathy, and understanding towards yourself and others, you can better align with the transformational universal energies available now.

Saturn opposite Mercury in Virgo

This dynamic and potentially challenging aspect compels a dive deep into your thought processes, and mental agility. This opposition can create a tension between the practical and logical approach of Mercury in Virgo and the intuitive, emotional undercurrents of Saturn retrograde in Pisces. It challenges us to strike a balance between our need for structure and order (Mercury in Virgo) and our desire for spiritual exploration and emotional fulfillment (Saturn retrograde in Pisces). It encourages us to pay attention to the details without losing sight of the bigger picture. By embracing this opposition, we have an opportunity to integrate our logical minds with our intuitive wisdom, finding a harmonious synergy between the analytical and the imaginative realms.

Uranus in Taurus Co-rules this Moon

Themes related to material possessions, finances, values, security, and the natural world may come up for reflection under the influence of this lunation. There is an invitation to redefine your relationship with the material world and embrace a more progressive and sustainable future. Uranus in Taurus encourages breaking free from traditional patterns and rigid belief systems, through embracing and expressing your genuine individuality. Let go of caring about what others may think of you- after all, what others think is really not your business.

Uranus Trine Mars in Virgo

This harmonious aspect brings a potent combination of energy and innovation to this Moon, that can propel you towards exciting breakthroughs and advancements. Overall, this transit blends groundbreaking ideas with practical action. It encourages change through stepping outside of comfort zones, and tapping into your creative potential. Mars in Virgo's realm of discernment and attention to detail can help channel the Uranian energy in a focused and constructive manner. By combining Uranus' visionary influence with Mars' energetic drive, this alignment provides the necessary impetus to make significant strides in all areas of life/

Moon Square Jupiter in Taurus

The Moon squaring off with Jupiter can have both positive and challenging significations. This aspect calls for finding agreement between innovation verses security, disruption verses growth, individuality verses comfortable conformity and the desire for change verses the desire for stability. It's important to remain open-minded, adaptable, and willing to learn from the tension between these opposing forces. Get out of the box and let go of dogmatism that hinders personal growth, while also recognizing the importance of building a solid foundation for the future.

Pluto in Capricorn Square the Nodes

This aspect was exact July 22-28, and will be in play until the end of this year. The transformative rebalancing energies of this alignment is strong at this moon, providing opportunity to confront deep fears, shadows, and patterns of control and release old ways of relating in order to create space for new connections and experiences that empower growth. You may encounter obstacles and inner conflicts that unexpectedly illuminate hidden desires, or things you have been afraid to face in the past. There may be a need to break free from old relationship patterns that will lead to profound internal shifts and a rebirth of the self.


This Aquarius Full Moon offers the potential to ignite the light of change, enlightenment, and growth. It encourages us to expand our minds, challenge preconceived notions, and seek deeper wisdom and understanding. This is a time to celebrate your individuality with out fear or judgement, and let go of whatever is not you. Question the status quo, and don’t be afraid to color outside of the lines. This Moon presents a unique opportunity for innovation, and societal transformation that begins with you. Its time to awaken your inner rebel, embrace collective consciousness, find your tribe, embrace experimentation and implement bold ideas that revolutionize life

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