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Free Offerings

These complimentary classes  & other offerings focus on specific topics to help deepen your astrological learning and understanding. 


Energetics of Astrology  Cosmic Health Courses

If you are serious about learning astrology, or taking your current understanding to the next level, these complete courses are designed to help you fully embody the energetic principles and practical theory of this ancient art and science.


“One of the marks of a great teacher is one who can inspire students to learn more. Shelley certainly did that for me. After I took my first class from her, I was very much inspired to learn more about astrology. Although I had known about astrology for a very long time, I was motivated to learn other things, but Shelley's enthusiasm and knowledge and the structure of the materials from that first course got me excited about astrology and I have been studying whatever I can get my hands on ever since. Thank you, Shelley!”

- Barbara W.

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