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Support For Maui

I am offering Free Astrology Reports during this

Leo Lunar Cycle (August 17-September 14, 2023)

to anyone who joins me in Supporting Maui.

In exchange for your report(s), I ask that you consider donating funds to a reputable charity of your choice, or  use the list below offered by Andrea Borderlon. She resided on the Island for many years and has valuable insights on how to help the people  directly. 

If you are unable to contribute monetarily, there are other ways we can come together and help support healing, renewal and hope for those impacted by the devastating wildfires. Please consider sending prayers, love or other energetic means of support 

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Ways to Help

This List is Offered by Andrea Borderlon A hub of information and resources for those affected and a place to share your offerings or find out how to help Operation BBQ relief Maui Humane Society Adopt a Family Maui a hub for donation efforts

"While we helplessly watch from afar and only know a fraction of what is happening, there are many who feel deeply the pain of what is unfolding and feel helpless to assist. I too, am one of those. I have taken many phone calls and have been doomscrolling, like many of us, for any news. If you are reading this, know that there are many avenues to hold space and help those who need it the most. Empty Thoughts and Prayers mean nothing; however, we have the power to make a difference energetically as well as physically; if you have nothing else to offer but this than please offer up your love. They need all the positive energy they can get. Hold them in the light. See their land restored and community thriving. See them with their sovereignty intact, able to make choice regarding rebuilding their town and community."

To Obtain Your Free Astrology Report:

Below is a description of the Astrology Reports available.  To receive your report(s)

Send an email to  that includes:

• Title of report or reports that you would like

• Your Name as you would like it to appear on the reports

• Email you would like report sent to

• Date, Location and Time of Birth (if you do not have your correct birth time, the reports and chart may not accurately reflect your correct rising sign, houses and in some cases moon sign)

• If you have a preference for a specific house system, please let me know. If you do not, I will generate charts and reports based on the Porphyry or Whole Sign House system

This offer is given on the honor system, with no strings attached.  If you would like to sign up for my newsletter, you can do so from the welcome or contact page of this website and it is not required . I do ask that you offer an exchange of support for Maui in anyway that is right for you. I am not collecting donations, nor will I inquire on your exchange

Reports will be generated and sent on a first come first serve basis, and sent in the order received.  If you don't get your report within a week of your request, please feel free to send me another email.  Requests must be received by September 14, 2023 

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Natal Report

The Natal Report provides insights about your essential qualities based on the locations of the planets in the sky at the moment of your birth.  Includes your birth chart with complete interpretations of zodiac signs, planetary positions and aspects. 

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Body & Soul Report

The Body & Soul Report is designed to  present insight into potential health/soul strengths and challenges.  It offers suggestions for how to support your natal planets. Includes your birth chart with complete interpretations of zodiac signs, planetary positions

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Transit Report

This report is shows how the current planetary transits are activating planets in your natal chart.  This report is over 100 pages and includes transit for an entire year. This does not come with a Natal chart.

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